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for Rikudou: The One Above All

6/12/2023 c4 Guest
chakra only for mc, dont ruin your story more than it already is
6/12/2023 c3 Guest
lmao you think tsunade is as strong as all might rewatch both animes and reread both mangas please than rewrite this
6/12/2023 c2 Guest
garbage story for being in the midorya family try something new next time
6/11/2023 c9 Guest
In a world where there is no Uchiha, why on earth would you retain the name of Curse of Hatred? It has no basis to be named thus in this universe. Intense emotions made him unlock it but that’s hardly a curse. At least turn it into something positive instead of “continuing” the curse, you’re only propagating it.
6/8/2023 c1 ZombieBanana
Good but could be better; starting a fic or book by introducing yourself is a bit plain unless you have some sort of gimick with it.

I'd have made your MC's life flash before their eyes as he lays bleeding out from the stab wound from the mugging, a simple shift that lets you introduce things with a little pizazz and instantly hook readers.

Maybe starting with "I didn't regret advancing science, and I didn't regret obsessing over Naruto though the course of my life. I did regret getting stabbed, that hurt a bit I thought wrly as I lay bleeding blood that felt so warm that it was a wonder I was growing so cold. A distration, maybe that would help? I remember-" then start with his memories over being smarter than the other kids, his leaning towards Naruto and science and all that. Feel free to use any of that if you think it's a good idea by the way.
6/7/2023 c39 Shinikcloud
cant wait for the next chapter! one of my favorite stories!
6/2/2023 c39 Armin Albert
So, Izuku either has Ranmaru's eyes or it is a sharingan and it's purpose is for Madara to awaken the Eternal Mangekyou, but that would leave Izuku without eyes, so maybe here comes Eri to the rescue, ohhh so many options, i like it.
5/31/2023 c17 7Spedyalarm
Izuku should get the Flying Raijin, it's a highly useful Jutsu and may be able to defeat Madara with it.
5/31/2023 c2 Spedyalarm
I can totally agree with these power scalings.
5/31/2023 c1 Spedyalarm
Damn, that guy's me, except he's got motivation.
I am intelligent, I wonder about chakra, and I have many theories about how it may work, and am considering creating theories about how to create such a force.
So... this is basically a Self Insert for me, except I have motivation...
Interesting, I hope it's good.
5/18/2023 c15 StoneTheLoner
You've managed to make things cool enough that him not being a great mc has been mostly fine. It's BA to see Madara Rukudou in MHA. But imo this is the wrong direction to take things after that gets old. I think this story suffers from too strong of a focus on the canon mc :/
5/12/2023 c3 jimmy.oz
He could train his brother as if he was lee or gai but i think Lee at least had some chakra just not enough to use for anything. i could be wrong though i just remember him having to learn hand to hand because he couldn't use anything else.
5/12/2023 c2 jimmy.oz
To be honest there isn't anything wrong with his mother saying sorry like that since really he can still be a hero even without a quirk but it would be really hard. the issue though with that is that of course she wouldn't want her son to have to go through that pain.
5/3/2023 c38 Gear master
Still really good
4/24/2023 c7 StoneTheLoner1
I'd rather he be a wimp and not lame than op and... whatever this is. If only the flip-flopping had settled on the other version of the character.
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