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for Rikudou: The One Above All

9/14/2021 c34 Ricee
loving the story. hoping he gets Kaguyas ability to jump dimensions and to see madara in other animes.
9/14/2021 c34 eternaldarknessfanfics
Tan bueno como siempre
9/14/2021 c2 38fanwriter10101
Jesus man. If you wanted to recreate Sparta and the Spartan society, then you should have made a fan fiction on that lol. This is like, an AU of an AU!
9/14/2021 c34 3OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
8/29/2021 c33 Guest
you should let ofa live on in shigaraki
8/22/2021 c11 Ricee
thinking about it, I think it would be pretty cool if allmight gave madara the quirk, then madara gave it to izuku
8/21/2021 c7 Guest
This chapter is just outright stupid. He could just give a summary of his powers, like "my quirk is energy manipulation". But nooo he had to tell them every-fucking-thing. Do you have an ounce of idea on how dumb that is? I thought this guy was smart? You're giving them the chance to find weaknesses. His current world is already dangerous by the fact that quirkless is orchestrated to death by 10 years old, what do you think the people with actual power can do? What a dumbass.
8/21/2021 c1 Guest
That was just the most pathetic way to die for someone of his stature. Like wtf a world known scientist was mugged and killed? What the actual fuck?
8/19/2021 c33 Mr. Lucid Dream
8/19/2021 c33 OtakuBuddy777
Holy shit dude! That was beyond epic! I just binge read this whole story and I’m hella impressed with how you put it all together! Aaaahhhhh! I’m so pumped!
8/17/2021 c9 OtakuBuddy777
I can’t even… This is just… Agh! Amazing!
8/12/2021 c33 grimmouse197
God damn this is beautiful you did it perfectly it brought tears to my eyes.
8/9/2021 c24 Fachi
Honestly man, I saw the tree thing and I was like "Obit- I mean Bakugou watch out!" This Custodian thing has to be Madara in disguise, and I mean MHA Madara not Naruto Madara
8/8/2021 c33 lastapril123
I expect madara to witness his mother death and awaken ms when AFO mention his mother. But I didn't expect you pull kakashi "fastest way to reach girl heart meme", the last scene remind me of guy vs madara but without naruto bullshit plotarmor to save the day.
8/7/2021 c7 lastapril123
Just one question, why? He is smart-ass and knows the forbidden act of laying all his cards open
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