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for Rikudou: The One Above All

10/10/2022 c33 1Jpx0999
soo godamm poetic

they ust be thinking freaking GOD choose them as new pillars with the last ray of sunligth hitting on them
9/25/2022 c34 Guest
I’ve read this far. So the Mc is a genius and a reincarnator at that. His somewhere around the age of 45 in this new life. Yet he “cuddle” with his twin younger brother? Through out this fic there’s so much yuri energy. What man in their fourties’ would do that? It’s like the Mc wants to rail izuku and the timeline of events stay almost the same. What was the point of having a op Mc with no actual change in events?
9/24/2022 c1 Rocklake
Very unusual series of events, but it is well thought to keep the timeline as close to the original.
9/23/2022 c3 2Shadow Eminence
what the actual fuck is this
9/8/2022 c11 Gear master
So Batman fused with Tony Stark but with super powers
9/8/2022 c10 Gear master
8/31/2022 c7 Kristina Johnson
Can he heal? Or will he be able to heal like Tsunade?
8/29/2022 c9 LostZoro
You made MHA 1000 times cringier xD
8/29/2022 c2 LostZoro
Eh, you’re going to be Izuku’s babysitter throughout his life?
8/29/2022 c1 Max
ch 1 review blergh!
8/4/2022 c37 1Andreasv2
Espero que tu y tu familia esten bien y que continúe la historia
7/20/2022 c31 NatePog
I’m kinda hoping you make it so madara is Indras reincarnation and Izuku is asuras reincarnation so one of them can gain the rennigan hopefully izuku
7/14/2022 c37 imAwonder
Wohooooo! Looking forward for more
7/14/2022 c33 imAwonder
Ugh such a wonderful and amazing fic lovelots️️️️️
7/13/2022 c7 imAwonder
BWAHAHAHA Love me some OP protagonist
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