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8/8 c8 Guest
I loved it! It made my day better, I hope you continue it
6/22 c4 EllePGT
Wondering what happened to the rest of this story! We hope you're doing well. Hope you can write the rest of this. One of the best I've read lately :)
5/4 c8 EllePGT
Nothing silly about it, loved it! Poor Sharon... I don't think she ever got a chance. I read on a tweet from someone from the show that the "nice shoes" was improvised by Tim Roth.
5/4 c8 Flower70
Great chapter! Thanks for sharing
5/3 c7 Millibear
Another awesome chapter! The fluffy goodness put a big smile on my face :D
5/2 c7 EllePGT
This was a very sad episode and I love this chapter. Amazing job! More please :)
4/26 c6 Millibear
Omg this is my favourite chapter yet, you did a wonderful job with this scene! I'm so happy to see new LTM fics again! Thanks for sharing :D
4/22 c6 EllePGT
I always thought he took her home and took care of her that night. I think Cal was going to come to a point where he would need Gillian to reassure him that she wouldn't leave him. I think that was one of his biggest fear, if not the biggest.
This was a great version. If you write the morning after, that'd be awesome!
4/21 c5 guest
This is beautiful writing! Please do go on and thank you for posting.
4/20 c5 EllePGT
Your first language is not English? You're doing an excellent job!
I'm really enjoying this. Please do the whole season :D
4/20 c5 Flower70
Thank you for posting 5 wonderful chapters already! The missing scenes are so well written en so into character!
4/17 c3 EllePGT
It's goooooood! Keep going! Love missing scene, post eps fanfics. Good job :)
4/16 c3 Guest
I leave a review but seems to be missing, just want to stay thank you!
4/16 c3 Guest
I'm starting to like where this is going, fanfics for Lie to me are so rare this days, thank you.
4/16 c3 guest
Thank you for posting! A bit too easy on Cal IMHO, since he really was an incredible a.. in and around 'Dirty loyal' and I thought it would break them, but still. Like it and hope for more!
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