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9/26 c15 24Drumboy100
*Spoilers Alert!* If you're checking the reviews page just to see if you should read this story, then yes, read this story! I'm going to organize my thoughts according to character, as I'm a very character-driven person (therefore, weird that Nancy Drew is my main fandom).

Surewing really worked for me as the villain. He wasn't after money or destruction or revenge, only power and respect (which then made him jealous and prideful); therefore, readers can relate to him and take warning! A tragic villain, because there are a million legitimate ways he could have gotten power and respect in the new Narnia. I wonder if the repeated references to his appearance weren't really about his age, just the fact that he didn't have the mental flexibility to change with the times. Insightful, that since he is an "opportunistic charlatan," he fears that Aslan is as well. I hope he learned his lesson in exile. There's a powerful theme of anti-racism in here: all Telmarines aren't alike! And neither are all Black Dwarves. Surewing can't recognize freedom when he sees it, so calls Caspian just another exploitative king. Reminds me of the Israelites coming out of Egypt.

Lilliandil is a queen literally and behaviorally. SUCH a likable female lead. And with a name, too! (Forgive me for throwing shade at the venerable Mr. Lewis...I don't frequently do that...but come on, she should have had a name all along). That scene of walking through Cair Paravel eyes closed showed how light-hearted and joyful and trusting her relationship with her husband is. LOVE how she listened to Makau about the rumors instead of taking offense, starting a rivalry, etc,; the story wouldn't have had a happy ending otherwise. She is stronger even than Caspian: she heard news of his death, then she's facing a mutiny without him, plus a dragon, plus all of Narnia burning down...I know I'd be in bed with the covers over my head, but she forces herself to immediately focus on what is best for the realm. I'm a little jealous that Aslan (and the Holy Spirit...it's the breath that invigorated him) appeared to Caspian instead of her. And her powerful final speech in the last chapter! Spot-on regarding human nature. Plus Trufflehunter's line: "I can't believe so many could have forgotten everything so quickly." That's what humans (and Talking Beasts) do!

Caspian's restoration of Cair Paravel and the four thrones certainly hones in on the theme (and the title) right away. What makes him a better king than his predecessors (and fortunately the bar is low) is that even at despair and death, his only thought is "Let Narnia be all right." What happened to the sailor who tried to murder him? He and his wife are fearful, but still do their duties. And they don't try to be the only heroes, they are always open to counsel and help (and they owe quite a thank-you note and fruit basket to the river gods). What a romantic reunion! "He kissed her in front of everyone," not bad for a sort-of-arranged marriage!

Final thoughts: I like the periodic use of the second person to describe things, just like Mr. Lewis did. Thank you for keeping the battle scenes offscreen to reduce descriptions of violence, blood etc. I appreciated Acorn and Ferdy's redemption; in Narnia (and Drew/Hardyland too, come to think of it) the bad guys treat their own followers like expendable garbage, whereas the good guys are forever searching for reasons to pardon/forgive their enemies. Since you didn't name the dragon, I will assume he is Smaug!

A thoroughly enjoyable Saturday afternoon! Thank you!
6/27 c15 5PadrePedro
Thanks! As for me I am very blessed having enjoyed your great story! Good luck writing more in the future, regardless of which the subject will be! And be forever blessed! Peter
6/27 c15 Guest
Thank you so much for this story, It has been so good. One of the things that I liked best was the fact that you updated it on time, every time. It can be frustrating when people don't, so thank you for that. The story was amazing, and I have loved reading it, from beginning to end. Keep up the good work!
6/26 c14 PadrePedro
Ooooooohh - this is escalating horribly! Well written and thrilling story.
I will be sad when it is so soon over
6/22 c13 32NightwingNinja17
Awww! Yay! Caspian is back! So excited it’s we how this ends!
6/18 c12 5PadrePedro
May Aslan Help!
6/18 c12 4Iliketoread02
Ooooo, great chapter! I loved this:) can't wait for more , there's only three more chapters:( lololol!
6/16 c11 32NightwingNinja17
Yay! Caspian is alright! Thanks for the update! I can’t wait to read the rest of the story!
6/15 c2 11marmota-b
"Crabapples and cauliflower!" Oh, Trumpkin. :-)
The plot thickens. I really like that you go into all these considerations.
6/14 c11 4Iliketoread02
Great chapter, this is sooooo good! Awww, only four more chapters? That'll be sad when it's all said and done in the next practically two weeks:( I bet it'll have a good ending(I hope) I will make sure and savor every part, i just read the chapters sooooo fast, I need to read them slower;) I can't wait for the next update I'm glad it'll be sooner than usual and more consistently in the next couple of weeks!(Even though that means it'll end sooner) Well, I better go now;):)
6/10 c1 11marmota-b
This is an amazing chapter and I really hope I will enjoy this story very much - although I also think I will have to take my time with it because you paint such rich pictures with your words that I really want to savour it. :-)
6/9 c10 4Iliketoread02
Great chapte, I'm loving this! Nothing to complain at all! Can't wait to read more:):)
6/8 c10 32NightwingNinja17
OOH! This just got real! Hope everyone survives e fight with the dragon. And I can’t wait for the next chapter! Hope Caspian is still alright!
6/3 c9 Guest
These have been so cool. I can't wait to see where it goes. I also love that you update it regularly. Keep up the good work.
6/2 c9 5PadrePedro
My goodness! As if not one bad thing after the other would be enough! The King lost, the Queen facing a civil war with a fully armed enemy, and now this! Thanks for telling the story (and sorry for missing out the upload of your past chapter, so I could not encpourage ypou for that too in time)
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