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22h c16 3Blindguy95
I love then uniqueness of this story. Its amazing and im excited to see where it goes!
1/25 c16 DiZ-1989
This was good, but I'll admit I'm eager to get back to Naruto, and I hope next chapter comes a bit more quickly. But I have to ask... people in the comments are wondering if you're bringing in Guren? Or KONAN? How clueless can people get?
1/24 c16 NaruCrazy
1/24 c1 anggialldinata
amazing story thanks from indo.
order itachi
no matter how great the strengths you face there must be weaknesses
1/24 c16 anonimo
your system can revive dead and return them to your ranks as dxd
1/24 c16 Xud10a
Oh shittt, is the blue haired friend Guren. She is the only filler character I liked. She was so dope and could possibly be really broken if the anime explored her powers more and wasn’t just a filler character to just be forgotten later. Hell, she was the only that actually made a reappearance at the end of the war, wanting to meet Naruto.

I’m really excited for these new insects that will be bred. Shino and the aburame clan will be so helpful in the future when it comes to combating these new races

I also saw another reviewer mentioning the Shinigami protecting his turf against Hades and in my opinion that would be awesome if you can do that. After all the Naruto world is heavily influenced by Shinto mythology so it would be cool if we read a battle between the Greek version and Japanese version, God of death.
1/23 c16 xirons20
very good chapter.
It's interesting to see how things are moving, and it's good to see Naruto get stronger.
1/23 c16 biob1
Good work
1/23 c16 Altair-Chaan
good chapter, for there I read a comment that this was not a story dedicated to uchiha, it was a story dedicated to naruto. I thought it was great, since you give a development to the other characters, and I hope it finds more interactions of naruto with the girls, and a request, and yes, I know, this is going to sound annoying, but you could include one more girl, Just one more, I think it is a waste that she will meet with iseei, it is better that she stay with a guy like Naruto who would love her more and appreciate her more, I am talking about Rossewaise, she is my favorite girl in the dxd universe, and I would like That you will pair her with Naruto, only her, with the other girls that you paired him are fine and I am not complaining, but I only ask that you add Rossewaise, she is too cute, for her to stay with the idiot of Issei. I hope you update soon and great job.
1/23 c16 warmakin
I'm glad to see you back. I hope things are okay right there.

About your question, I have no problem with announcments. But I understand when some say it frustrates when they receive notification of a new chapter, when in fact it’s just a small note saying it’s going to take a break, etc.

I think a good alternative for that would be to create a group on the forum of this site. Or even create a discord, which seems to be something more common and faster today... that way you could make your advices, put some teasers (as you did in this chapter) and chat with readers.

Also we could put some information about these two series, to clarify doubts or even create some write-prompts. The writer's great friend, who awakens creativity and helps prevent creative blocks.

And the blue-haired friend I guess is Xenovia. She made it clear that she would be back soon, and in your notes of the 2nd chapter, you put Xenovia on the Naruto's Team. I imagine that she will offer to help him and thus discover the existence of the multiverse.

It's a pity Sasuke doesn't have Kotoamatsukami. But his Genjutsu is powerfull already. Tsukuyomi will torment the demons.

Now let see how will be the Naruto's Touki training. And now aware of the attack in Land of iron, he will act as fast as possible.

Good Chapter, man. Stay Safe.
1/23 c16 Damion Tinsley
I'd still like to see shono vs diodora
1/23 c16 6Crossovernaru
I've been waiting such a long time for this story's next update. I was wondering how a Sasuke centric chapter would work out, and I can honestly say that you have surpassed my expectations.

I really enjoyed reading Sasuke's interactions with the samurai. You also did a good job of pointing out how the samurai may hold a grudge towards Sasuke for his past incursion into the Land of Iron. Mifune also points out that in his path to redemption, Sasuke will need to work hard and prove himself to those he has wronged. His act of saving the samurai from a devil attack was a good start and the results are already showing in a realistic way. This was not enough to wipe Sasuke's previous sins clean, but it is a very good start.

I also loved the fight scenes in this chapter and how you demonstrated both sides' respective strengths. Sasuke's fight with the Grim Reaper Pluto was also interesting to read. While I admit that I have not read the LN and I learned about him mostly from the wiki, he was still a powerful opponent for Sasuke to take on and even received a hint into the existence of Hades, the God of the Realm of the Dead. I am also curious to see how he and other Grim Reapers would react to the Shinobi world's God of Death and just how powerful it is in comparison. Considering it was able to seal at least half of Kurama's power, there is no doubt that it is powerful.

Another reason I liked this chapter was how it reminds us of the threat the devils possess. When they first invaded, I honestly did not think they would be much of a threat. However, last time both Sasuke and Naruto were the ones to take them on. By having the devils face normal shinobi, or samurai in this case, you remind us that they are not foes to be messed with. Also by laying siege to Matsumoto Castle and kidnapping civilians from the Land of Iron, as well as stealing vital information about the Elemental Nations, the power balance between the Shinobi and the Old Satan Faction has greatly shifted. With knowledge of their abilities and their history, the fighting will become a lot more difficult, but will also makes things more interesting.

Furthermore, unlike the devil's first incursion, their assault on the Lond of Iron resulted in heavy casualties, and innocent people were taken captive. As a result, the situation has become significantly more serious.

The revelation of the stones' new ability is also a cause for concern. With the knowledge that the stones can be recalled at any time and the threat of potential surprise invasion, it will change how the Shinobi faction organizes who stays and who goes to the world of DxD. Take Gaara for example. With this new knowledge, he will have no choice but to return to the Hidden Sand. If he gets stuck in the DxD verse, then the Hidden Sand will have lost its commander in chief.

As for the reveal of Euclid Lucifuge's identity, it will only be a matter of time before Naruto and the other shinobi find out that he is Grayfia's brother, making her another target/person of interest. I would be curious to see how a potential interaction between her and Naruto or Sasuke would go in terms of them interrogating her about Euclid.

As for the strength of Hagoromo, I believe that he would rank on the level of DxD's Indra and Dragon Gods, I mean he was able to take on his mother and the Shinju which has the power of an entire planet. As for another power scaling, how would Shinobi such as the Sannin and Kage level shinobi rank against an ultimate class devil such as Grayfia?

In the author's note, you also bring up a lot of relevant points about how the Shinbi must adopt their methods of fighting to an enemy that does not rely on Chakra. The case involving Genjutsu and Chakra was a relevant point, and I was especially interested in the explanation you gave about Shino's insects. I always liked how adaptable Shino's skillset is. Also reading your author note makes me really hope that Shino will be going to the DxD world soon. If his insects have now adapted and bred new insects to fight against enemies from the three factions, he would be a big help, both in battle and also for scouting and finding the location of the Old Satan Faction and their allies. I also admit that I am curious to see if you will bring in Sai as well. With his past experience as root, he would make a great spy in the Hero Faction and it would also be interesting to see him try to understand Rias and her peerage.

From the teaser you gave it sounds like Xenovia may be returning to rejoin Naruto. I am hoping you will make her join the shinobi faction, instead of becoming a devil. Don't get me wrong, I like Xenovia as a devil, but by joining the shinobi faction she will be able to draw out her full potential both as a swordsman and a human.

Anyways, job well done on another amazing chapter and I hope you will update the next one soon.

Keep up the good work.
1/23 c16 SPark681
Hmm, a nice chapter though I wonder who is returning anyways keep up the great work!
1/23 c16 Guest
Were the 5 sacred treasures not created from COAT?
I mean, 3 of the 5 could only be used with each other but were capable of manipulating a words ‘soul’? Which sounds impossible for any blacksmith to make. Unless we’re talking about the Royal guards from Bleach :P
1/23 c16 1IlluminHeaven
I love your story. But I hate Boruto. The challenges of life.
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