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for A Sage's Mission

11/22 c20 Arkanim94
I hope you get to continue this story one day, it was one of my favorite.
10/29 c20 kenjutsulover
When is the next update? This story is very good.
9/19 c20 9Man285
9/7 c20 NaruCrazy
What happened bro? Any update or is this it?
8/28 c6 IsiahFlash
I love this story and this fight but the real sun wukong naruto would get his salad tossed
6/11 c2 Azuredivinelegacy
Why Konohamaru and Raphtalia get chosen to go to a mission in unknown world with unknown difficulties?
One is just standard Shinobi while the other is a good source of information for the village
I think you should choose someone like Shikamaru for strategy and diplomacy and Ino for information gathering and interrogation, it compliment the team as Hinata is the sensor and Naruto is the main fighting force
6/9 c20 Gob Noggler
plz Continue teh story
4/22 c20 Chris4939h
Sad that this story seems to have been abbonded. It was really good
4/11 c5 OkyXoo
Wait, so, If Hagoromo is stronger than Great Red, that means that Naruto also it is? Because Naruto in TheLast is stronger or the same as kaguya, and what happen with Six Paths Senjutsu? He will have it? because he have the SixPaths Sage Mode, not the Senjutsu anymore
4/10 c2 OkyXoo
One thing, Naruto The Last in Six Paths Sage Mode (He dont have the senjutsu anymore, but he have the mode) is stronger than Juubidara
4/3 c2 comfortablynumb16
Nah bro, Sasuke's pep-talk was cringe as hell. Replacing Shikamaru with him might have made it a little more bearable.
4/2 c20 Wolf
More chapters please.
3/27 c20 Xud10a
Hope you can continue this story. One of the few rare ones that doesn’t just follow and stick with cannon and actually branches out
3/13 c20 Guest
Also in some point of the story when they get to handle the problem with the devils you could make something like feeling the tension between them on the likes of kuroka, As we know her is a SS stray devil that manage to kill a lot of devils on his way making It so that they can't really trust anything about peace having her as an ally and in the other side as well cuz they did torture and kill a lot of villagers. If for some reason you would see this and don't want to continue the story any further PLS make atleast a summary yo explain everything you did think to add into the story.
3/13 c20 Guest
Kinda sad you didn't continúe the story, It has the unexplored potencial the cannon one didn't want to exploit. Instead of just getting the main character push Up into the cannon story you manager to explore the conflict of each faction and how this world works. Wish you will continue this story some day
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