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5/10 c20 Guest
When are you going to update again it has been 5 mouths now and I'm starting to think your dead.
5/7 c1 ezraneb
that fact they this story starts at the end of the show, an yet you kept describing things like I haven't already watched the show is quite annoying
HI,are you okey?
4/17 c6 1Arashiiiiiii
Ah nahhh, fuck this Kuroka bitch. I understand she is fucking sad but bro... really? NARUTO?
4/17 c6 Arashiiiiiii
4/4 c20 lorenzoro616
This is the best Naruto dxd story ever! Keep the chapters coming man
4/3 c20 BlackDragonShinigami
very cool story. and I love your understanding of both worlds and their stories and your ability to make them come together. (throw in raphtalia. sheeeeet)
3/30 c1 Guest
Please post the next chapter soon it has been almost 4 months sense the last one.
3/25 c5 Guest
I love ur story and ur writing is impeccable but pls one of the things I have noticed in dxd fandom is that most authors keep writing that great red is stronger than ophis which is a lie because it has been shown ophis, great red and trihexia and equal but people still writing the same stuff about great red being stronger. Just a heads up
3/23 c20 1Altair-Chaan
I love the whole story, something too underestimated in most of the fics of dxd is supernatural politics, a subject that personally I find fascinating if it is done well, and here I like how you do it.

but I have a question apart from what I spoke before, that I would like you to answer me please, will yasaka be paired with naruto? Personally, I like that couple more than any other, because they combine well, but given the development that you have given to the relationship between the two of them, it seems to me that they are not going to have that type of relationship. if not something more political between the two and nothing else...

I mean, as much as I love the faction politics thing, it's also good that you combine it with the girls theme, you know, this is dxd... although sometimes I like the politics theme more than the romances , but I ask, it is because I really like the couple of nartuo and yasaka, nothing else.

If you find errors in my review, I'm sorry, English is not my native language and I'm still studying it...
3/17 c1 Shadow blade
When are you going to update the next chapter it's been too long I am still waiting for an update
2/28 c15 vivekmarimuthu03
when are you going to update the next chapter
2/27 c1 Luiz Matos
I loved this story waiting for more chapters... I hope you didn't give up
2/27 c20 1NNathann
Love your story! It’s one of my favorite fics! Can’t wait for more!
2/26 c20 Guest
First off love the story and can't wait for the next part, but something I thought about, when removing the evil pieces naruto and sasuke add a Chakra system to the former devil. Does that mean they gain the ability to perform and use the same abilities as the Shinobi faction? Leading to kuroka being able to do the jutsus from naruto's world? Also, could they just in theory also just give the chakra system to say Xenovia or yasaka should they request it, thus powering up their allies?
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