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11/19 c9 A-LionGleek
Hey everyone. Hope you're all doing ok in these current times. And for those of you who are wondering when to expect an update, please continue to be patient. Nathan has told me that he's currently gotten most of his remaining work to be done for both an upcoming chapter for 'Extras' and the next chapter of this story finished (with only a few finishing touches and edits left to be done for both on his end). All that in mind, and with my own work on both of the aforementioned future updates long since taken care of, just keep being patient and both updates will be ready and posted sooner or later; and hopefully without another glitch causing even further problems like with the most recent update for 'Extras'. And with all that said, I shall now also take this opportunity to go over a couple bits of trivia that I meant to include in the previous two rounds of trivia and might as well get out of the way now before I forget them again:
* To start, in case it hasn't already been made clear, Nathan and I have taken into account how several of the animal populations rescued in earlier missions may have been a bit TOO large (and quite frankly, I can admit that I may have gotten a little carried away in picking large numbers during those particular missions). And so, we have since started following a system that so far appears to be doing a good job at keeping the numbers more manageable (with Nathan himself even editing a couple previous chapters to have some of the especially massive population numbers reduced to more manageable numbers). Hopefully, we'll be able to keep this system running long enough to likewise continue preventing rescued animal populations within the main park from becoming too big to manage (with any need to increase the rescued populations for future breeding purposes very much on the table to occur at some point or other (offscreen or otherwise)).
* Next, I'd like to mention an interesting little bit of facts about Rommel the dimetrodon. Crazy thing? He first started out as a rejected animal partner suggestion for PE. Specifically, when that particular story was still in the idea stage, I ended up having my interest in the idea of animal partners for the characters piqued after Avian ended up suggesting a couple small pterosaurs to serve as APs for Adrian (a character he himself had suggested). And in the process, I included potential animal partners amongst the information that I sent with my own subsequent character suggestions. And with that being the case, the initial plans for Rommel when I first suggested him for inclusion in PE was for him to be an andrewsarchus serving as an AP for Kyle. At the time, Nathan chose to have Kyle be exempted from having an AP for reasons I have regretfully since forgotten. However, the name Rommel stuck with me, as I knew it could definitely serve as a decent name for at least one of the rescued animals (particularly since the idea had first come to my head from the Rottweiler character of the same name from the 2nd live-action Garfield movie, A Tale of Two Kitties). And as a result, when Nathan and I started having discussions about PPR while the story itself was still in the planning stages, I chose to make a second effort at having a rescued animal named Rommel be amongst the characters. But this time, I chose to have him be a dimetrodon instead. And now, as you can see from what's happened as of 'South of Heaven', Rommel the dimetrodon has indeed successfully seen the light of day. But whether or not he'll end up an AP for Kyle the way I initially suggested for him to be while he was still intended to be an andrewsarchus character in PE? That you'll just have to wait and figure out in future updates for now.
All that said, I once again hope you're all doing well and that you continue to wait patiently for the updates that are hopefully soon to come. Trust me, I am just as genuinely hopeful as all the rest of you that said updates will prove very much worth the wait.
11/3 c1 Guest
Some additional information if you like to add
For the Ornitholestes or other small Dinosaurs, skewered it’s prey through a dead branch of a tree like the loggerhead shrike

There’s a new study showing that Tanystropheus was semi-aquatic in coastal waters and there are two separate species, the one in the series represents the larger species.
10/25 c9 Guest
Another suggestion
Can you add more information detail like how Nigel Marven describes the animals they encounter like in a nature documentary in the original Prehistoric Park, but with Drew.
Also perhaps using the unused and never explained missions from MortalKombat247’s Prehistoric Park series like how you did the La Brea Tar Pits Story?
10/16 c9 Guest
I agree with Imagination guy
Animals that went extinct of man’s actions even though the only extinct animal that went extinct due to human’s overturning it and habitat loss Was the Passenger Pigeon during the la brea tar pits mission.
For example: Dodo bird, Great Auk, Moa, Haast’s Eagle, Warrah, Bluebuck, Quagga, Aurochs, Tarpan, Thylacine, Carolina Parakeet, Heath Hen, Ivory-biller Woodepecker, Baiji Dolphin, Steller’s sea cow, Caribbean Monk Seal, and Golden Toad
10/16 c9 11Imagination Guy
But maybe you could also do chapters of saving historical extinct animals
10/15 c1 Guest
Or maybe perhaps the rest of the three of the six original missions of Prehistoric Park.
1. Ice age with the woolly mammoth, Elasmotherium, and cave bear
2. Microraptor with Asian feathered dinosaurs
3. Deinosuchus
10/15 c1 Guest
How about Giganotosaurus and other fauna of the Canderlos formation like Andesaurus and Ekrixinatosaurus.
10/14 c9 13A-LionGleek
Hey there everybody! It's certainly been a long wait. I will admit to that. But regardless, I hope you all find this chapter well worth the wait indeed. I know I have (and I'm the cowriter!). And all that in mind, time for trivia:
* To start, in case you had any trouble identifying points in which certain animals were rescued, the acleistorhinus and captorhinus are the animals that stowed away in Drew, Jack, and Alice's bags, the acheloma came to the park alongside the eryops, and the angelosaurus, kahneria, macroleter, pantylus, rothianiscus, and watongia I'm pretty sure all came in alongside the mass crowd that got brought to the park over the course of that avalanche. And by the way, the kahneria and rothianiscus live in the same building as many of the other 'smaller' animals rescued this mission, in case any one was wondering.
* Speaking of that avalanche, both it AND the Permian scenes being set during a 'winter' with snow present were entirely Nathanoraptor's idea. I NEVER would have thought of those ideas myself. And I'll freely admit, props to Nathan for a nice bit of uniqueness in that regard :).
* All that in mind, you will notice that this mission is mixture of The New Rulers (in regards to target animal and mission location/time) and The First Steps (in regards to what happens to Leon back at the park) from back in Prehistoric Earth. This was very much deliberate. In fact, in the scenes I wrote, I even managed to take direct inspiration from similar scenes and lines in The First Steps from back in Prehistoric Earth, with Nathan himself taking further inspiration from that chapter in applying edits and changes to one of the scenes I wrote (complete with him having Andrias the proterogyrinus serve the role previously served by Hedetet in The First Steps).
* Speaking of taking cues from The First Steps, this is also, naturally, the point where we see the proper beginnings of Leon and Yolanda reprising their romance from PE in this story. Naturally, I ESPECIALLY enjoyed writing those scenes (after all, I did create both characters). I even took a few cues from some of the scenes Nathan has currently written between Jack and Colette for the sake of inspiration for at least one of their scenes together in this chapter. And all that in mind, I will freely mention that, for the sake of taking some fair (albeit, unnecessarily harsh) criticisms of PE into account, Nathan and I both hope very much that we'll be able to balance out this romance (plus that between Jack and Colette and any others that pop up) better here with the other plot points and whatnot than they ended up in PE.
* Speaking of interpersonal relationships between characters, we also see that, even with the temporary 'truce' they had in the previous chapter for the sake of agreeing to their big plan involving Jack and the dromaeosaurus, Nikolai and Kyle still very much have some serious tension and hostility to work out between them over the course of this season. And you probably also noticed Aaron, Carmen, and Maria in the picture once more. I'm very happy to see that they got included :).
* You may have perhaps noticed character!Drew say something about 'hoping for a challenge' after the unexpectedly easy rescue of the casea and cotylorhynchus. That was entirely on Nathanoraptor. However, considering the 'reality subtext' that was likely behind those lines (looks meaningfully at PE retrospective), I can definitely say I like it :). And I'll freely admit that Nathan handled it with a lot more grace then I probably would have :/.
* And now for 'what could have been'. Yolanda was initially going to stay entirely conscious over the course of her time in the crassigyrinus pool and get hit in the head by the clipboard, and Leon was initially planned by me to successfully hold off all the crassigyrinus by himself (but not without the implication of the escape rope successfully being brought in right as it was starting to look as if he'd finally come dangerously close to being overwhelmed). As you can see, Nathanoraptor chose to change it up so that it would all unfold even more similarly to how a similar situation unfolded in PE's 'The First Steps' (complete with Andrias serving the 'Hedetet' role), likely for the sake of a bit more realism to Leon's current 'status' as well as for the sake of a little more additional synergy with PE. And I can definitely say I'm still pleased with how it all turned out despite the changes. Also, Jack was initially planned by me to end up attracting the attention of the varanops by pulling on one of them by the tail from behind. Nathan changed that too, likely because that kind of stunt would have been maybe a tad TOO reckless even for Jack. So no problem with that change either :).
* That in mind, for the sake of pointing out some animal names. A couple of animals that are intended to serve at least minor background roles every now and then are a diplocaulus named Wally, Grime the Eryops, and Fafnir the sphenacodon. Rommel the dimetrodon, however, is intended to serve a much more prominent role later on (as is at least one or two other dimetrodons amongst the group rescued).
* And with all that said, as of now, the poll shall officially be closed. And by virtue of the status that the poll was at when Nathan and I finalized the plans for this current chapter, that means that the very next mission will have dunkleosteus as the target, with castoroides being the target for mission 10 and kelenken being the target for mission 11. But that in mind, you are now free to make requests for potential targets for missions 12 and 13 (I admittedly have some ideas of my own, but I'm not one to begrudge others of their chance since Nathan wants everyone to have a fair chance at requesting their ideas). So yeah, hope you all enjoyed this new chapter, will be looking forward to the next chapter, and that you send in some good requests for missions 12-13. See you later everyone :)
10/14 c9 Guest
I can sense that the dunkleosteus chapter would be inspired by the one from Prehistoric earth. For next chapter after that chapter, I was thinking a bit more in depth between Jack and Leon learning about each other and how they both have something in common.
10/14 c9 354godamora
Ah good old Dunkie. I've seen a fossil of one from Ohio. They are huge!
10/5 c8 A-LionGleek
Hey everyone! I'll admit, it certainly has been a while, and I completely understand if any of you are starting to get impatient or at risk of losing faith. But I can promise you this, Nathan and I are doing everything we can to get the next chapter finished. In fact, Nathan has told me that he has only a couple scenes or so left to finish for his own contributions (with all my own planned contributions already finished) before the next chapter is finally ready and posted. So if at all possible, please just bear with us for another couple days or weeks at least. Because I promise you, South of Heaven will be finished and posted sooner or later.
8/29 c8 A-LionGleek
Hey everyone. I know that Nathan and I have both already mentioned this, but now is very much the last chance for any who wish to cast a vote in the poll and haven't already done so. For as of this moment, Nathanoraptor is making the finishing touches to his planned contributions to 'South of Heaven'. And once he's finished with that, all that will need to be done is for me to write/add in my own contributions and allow Nathan to maybe make some tweaks that he sees fit once I send the version with my contributions back to him, and the chapter should be posted hopefully some time next week. So yeah, once again, hope you're all looking forward to what comes next and that, if you still wish to cast a vote for the poll and haven't already done so, you take advantage of this final period of time you have before it gets closed.
8/27 c8 9Nathanoraptor
Just one last thing - if you haven't voted on the poll in my profile already - now is your last chance.

Once "South of Heaven" is posted, the poll will be closed.
8/23 c8 A-LionGleek
And on a minor note, I shall now also go ahead and belatedly answer a couple questions previously left by 'Dino Guest' (who I honestly hope leaves more reviews some day or other):
A: To start, the exact time element of the setting. As has more or less been explicitly confirmed in dialogue and narration, the events of Phase 1 are unfolding in 2021 (and in an AU where, as Nathanoraptor revealed in his author notes in PP:E, Covid-19 was successfully brought under control very swiftly in time to prevent it from becoming the pandemic it became in real life outside this continuity).
B: As far as park space is concerned, the park in its current state of existence is about the same size as Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando. Ergo, it's pretty darned big at the moment. That in mind though, the possibility of the park needing to expand in size at some point in the future is something that I'm sure Nathan and I will cross when we get there (somehow).
C: How is the exact nature of the park able to be kept a secret at this point in the continuity? Well as Nathan himself has told me when I asked him about it myself, Novum has managed, with a respectable sum of money, to bribe the people living closest to the park's location into keeping silent on the truth. And Novum themselves are also being as deliberately vague as possible about the exact nature of the park when talking about it with anyone who isn't already explicitly in the know. And as for Dino Guest's suggestion of Novum perhaps having a Wakanda style cloaking field around the park to prevent people from preemptively discovering the truth via satellite imaging and whatnot, I at least am open to considering this possibility to be canon (Nathanoraptor, on the other hand, hasn't yet indicated whether or not he thinks the same).
D: As far as climate and atmospheric conditions for the exhibits are concerned, the eventual ice age themed exhibits are currently planned to come with a 'climate wall' program installed into them that allows them to remain the appropriate temperature at all times without the outside natural Florida temperatures wrecking havoc. And it's entirely possible that similar 'climate wall' programs are installed into the other exhibits that don't come with explicitly designed walls and roofs the way the Carboniferous Dome does.
E: As for containing flying and aquatic animals, the former are set to live in specially designed aviary enclosures while the latter are currently set to be contained in specially designed aquarium style tanks (all admittedly described in chapters that unfolded in chapters that came after Dino Guest asked about the matter, but oh well).
F: Finally, prehistoric humanity. I'll go ahead and get this out of the bag right now. The closest this story will come to rescuing any form of prehistoric ancestors of mankind will be when we allow for the rescue of stuff like australopithecus and gigantopithecus (among other prehistoric apes and monkeys). But more explicitly humanoid types like cro-magnons and neanderthals (among others)? Them we will NOT be including for rescue and bringing to the future. Why? Well as Nathanoraptor explained in the PE retrospective, one slight problem that he and writer!Drew personally had with Extinction World (and other PP stories that include the rescuing of prehistoric hominids) is that, despite the undeniable story potential that could be found in such an idea, all the stories that have included this concept so far have never quite fully allowed themselves to go all the way with exploring said potential. Therefore, through a combination of this fact, plus potentially the wish to avoid running the risk of leaving no room for proper focus on the animals and other important elements in the event that we WERE to try to give proper focus on stuff related to rescued prehistoric hominids, Nathan and I have agreed that we will not be rescuing any of them in PPR.
8/23 c8 13A-LionGleek
Hello everyone! Hope you've all enjoyed this latest chapter and that it proved well worth the wait! And that in mind, time for trivia:
* As you can see, this chapter is based heavily upon the 'Bug House' episode of the original Prehistoric Park series and is also given the exact same name as the similar 'episode' from back in Prehistoric Earth. Naturally, the main focus of rescue for this mission are the various animals of Carboniferous period Scotland, with the invertebrates in particular proving an especially unpleasant (in a sense) matter for Leon. In fact, fun fact? Leon's own complicated opinion on the various types of invertebrate heavily match up with my own (complete with I myself likewise finding spiders scary just like him). For that matter, we also get a brief reminder of Drew's short attention spanned nature when he briefly get's Eshe's name wrong (a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Leon and Adrian).
* Speaking of spiders, you will notice that the 'mesothelae' from Walking With Monsters have 'canon immigrated' from the continuity of that series to that of this story. And quite rightfully, they are treated as a completely undiscovered species here just like in Prehistoric Earth. And on a continued note, here they are named megalorachne (which Nathanoraptor originally wanted them to be called in PE before he and writer!Drew decided to just let them remain 'mesothelus' in that particular story for the sake of simplicity). And furthermore, the one named after the Egyptian goddess of the hunt? Her counterpart in PE was also originally planned to be named Neith (as was suggested by Nphillips0115 for when she was supposed to also serve as an animal partner for Bethany, who was herself eventually scrapped from inclusion in that story before finally seeing the light of day in this story instead), only for writer!Drew to have her named Pumpkin instead for the sake of a planned shout-out to Akame Ga Kill (one of his favorite anime). But in this story, for the sake of Nphillips0115's original wishes, the megalorachne that is essentially Pumpkin's counterpart is named Neith instead.
* As you can see, Jack is still had at work in training the raptors (or at least the dromaeosaurus) to view him as their alpha ala Owen Grady, while also continuing to receive small amounts of ship tease with Colette. And on a related note, keep your eyes open for the 'special plan' that Nikolai and Kyle have managed to think up and agree upon and will need Jack's help with in making a reality. Without giving too much away, the end results will definitely play an important role later in this phase (and beyond).
* We also get to see Alice reaching a key moment in her bond with Eshe by being there to watch her successfully integrate herself with the rest of her kind at the park (with Duma in particular being planned to have a pretty close relationship with Eshe as well in the future). And in the same scene, we also get to have a decent amount of focus on Yolanda, and how she has managed to practically become one of Alice's brand new close friends (something that was only marginally touched upon in PE). Yolanda is also indicated to have similarly formed a close friendship with Jack. Crazy thing? I initially was planning, for the sake of 'rule of drama', for Jack to initially have an ambivalent opinion on Yolanda as a result of influence from Colette before eventually properly befriending her and getting to know her for real later this phase. However, as you can see, Nathanoraptor has chosen to instead let Jack befriend her very early on while also allowing Colette to have her own opinion on Yolanda influenced by Jack instead of the other way around (something that I'll gracefully admit is probably much more in character for Jack. So no problem there :)).
* Speaking of close friends, here we also get a proper introduction to Will and Matt, Alice's two close friends from back in PE, as well as to brand new character introduced to the fold Kaisumi Ishiara. I'll admit, I'm especially proud of myself for the scene (s) I wrote for their introduction in this chapter. And considering how Matt in particular ended up getting the short end of the stick in PE as far as his initially planned prominence is concerned (possibly a result of the upheaval brought about by the creative differences fueled behind the scenes scuffles between the writers), he is currently being planned to have a more equal degree of prominence alongside Will and Alice this time around. And furthermore, Kaisumi was herself originally planned by Nathanoraptor (her creator) to be included in PE, only to end up scrapped for the sake of pacing, but has since finally seen the light of day in this chapter of PPR. And on a related note, here we also get to see Khatin truly in his element as chief researcher; to the point that he even gets to be seen observing and naming the megalorachne (something that had previously ended up getting done by character!Drew in PE).
* Meanwhile, back in the Carboniferous, not only do we get to see Adrian once again undergo his hilarious 'exaggerated Aussie accent' like he did in PE, but we also get to see Leon continue his arc of taking a level in badass (quite noticeably without even needing to use the broadcasting device this time around). And we also get several nods to the original Prehistoric Park's 'Bug House' episode via Felix rearing up in startled fright from Leon stepping his foot very close to his position, the same capture strategy used against the meganeura in that episode (plus Extinction World and PE) being used against them here, the crassigyrinus attack, and Arlo being used as a makeshift tow truck to safely get Leon and Adrian brought into the safety of the park when swamp water ends up getting in the jeep's engine and causing it to stall at a dangerously inconvenient time. And speaking of Arlo, with this chapter, you now get direct confirmation of how Linda is planning to have him occasionally serve as a makeshift tow truck for transports of some of the larger animals that end up in need of veterinary treatment (an idea she first started thinking up all the way back in All Creatures Great and Small). And for a final dosage of awesomeness points before the story focus departs from the Carboniferous period for the final time in this chapter, we get a repeat of Drew's 'bronco rodeo' on the female arthropleura that was previously featured in PE.
* As you may have noticed, Jack and Nikolai's scene at the end of the PE 'Alien Empire' has now been included again at the end of PPR's Alien Empire. This is deliberate, particularly since the arc that this scene was initially planned to serve as launchpad for in PE ended up unfortunately scrapped in PE thanks to the behind the scenes upheaval, but will now get the proper shot at life it deserves in this story. And on a related note, Colette's characterization is so far still a lot more in line with Nathanoraptor's explicitly planned characterization for her at this point in the story compared to how she ended up portrayed over the course of PE's version of 'Alien Empire'. You see, from my understanding, the intention for Colette is for her to be characterized more or less as a Lara Croft or Black Widow style action girl who is at worst a jerk with a hidden heart of gold in the vein of Helga Pataki. But in PE, due to writer!Drew's inexperience and difficulty at the time in handling female characters and large ensemble casts, she ended up accidentally portrayed once (and very nearly twice) as more of a resident unlikable alpha bitch in the vein of pre-character development Regina George instead. Naturally, this, plus Colette's later ending up criminally underutilized, are stuff that Nathan and I are currently working to avoid allowing repeat instances of in PPR.
* All that said, time to point out several of the named animals amongst the new rescues. Currently planned to have some degree or other of prominence later in the story are Felix the arthropleura (plus possibly Melancholia as well), Selqet the pulmonoscorpius, Neith the megalorachne, Larry the petrolacosaurus (with maybe an occasional moment or two from Lubbock), and several of the named large amphibians (whom you may or may not have noticed were named after characters from Amphibia (good show btw)).
And all that in mind, hope you will all be looking forward to what we'll have cooked up for the next episode: South of Heaven!
P.S: As Nathanoraptor has pointed out in his author's note at the end of this chapter, the time in between now and the posting of South of Heaven is hereby your last chance to post your vote in the current poll. Once South of Heaven is posted, this current poll will be closed in favor of allowing 'requests' to be made for the targets in missions 12 and 13. So once again, if any of you would still like to try to place a vote in the poll to determine the target(s) for Phase 1's 9th, 10th, and 11th missions, now's your last chance.
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