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for too young to be taken seriously, too old to believe all this hypocrisy

8/18 c1 7SoberFrost
I originally read this on AO3 and enjoyed it, and now I've stumbled on this gem here and read it again. I like Jay/Steph as a ship, but I also love this sibling dynamic you had here. Not to mention these two giving bruce a massive migraine as itty bitty children is HILARIOUS
4/15 c1 1annaandherbooks
4/14 c1 Guest
This is fantastic! I love how you write Stephanie, and everyone else in this is great too. I hate to ask for more when it’s clearly marked as a complete one-shot, but if you ever decide to do a follow up on this I’ll read it in a heartbeat. It’ll be cool to see Alfred’s reaction, or how Bruce works with the knowledge that Crystal will be out of rehab eventually, even Dick though he’s probably off doing his own thing. I imagine he could take the fact he has siblings better with Steph there since it’ll be clearer that Bruce has an innate desire to help kids and not only taking Jason in to replace him as Robin.

Whatever your next fic is, as enticing yours always are, it’s great you craft a world and scenario for the characters and how easy it is to imagine that their lives keep going after the end. Thank you for this
4/14 c1 40Black' Victor Cachat
Fun story, and admit curious as to how having Stephanie this early would impact everything! :-D
4/14 c1 1Aquamelon008
This was a fun read, and it’s well written. Keep up the good work making quality fics, and I really hope you continue this one because Stephanie brown batgirl is best batgirl
4/13 c1 12Falconress
I love it! We don't see very much Jason and steph.

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