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7/12 c1 Ely15
Hi, what a great story I love Gohan and Videl there are not so many stories of how their wedding was and this was very good, the way Goku helped his son and Milk to Videl both have in common not having a mother, I would love to that you would tell how the honeymoon was.
I really liked I hope and continue writing about Gohan and Videl many more fics. Thank you and goodbye.
6/27 c1 25BarbieGirl82
aww such a sweet story! I really enjoyed reading it. I love wedding stories. I like the father/son bonding between Goku and Gohan. I also like the part when Piccolo nods at Gohan after everyone starts clapping. Piccolo is like a second father to Gohan. I hope that Gohan and Videl's marriage will be better than Goku's and Chichi's marriage. In reality, the marriage between Goku and Chichi wasn't a perfect one. He didn't know what marriage was and to be perfectly honest, the only reason he married Chichi was because of the "promise." Goku and Chichi are like two kids playing house, it's harsh but it's true. But nice story by the way.
4/27 c1 4o- Nyx -o
This was such a lovely read! There are so few Gohan/Videl wedding fics out there, so reading this was super satisfying!

I love the little extra details you gave for all the characters, thise made me feel very close to them all! Having Gohan help Goku with getting Goten ready was also adorable!

Your writing is great! Sometimes I felt you repeated or over-explained what was going on, but it didn't clash with the overall story. And that could just be my personal preference (sorry!). But overall this was a fabulous read! And you should be very proud of yourself! Great work!
4/17 c1 Cc6512
*Wrong typed *
I want to typed is Goku character is more near when the buu fight is over. Sorry :0
4/17 c1 cc6512eng
This is a warm story! (Crying)
The father-son and mother - in law daughter is so beautiful, and final the vow is blessing. Goku character is more sui
I personally not a fan of Gohan start smoking... But it's kind of allowed since he has city fds and join the society, I think he will quit when Videl pregnants :)
4/14 c1 Guest
I didn't know how much I love mother/daughter Chi-Chi and Videl relationship until now. Neither of them grew up with a mother. I now want more of it
4/14 c1 derekctomlinson
videl smirking at her husband gohan son wait until tonight

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