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for Wings of Fire: Weak Bones

7/9 c7 tonix63
This is super good! DO NOT DISCONTINUE THIS, please? It is litteraly one of the only fanfictions that I can actually enjoy. If some jerk says it is bad, don't listen to them. You're writing is amazing!
7/9 c6 tonix63
No! This is the best! It's one of the only fanfictions that I can actually enjoy! PLEASE don't discontinue it!
7/9 c5 tonix63
F*ck the NightWings. All of them. I hate them all.
wow, this is really good writing, I mean, not many of these fanfictions make me say this stuff.
7/9 c4 tonix63
That. IceWing. Will. DIE. ️
7/9 c3 tonix63
Heh heh! "hippos must have there freedom!" "You didn't have too, your the chosen one!" This downright hilarious. also totally implausible, but who cares! I am so putting this on my list of favorites.
7/9 c2 tonix63
fanfastic! this is awesome! It almost made me cry, too.
[And yes, I did mean to write "fanfastic" instead of "fantastic" cause get it? FANfastic? this is a FANfiction? HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! AND OTHER STUPID WINGS OF FIRE JOKES!
7/9 c1 tonix63
This is great! I love it!
6/23 c3 DragonMasterLoki
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HIPPOS! “Hippos must have their freedom!” I seriously died laughing right then! Anyway, I think the ending is very sad *SPOILER ALERT* what with Clearsight not being able to follow Darkstalker. I love this story!
5/31 c7 LegoFiend12
OMG we will be seeing the lost continent of pantala and al there crazy life wings and hive wings and more. quick thought though what if there is another lost continent like pantala but has some other tribes take your pick from wiki/Thread:884749 or make some up.
5/30 c5 Mepewarrior09
5/30 c5 Mepewarrior09
yes it does seem kinda rushed but nice
5/27 c6 LegoFiend12
beautiful story can't wait to see what darkstalker does next
5/10 c1 Thrilling
Cool, but is the 'Bay of a Thousand Scales'
5/2 c6 Unknown
This story was really good! This is the first fan fiction of WoF that I enjoyed a lot!
4/30 c1 Clearstakeryah
Also, I have an idea! Maybe Vigilance ends up doing the cage-drowning thing to Darkstalker (poor guy) and Indigo and Fathom find out. And indigo doesn’t care, but fathom and Clearsight rescue him and then he like takes away his own animus power or something? Idk. Than u could show what’s happening to pantala, bc Clearsight didn’t save them and so... well, u know. At least Wasp can’t exist! Ha-HA! Also, u accidentally called diamond glacier at one point.
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