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for Bite Your Tongue

8/2 c4 4The Lonely Hunter
I am continually impressed by your non-canon characters; they're three-dimensional and distinct and fantastic! Well done.
7/29 c1 3thatsmycigar
This is heartbreaking, but a well done portrayal of the feeling of being an immigrant. I love how you had the Polish interspersed throughout the story.
6/10 c3 4The Lonely Hunter
Wow! This was fantastic, so atmospheric and moving. I am intensely curious to see how Skittery gets from here to the strike. Seems like many worlds away.

I can't wait to read what's next! Thanks again for sharing.
4/26 c2 25civilwarrose
Awesome story and your character study is so detailed and well done. I like the idea of him being a Polish immigrant, and having a sister. Following and favoriting!
4/26 c2 4The Lonely Hunter
I very much enjoyed seeing Skittery's relationship with his sister. And I'm curious about what will happen next.

Keep it up!
4/21 c2 Guest
This was written so beautifully, I could visualise it so well. The storyline had me hooked and I loved the backstory you came up with, as well as you getting them to actually speak the language. It was such a realistic telling of the kind of lives people would have led back then. I hope you continue this story, because it is very intriguing and I’m sure that lots of of people will enjoy reading it just as much as I have.
4/16 c1 The Lonely Hunter
This piece is very moving! I would be very interested in reading more.

Thanks for sharing!
4/15 c1 21coveredinbees14
Very well done! You did an amazing job getting into Skittery's mind and my heart just goes out to him. I don't know if this is a one-shot or if it will continue but I'd love to see more. Thank you for sharing!

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