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4/30/2021 c49 YuukiAsuna-Chan
But he's not wrong. Oz's way obviously doesn't work, im honestly thinking Oz is insane after all he keeps doing the same things expecting different results. Keeping everything secret hasn't worked for the past few thousand years or so. Sure he hasn't gone about it the best way but than again neither has Oz.

The thing is even if he is a tyrant, he isn't yet at this point but even if he was, he at least is much easier to deal with at a later date after Salem has been dealt with if needed.
4/23/2021 c48 C3l3st14
You know what, I've been thinking about how the relationship between Mantle and Atlas is literally just Hong Kong and the rest of China, they've literally governed themselves for years and essentially formed their own government and then here comes Atlas, they put all this surveillance equipment, constant patrols of robots going in the streets, and the robots not doing anything to stop the Grimm attacks due to government negligence, arresting you if you dare speak against the government, and if you have a weapon to try to defend yourself then boom you get beat up, thrown to the ground and arrested due to some bullshit reasons by the Ace Ops, Ironwood's personal attack dogs. So yeah, pretty much a powder keg rigged to explode the moment some dumbass fucks up, and it'll probably be the Ace Ops who do that 'cause they believe themselves to know better than your average civilian, and are so out of touch with local populace that they believe that they're pretty much untouchable.
4/16/2021 c47 C3l3st14
Hopefully Ruby gets a break next chapter that way she can get to the state of mind that allows the silver eyes to be used, also, she seriously needs some training from Maria to keep up with Neo and Cinder
4/13/2021 c46 2Darkbaron36
Please dont kill off adam,he stll has so much potencial,magine what could have been adam and the white fang in atlas season 7 and 8 ,

he basicaly cautionary tale on what could happen to ruby rose if she continue walking on the path of hate,plus if you have cinder rescue him,they have so much alike they both hate rwby rose and traitors,they both have red and black color in their designs and clothes,they both lost arm and eye to rwby,they were both enslaved by atlas,they both have grmm parts,adam mask and cinder arm,plus cinder looks like blake,they both want to destroy the kingdons and they both crave power,its a match made in hell.
4/9/2021 c46 YuukiAsuna-Chan
He might survive this but it seems very unlikely without outside assistance. Basically i would say he is finished unless someone finds him and he hasn't drowned already, so if he doesn't drown and is found within say 30 min he might survive.
4/6/2021 c45 25Eden.of.Kovir
This story is heartbreaking. Great Job but without Blake, Weiss & Yang... It hurts too much.
4/2/2021 c14 Cyan-Snake
Wow. Cool. Literally everyone got away. Great job there. Really.
3/26/2021 c31 ThisIsTori
Didn't expect her to burst there, but at a wrong a place and time tho. :'')
3/26/2021 c28 ThisIsTori
Oof, a personal opinion, just please push Arkos and not bring any Lancaster with it. Have enough Jaune-self insert fics with girls being thirsty for him, ugh... Never a fan of the Fanon Jaune, when the true harem queen is already Blake lol
3/26/2021 c25 ThisIsTori
Whew, I'm happy that Oscar will appear. I guess you're still up with Ruby not acknowledging her traumas and will focus on revenge and saving the world, huh? :'') This is what I hate about her huhu, even in the show too. I want to physically drag her for a therapy, cause it hurts.
3/26/2021 c24 ThisIsTori
I just wish you could let the characters address their situations and what they are feeling for a moment WITH EACH OTHER. It's painful reading this when they are forced to fit with the pacing of the storyline, and just brood it. Can at least Team JNPR ask what happened to Ruby and why she killed the mayor? Maybe in the next chapter... Hopefully
3/26/2021 c21 ThisIsTori
Whoa, you definitely did Ruby's semblance with justice! I can see that your writing in the latter chapters are improving as well. Description and narration was lacking from the previous chapters, and it's nice to see the improvements.
3/26/2021 c2 ThisIsTori
That's a bit fast. Tho I understand that Ruby would like to keep things moving forward. She's the type of person who doesn't like to acknowledge her trauma, and focuses on other things. I hope the latter chapters would make her break soon. And bruh, Weiss and Blake dead? Their family names are pretty big, there's gotta be some impact on their deaths
3/11/2021 c41 7slayergopher
Now did Ozpin cause the deaths of WBY? No. But did he lie and cause the deaths of countless, idealistic youths he pulled into his war with Salem blinded to the *actual* truth of what was going on outside of his Inner Circle? Oh. Hell yeah.
3/5/2021 c34 2Benji the Monocat
Mannnnnn... when the Belladonnas find out about Blake... they are going to be so broken up.
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