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4/22/2020 c1 Shining Lion
"Let me illustrate this for you, Megan," Started Dwight. "Do you know how unhelpful asking a group of tired, exhausted individuals is?"

She rolled her shoulders without care. "Pretty effective?"

"No, Meg, it is actually one of the least effective methods to get people in trouble to talk to you. Do you want to admit you're weak? That you failed?"

While I do think that Dwight here is a little OOC, I just personally can't imagine him being so rude to Claudette when she just wants to help, I loved these lines. I also liked this teasing between Megan and Dwight. I ship them so hard so it's nice to think that this is how they want to challenge each other. :)

And Miss Pallet Camper is totally Meg's middle name. Megan "Pallet Camper" Thomas. XD

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