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4/22 c3 Guest
there is some noticeable grammar error in your book here but overall we believe it is a great book with an outstanding start

-the boys
4/22 c3 Ruby
Just read this - absolutely love it. Please continue! Xx
4/15 c1 1DisneyElise19
Can't wait to read it, thanks for the shout out!
4/15 c1 4MadameMorganLeFay
Some advice:

1)- As writers, we aim to improve through regular writing. Expecting people to think that your story is good when they have not even read it yet is unrealistic.

2)- No writer can control the reaction of their readers to a story. Something that we think is brilliant might fall flat, while something we weren't sure about might delight a reader. This is all part of the risk-taking that is necessary to create art. You never know what someone will say.

3)- A story explores events as they unfold. If you tell everyone what happens in the first instance, then there is no excitement for future chapters. A key skill in writing a story is not to tell people what happens, but to show them.

Perhaps consider posting the story and allowing the readers to decide?

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