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3/20 c10 3RavenStrider
Really, really good story! I've never really seen anything like this before, though I'm glad I gave it a chance. There are so many directions you could go with it and I am interested in which one you're going to pick. I will say, however, I think you should start getting to where you tell at least the readers what happened with Natsu, because you've been just hinting at it for a really long time. Also, the Omakes are kind of unnecessary, especially in every chapter. That's my two cents and I hope to see more!
3/11 c10 16Liatria
Let me first start this review on how freaking fantastic this story is! I am a sucker for Natsu betrayed stories, but you somehow contort it to happen in the future and with Lucy’s, I’m guessing Happy’s, deaths- I’m excited to see where you take this. Honestly, I thought the reason Fairy Tail disowned Natsu was because of the whole E.N.D situation, but Gray just had to be an asshole and take being the “Savior of Fiore” stuff. Though Natsu being a demon may have a lot of things to do with that.
I like how it’s not a random oc and instead someone of blood ties to someone in Fairy Tail, I think the struggle between most possibly choosing between Natsu and Gray will become harder for Yuki. I’m interested on if there’s going to be a couple of interactions between Fairy Tail and Natsu and if that’s going to go well- which I highly doubt. Gajeel also seems incredibly guilty from taking the title of highest ranking dragon slayers from Natsu, so I hope he goes to his side. Very curious as well on how Wendy found Natsu and if she went after him or anything, or convinced him to stay.
Anyway, so nicely done and definitely going to be recommending this!
3/10 c10 NPrime
Natsu betrayed by FT is always an interesting fanfic. But It's so sad that this Natsu cursed with immortality, Lucy's death and wendy's love life. (Just send Yuki to past through eclipse gate and fix everything, make her stay with Natsu, Lucy and Wendy. Make everyone younger etc. It's so tragic)

Also isn't this natsu should be known as the Dragon king? I hope you will mention him in this title somewhere. Can't wait to read what you have in your mind. Good luck.
3/5 c10 1Kriim-Sauce786
loved the chapter.

I was just thinking that maybe it would be different or something to think of talking about something.

I was thinking over the story and I didnt know the pairing. if it was Natsu x Yuki

but then somehow I was thinking of the magic that is being used.
devil slaying magic. if access use over it or if you make the marking grow, then you will turn into a demon just like how using access amount of dragon slayer magic turns you into a dragon.

you could have, down the line, natsu telling yuki that grey almost turned into a demon. only a failed transformation. and it was natsu who helped him turn back into human but no one knew about it. it could be grey killed half a million civilians in that state before turning back. but the old members hide it from the guild
2/8 c9 Wadeparker
Amazing chapter cant wait for more
1/31 c9 name the missing
Thx for the chapter
1/15 c9 BlackDragonShinigami
finally caught up. can't wait to read more!
1/15 c6 BlackDragonShinigami
six chapters in and that scene between him and cana ohhhhhh my heart just shattered i am just gonna say that im excited and looking forward to more chapters!
1/15 c9 Kriim-Sauce786
I'm confused I don't get how devil slayer magic can be affected by curses. The only way it would come to be was by a devil slayer who new curses from the magic put it on which if that is the case it should be grey. I would love for yuki to be able to know the magic but the curse had been loosened and by the end it is founded out that grey put the curse in her.

I dont know about pairings hut I would like for yuki to start to look up to natsu and by the end of this mission she has a bit of trust into him. I think most of the journey should either be further away from magnolia or in alvarez.
1/14 c7 Kriim-Sauce786
I dont see no celestial images in fairy tail which I think would be good because it would show how all the celestial spirits who were with lucy struts natsu and started to hate the guild for betraying him.

I think it would be good and funny scene where natsu tells yuki how many times he had to save grey,erza and all the guild with nostalgia then he goes over all the flaws they had like how grey was bossy and a dickhead who strips, and erza was like a slave master and beat everyone up in the guild who were having fun and how she was a closet perv.

But I hope people like laura (I havent read ch8 yet) trust and be people who he can rely on from bis journey.
1/14 c8 Kriim-Sauce786
I've just started reading this story today because of it having oc characters and natsu didnt seem prominent and it was a grey story (which as you can tell I hate grey cos he is a dick and natsu is better). After reading it, I'm starting to enjoy it cos in my opinion it is natsu getting betrayed, which I enjoy reading fanfiction of, and no one believes or trusts natsu, they turn their backs on him. Because of it being after the war i would assume it lucy would have died when she rewritten his book and how the guild reacted was about themselves and forgetting how natsu felt which he left.

If natsu opens up to yuki, and he tells her everything about what he did for the guild his relationship to lucy and how important she was to him and then how everyone backstage him. I would love for yuki to trust natsu more on his word than the guilds and when she fers back to the guild she is pissed and wants to know why they abandoned someone who risked his life for evryone
12/28/2020 c8 kyuubiko
You can have natsu leave the country and go far away for his quest. When that happens someone could revive acnologia. The chaos would be glorious
10/23/2020 c7 Drakedragon297
I seriously can't wait for more!
10/23/2020 c8 Drakedragon297
So the truth has been revealed. I can only imagine how Yuki will react when she realizes that her family and guild have betrayed Natsu and how her grandfather is a faker when she finds out who the real hero of the Alvarez war is.
10/22/2020 c8 Cookie-4IS
Pretty interesting so far, Thanks for your effort.
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