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for Wings of Fire: It's Control

7/13 c13 6JuniperTheWarrior
Excuse me? Death?
7/13 c12 JuniperTheWarrior
You. Are. Right.
7/13 c7 JuniperTheWarrior
7/13 c6 JuniperTheWarrior
Still love it
7/13 c5 JuniperTheWarrior
7/13 c3 JuniperTheWarrior
7/10 c15 tonix63
*snort* "fish sticks!" #$%
7/10 c14 tonix63
This is good! confusing, but good. But you just HAVE to keep Atoll alive and kill Albatross, though.
7/10 c13 tonix63
No, Atoll, you need to rest... now I sound like my mom.
Great chapter by the way, though I can't really understand how she dies if there is at least two more chapters...
7/10 c12 tonix63
Oh, Albatross. Creepy. Also, I totally agree with the thing that you said in bold at the end!
7/10 c11 tonix63
Oooo, Waterfunnel sounds a lot like Whirlpool. Maybe HE tried to murder Atoll.
7/10 c10 tonix63
Woo, now I know: never get in Conger's way. Especially when he's angry.
7/10 c9 tonix63
Atoll! bad Atoll! don't attack Queen Dandelion!
No! Atoll!
Oh, good, she's alive.
This chapter was really good! keep on writing!
7/10 c8 tonix63
*Gasp* the SkyWings hate animuses because they were at the royal SeaWing massacre and oh three moons no! no no no those SkyWings will DIE! Waaaaait... It WASN'T them. Yay! Horray for Queen Dandelion! This was a really good chapter!
7/10 c7 tonix63
1. This is so creepy. Thank you for making my life so much more interesting!
2. Wait. This means that Atoll is going crazy. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
3. Wren is a name that is already taken. It's canon, in Dragonslayer.
4. Wait, Atoll! no! Don't die, pleeeeese! wait. she won't die, will she. There's at least 8 more chapters.
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