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7/18 c1 1Marczeg Szar
Ah, I can't believe I found the sequel only now.
The first story was great and as far as I know unique in the Warcraft fandom.
And of course Kel'Thuzad is my favourite character, so I'm glad he's back.
I'm looking forward to the new chapters.
Thank you for writing this story!
7/17 c4 11Kiue Jin
Kinndy is amazing and when she dies it's going to be so sad.
7/15 c4 Windle
I for one support future Lich Queen Jaina. May she reign eternal.
7/15 c1 woodcutterw
Holy crap. It’s been so long I forgot this story existed. Glad to be back!
7/15 c4 1Impstar
Aah, Kinndy is just so cute.

Liking what's happening, and Jaina gets to show that she's a scary scary girl.
7/13 c3 Windle
Welcome back Poicephalus! I can't believe it's been a decade since you started Frostblood. I'm really excited to read your stories again.
6/28 c3 AdmiralBeck
Great continuation to the story, looking forward to reading more chapters in the future. You did a great job
6/27 c1 AdmiralBeck
considering the prequel to this story was released so long ago I didn't even dare to hope for a sequel, but here it is. Gonna re-read frostblood and start reading it. Thank you for returning to the story
6/16 c3 speaker of babbel
Jaina as a lich? there are worse ideas that she has had. looking forward to a new chapter.
6/15 c3 45reality deviant
enjoyable chapter, but as i said in my review on AO3, im super suspicious of that NE druid woman...

I thnk a conspiracy is afoot.

and if after some time and news of death, isntead of the obvious choice of Soffriel, Jaina ends up picking Kinndy as successor, the conspirators will act against it...

and aside from a lich, could Jaina be made into a deathknight? i got the impression they dont lose as many sensations of body as liches...then again it will cost her her Arcane magic.
6/15 c3 1battybiologist
Wonder if one of the apprentices will end up being the lucky recipient of the fairy godking's powers, or if the helm's spell can be held back.
6/15 c3 1Impstar
I'm liking what I see here. Partly because I want to see Death Knight!Jaina. As Death Knights show, it is possible to be undead and not look like Kel'thuzad. And as Kel'thuzad does indicate, there's no reason she has to lose anything mentally from it.

Well there might be change, in fact there almost certainly will. But few can be trusted with that much power, and even fewer would continue the sanctuary that Jaina started.
6/15 c2 1battybiologist
Just reread Frostblood, then I was stoked to see this. Looking forward to more.
6/8 c2 2rm928
Oh, oh this is wonderful to see! I never expected there to be a sequel and I'm so happy to see that one exists now! I loved Frostblood and have re-read it several times now and I am looking forward to seeing this next chapter in Jaina, Kel'Thuzad, and the Scourge's life (or unlife in some cases)!

Keep up the good work and update as you are able!
5/14 c2 45reality deviant
Glad to see this update! and glad that Tandred survived! I hope for a scene of him and Jaian meeting later. Wonder what Kul Tiras says about her now...

would be interesting to see Kinndy and Soffriel side by side as apprentices to Jaina...
And what they learn of each other.
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