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8/5 c41 lordgemini
Well, Miles and the rest are running away in the mothership, we already saw some of their thoughts and fear, but they can’t be escaping forever.

This episode is exciting because they are still at large, and they don’t have a clear plan, but at least we see how the relationships between the group are changing. I am curious about what will happen next.
8/2 c40 650mary.okeeffe.16
Poor Rachel
8/2 c40 lordgemini
Well, Nigel seems to be more human than we thought, and that conversation with Rachel really make him think about it. And let not think about the animal life sacrificed with the adults ;). I enjoy the conversation because, against Rachel, Nigel couldn’t use the same arguments as with Chad or Miles.

And while this drama happens, the 9 remnants KND are still lost on the mothership, I am really curious what will happen with them next.
7/30 c39 lordgemini
Well, the captured KND is now with the rescuers, but Rachel was captured by the GKND, so, what will happen next?

I am really intrigued because I am not sure if we are getting closing to the climax or if there will be a new development. Either way, the encounter between Rachel and Nigel will be a great one.
7/28 c38 lordgemini
This episode was wonderful. On one side, the rescue team is about to found the Sector-V operatives Bartie and Virginia. But Rachel still believes in Nigel.

On the other hand, Nigel found about the escape and also deal with the Delightful child for now. I like that Nigel is planning to find a place for all to live after destroying the earth, so he is not as cold-hearted as we thought. I am only curious if the delightful children look like teenagers or also as children.
7/24 c37 lordgemini
And just when things seemed to be going great, the Delighful Children appear, I love just how thing go up and down here. Milkes and the team are already escaping the basement and this happens.

I am curious what will happen, whill the delightfull children join the GKND? Or they are enemis? It will be interesting to se how this develops.
7/21 c36 lordgemini
Ok, exciting! Hoagie and Julia are trapped, and Now Chad, Rachel, and Miles will come to the rescue, after rescuing themselves from their cells.

I love the passing of the episode, how we go from captured to free, freeing chad and finding Hoagie and Julia, it was so quick, but it felt natural, now I just hope Miles plan works.
7/16 c35 lordgemini
Wow, Now Miles is with Rachel and Chad, and the party to rescue the rescue party to rescue Sector V is ready. :D

I like the scene, it was quite natural how Chad and Miles talked, both happy about the other be ok, but bot knowing this was the worst circumstances to find each other. Now I wonder how they will escape from their prison.
7/15 c34 lordgemini
And Wow, I didn’t expect that now our protagonists are in trouble, especially Miles, he is being captured, and now he will need of Rachel and Chad.

I like the chapter a lot, not only was it exciting, but we also discover that Nigel’s plan may be more than just destroy the earth. I wonder what will happen when the Delightful Children from down the line arrive
7/12 c33 lordgemini
Well, the Delightful Children from down the line made their move, I am really curious about where are they and where did they get the laser to destroy the moonbase. Anyway, this is great for Miles and company, because the GKND will be distracted.

Also, I want to read what happens next. Someone is underestimating someone or Miles at the GKND or the GKND to miles and friends. So they will escape the mothership with al Sector V, or all will be captured again. I bet for Miles and his friends to win this one, but only time (And you) will tell.
7/9 c32 lordgemini
Great chapter, Julia show she is as capable as Miles and let Hoagie and her brother come into the base, but as they were going through the lunchroom, something happened.

The return of the Delightful Children from down the line is wonderful on so many levels, is not only an unexpected character(s) coming back but also, How they survive? Also, they will distract Nigel Uno, giving our protagonist time to plan their next step. I really want to read what happens next
7/7 c31 lordgemini
And the cavalry has come. Mules, Julia, and Numbah 2 are already on the mothership to rescue Abigail and the rest that are still shocked about the earth’s destruction.

I’m intrigued about what will happen, because as Abigail Virginia said. They rescue them, great, then what? And I feel they will found their next objective before leaving the ship.

Good episode, I particularly enjoy the conversation between Miles and Julia, it was heartwarming, and without a doubt, Miles will protect her.
7/5 c30 lordgemini
And now that everyone is free is time for the big rescue operation. I’m curious about what will happen next because I have no idea how they will resolve this situation or what Nigel Uno plan is.

Also, I liked the reaction of the operatives, because even if someone you trust tells you the earth was destroyed, you would not believe them, would you? I really want to read what’s happening next.
7/1 c29 lordgemini
Ok, That was too close, but Miles and Bartie survive the Mines, and it seems at last everyone is out of their imaginations. But can they escape from the spaceship?

I love the ending because it seems as if the chapter completes a chapter, and we are entering a new stage of the story.
6/24 c28 lordgemini
Ok, Bartie didn’t take well the end of the world (which is understandable), and now they have to go into the depths of the mine to look for the awake door.

And as we are about to end this episode, the plotline advances again, and we discover that Nigel Uno is not the mastermind behind all that is happening. There is someone else behind him. I am really curious about what the plan is and what is really thinking the former Numbah one.
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