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for HxH Pitou's Humanity

7/4/2022 c15 nanashihaisha
Nicely done
4/12/2022 c15 Leonardo
this story was beautiful thanks Lorenzo the storyteller
4/10/2022 c15 Random-Fan-2017
I'm sad this is ending, but I'm also happy that Pitou finally has a happy ending. This was a truly great redemption story for a character that had a lot of potential, instead her dying when Gon went full rage mode and smashed her head into blueberry paste. Like this MUCH better, even if the story is amazing regardless. Things ended off on a very high note, Pitou has so many options to choose from moving forward, and she even has the skill and motivation to achieve whatever dream she desires.

Thank you so much for an incredible story. :)
4/4/2022 c15 SpaceCadet10
Great story
4/4/2022 c15 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent chapter to finish this story off.
4/3/2022 c15 LoveKaiza
Ghad I love this story, thanks for finishing it! Pitou is an infinitely great character and I'm sad she's dead in canon, she has so much potential and so little stories written about her. Plus she's really pretty hehe. Love the take you have on the story! I kind of hope you write more stories about her, it would be great. Kind of sad this story is over too, means I've exhausted yet another story abt my baby Pitou. Cuz let me tell you, I binged this once I found it and it's actually really good! Other stories, here or on ao3, don't focus on her or are not really well written. This was really nice to find. Kind of inspires me to write something too, tho I have no idea what kind of plot I'd have. I ship her with Pouf too and again, I have no idea how I'd work it out. Welp, I'm rambling now but let me just say I loved every moment of this fanfic, can't wait for more.

Until next we meet, my friend!
4/3/2022 c15 Yoyon586
Definitely an amazing read this fanfic is and for my favorite part I'll have to say the fight between Illumi and Pitou since that's a fight we will never get to see in canon also we got to see Pitou's new Nen abilities in action as well!
1/28/2022 c14 Yoyon586
This is really good, definitely one of the best HxH stories I've read on this site!
1/25/2022 c14 Random-Fan-2017
I have a question about a possible way for Pitou to use her new Nen ability, Plushie Kittens. Since she can create and maintain a Connection Thread, while also keeping it connected/wrapped around other objects or people, could she possibly use IN, the Zetsu ability to make Aura invisible, to make her Nen abilities invisible as well? Since Pitou is very talented in manipulating her own Aura and Nen, it shouldn't be too difficult for her (provided she knows how to use Zetsu, since she's never really been shown to use anything to not make her presence known) to use it, especially since Kurapika and Hisoka often use it with their own powers. Though I do understand that she may not have practiced Zetsu enough to be very good at it, since being a Royal Guard meant she had to let everyone know exactly where she is at all times - to make them stay away from the King - by using EN. I wonder this because as broken as her power is, it would be even more dangerous for her enemies if she could make her little plushies run up to someone without them even knowing they were there, and then using whichever ability they've been given.
1/7/2022 c14 Random-Fan-2017
I'm really enjoying how Pitou and Cheadle are practically friends now, with Pitou even showing concern for Cheadle. And its great to see that Pitou is able to make friends with other all on her own. Though I feel bad for the Zodiacs that Pariston was able to use Pitou to screw them over to some extent. And him turning down the position of Chairman must have confused the heck out of her - it'd be something like Meruem suddenly saying he doesn't want to be King anymore. I mean, Chimera Ants can't exactly turn down their given roles.

I was a little surprised that Pitou wasn't as 'terrified' of Kite, considering what "she" is now, but I'm guessing that's because Kite didn't hold enough of a grudge towards Pitou to do something as aggressive as force Pitou into submission using the authority of Chimera Ant Royalty. Instead, Kite did the best thing Pitou could have hoped for in this situation, and that was give Pitou a chance to earn forgiveness. Redemption is something that is well within her reach, but now its up to her to reach out and take that opportunity. It was also quite funny to see how Kite's friends acted towards her & Pitou, asking Pitou for Jessica's advice on clothing for Kite. :)

But I've also noticed something about how Pitou's personality and choices have changed after Meruem died. The person who Pitou has the most in common with right Killua. They both come from troubled pasts that involved killing lots of people, they both regret their actions to an extend, and they're both incredibly talented people who want to find something to do with their lives. Though I could also quote that thing I saw once: They're both white-haired, cat-like, and totally devoted to a green dude. XD

And I can't wait to see what happens when both Pitou & Cheadle go with Gon, Alluka & Killua on a "road trip" to see Ging. :)
1/3/2022 c14 NinjaFang1331
Excellent job
12/9/2021 c13 SpaceCadet10
I love this story so much
11/27/2021 c13 Shinobu Moon
great story love it.
11/13/2021 c13 Random-Fan-2017
Regarding Pitou's...fearful reaction to Ging again, she reacted roughly the same way the frog chimera ant with Leol's squad in the NGL did when Kite readied his scythe to attack, and like how Ramot froze when Killua removed Illumi's needle. The frog guy recognized Kite - and the Chimera Ant Queen - as a "superior creature," and that they were a natural threat, though he realized this when it was too late to save himself.

I also wonder how the Zoldyck family think of Pitou; as a threat or someone to be avoided. I know that Illumi absolutely hates her - after she beat him like a bongo drum - but his father, Silva, probably won't want to create any unnecessary enemies, just like how he forbade his children from going after the Phantom Troupe; there's no reason to fight someone that just isn't worth the money. I'd think he would order Illumi to do the same thing with Pitou; especially since not only has Illumi angered the Hunter Association, but attacking either Pitou or her friends - likely including Killua & Alluka now - would only cause more problems than its worth, and that doing so would be a needless burden on the family - because having a pissed off chimera ant Royal Guard knocking down your door to fight someone isn't exactly ideal. Illumi started this fight - by pulling on the tiger's tail when he threatened her friends - so he should be the one to clean up his mess. Also, Silva or Zeno should definitely chastise Illumi (I certainly would) for going against his own words - the words he 'drilled' into Killua's head along with the needle - since he "went up against a superior opponent," something he specifically told Killua never to do. He mentally acknowledged that Pitou was stronger than he was, yet he fought her because he was more experienced - and that went poorly because he underestimated her. Plus him targeting her now, after she's managed to make some friends in the Hunter Association, would just make things even worse; killing someone that would be extremely useful for all the crazy things to come.

Though what would be funniest about all of this is a potential threat Killua can now make to Illumi if he tries anything bad again.

Killua: "Listen up, big brother, I've got Pitou's phone number now. So if you EVER try to attack me or Alluka again, I'm calling her right away, and then you have however long its takes for her to get here before she beats you down...again. So just leave us alone - because I won't hesitate to call her! And you know she won't stop until she's found you this time!"

Its the perfect way to get his brother off his back AND get his way. XD
10/31/2021 c13 xSnvwyy
I seriously loved that bit with Pitou's instincts warning her about Ging. He is a mysteriously powerful character and we have yet to properly see his potential. I like how his strength was comparable as to when Gon used the entirety of his nen. Ging's not even trying and he seems to emit that type of power. Otherwise I've been following this story since the beginning and I have to say, I've enjoyed every chapter up until now (I finally gained the courage to comment haha!). I eagerly anticipate the next chapter and it's closing end. This was a fun read and it was great to see how you further explored Neferpitou's potential growth as a character and person. I wish you the best in life as you continue doing things you enjoy.
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