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for HxH Pitou's Humanity

10/31/2021 c13 Random-Fan-2017
This was such an amazing chapter! :D

I'm happy that Pitou wasn't immediately put in chains like some savage animal, but was instead given a questionnaire/interrogation by Cheadle, one of the nicest of the Zodiacs. Gotoh getting super annoyed at Knuckle for not understanding that Pitou wasn't the sadistic murder machine she used to be was pretty funny, as was the Zodiacs' responses to Pariston - even Pitou didn't like him, and she'd only met him for the first time then. Cheadle laughing at Pitou's instinctive dislike of Pariston was also pretty great, and hopefully makes the other Zodiacs warm up to her - just for knowing that she shares their dislike for the 'Rat' by nature.

I also think that it wasn't Pariston's fault that his backup plan involving Pitou backfired on him (I'm not saying this because I like Pariston, I'm actually happy that his immoral plan failed). His plan for winning the election was founded on the trust he had in Ging's friends, and that was quite logical due to how talented and dedicated they are, since that plan actually would have worked. But with his plan for Pitou, he just did not have the information he needed to fill in the blanks that would have made everything fall into place. He had neither the information nor the necessary evidence that Pitou had had a change of heart, or that she even regretted her past actions and was actively trying to make amends for what she had done - everyone that knew her only ever saw her as what she was, and the only 2 people (possibly 3 if Palm had seen Pitou's actions as well) who had seen any kind of change couldn't even be sure that she would, so that information was never revealed. Pariston only knew that Pitou and Gon were enemies, and that Pitou was a dangerous ant that had to be stopped, so her sudden appearance only confirmed this. He couldn't have predicted that she had completely changed herself in only 1 week.

The explanation on Pitou's new abilities was also very nice, since it reveals that she can't use any of her old ones, even Dr. Blythe, which surprised me. She traded them in for new abilities to reflect how she had changed, and to give herself what she needed for her new life, even if the last one has a pretty dangerous weakness. its still pretty broken due to how powerful it could become, but its less dangerous to her if she has friends or allies to back her up.

The absolute best part of the whole chapter for me, though, was definitely Pitou finally giving her honest apology to Gon, and it was done with such sincerity that even though Gon was looking directly at Pitou, he didn't recognize her at all. It was all very heartfelt.

Though the most confusing/concerning part was Pitou being absolutely terrified of Ging, even though he didn't do anything to her at all - he didn't even speak more than a word and he had her panicking like she was about to be killed. That was weird. But since I've watched the whole series of the Hunter X Hunter anime, I know why Pitou and the other ants freaked out the way they did, and Pitou herself will be very interested by this as well.

And the final thing that she'll have to do if she wants to redeem herself... Yikes. I have a feeling that Pitou is going to be even more stressed out with this than when Gon was sitting across from her while she was healing Komugi. Talking to someone like this - who definitely still has a reason to hold a grudge - will be the biggest hurdle for Pitou to overcome if she really wants to make things right. And I'm really looking forward to seeing how that goes. :)
10/27/2021 c13 Guest
I love this story so much, it makes me love pitou more
10/27/2021 c13 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job thank you
10/24/2021 c12 StarBoundDisaster
10/20/2021 c12 17shribog
Hi I love this fanfic that you wrote, among all the other fanfics like this, it's one of the best that I've read, I also want to ask some help from you, since you're more experienced in writing in this site and since you also know more about HxH than me, I like to ask if you could help me in making my first fanfic in this site, since I've been inspired by your fanfic, I like to create a One Punch Man crossover with HxH and I chose your fanfic to be the universe where will do a crossover, the main character of my fanfic will be Garou and in my fanfic, I picture him being friends with Neferpitou, but the problem is I don't want to ruin your fanfic, that's why I'm asking for your guidance, if you're not interested, I completely understand and I hope you read this review.
10/17/2021 c12 Guest
9/25/2021 c12 Random-Fan-2017
The best outcome for Pitou in the case she's either captured by the other Hunters or is held by Gon and his friends is...well, having someone keep an eye on her, kind of like a prison warden, but one that walks around with her, to make sure she doesn't do anything bad, or revert back to her 'old habits'. But even that is being generous, considering the number of people who died during the first initial of the "Sorting" done in East Gorteau. Though if someone, a Hunter, like Gon, was to personally keep an eye on her, then maybe they won't try to have her executed for that.

Also, please forgive my terrible grammar - and not writing my name too, that was my bad - in the last review. My ability to write properly goes downhill pretty quick when I'm tired. I misspelled "psychology" and "it depends almost entirely on what Gon next." I messed those up a bit. :I
9/24/2021 c12 Guest
Thinking about this, Pitou jumping in without a plan was a pretty bad idea; though she acknowledges this after the fact. And her phrasing didn't do her any favors. Saying "I'm looking for this person" and "Oh, they're here too?", without giving any context into what she was thinking, sounds like a threat, or an intent to do harm to someone - and falling asleep while surrounded wasn't a great plan either.

In my eyes, only 2 things can really help Pitou's situation right now, though it depends almost entirely on what Gon next. 1: Does Gon know about Kite's current 'situation'? 2: How will the other Hunters, the ones inside the HQ building, do when they find Pitou? Either way, Pitou is in serious trouble, even with Killua and his butlers' on her side.

Also, if you'd like a great examination into Gon's physiology and morality, then I highly recommend watching a YouTube video called: "The Morality of Gon Freecss". It really highlights how Gon's mind works, and why he reacted the way he did when he found out that Pitou had killed Kite.
9/12/2021 c12 Hellibleri
That was funny. Your enemy falls asleep in front of you with a plushie.
9/9/2021 c12 Random-Fan-2017
My god, that was unexpected. I actually held my breath in total surprise it that last part... :I
That's definitely gonna be a HUGE conversation, and probably more than one shouting match - depending on who is talking.

This went about the way I'd anticipated with if Pitou showed up in person, though it still differed more than I thought it would with the butlers stepping in to prevent a huge brawl from escalating outside - because I doubt anyone wants a bunch of professional Hunters going berserk near a hospital, even if a dangerous former enemy is there. And Its pretty damn bad news that Pariston Hill now knows that Pitou is asleep and helpless just outside - and maybe that Gon has seen her as well, because he seems scarily good at predicting stuff like this.

Another excellent chapter! Great job! :D
9/9/2021 c12 TheHeroOfTime21
OHHH MY GOOOD! finally we will see the reunion of Gon and Pitou.
8/7/2021 c11 derpysauce
Pretty alright. Not a huge fan, but hay I finished it.

Characters are just kinda shallow not really questioning things that much, or acting outside of sticking to the normal shows plot with divergence to account for pitou.

I definitely understand wanting to stick to the normal flow of events when it comes to key points, but it does leave things feeling stiff.

In addition the scale of difficulty for pitou is really weird. It's hard to actually supply a challenge for a character that's so physically and mentally gifted, but I don't really think creating on the spot limitations for men users to buff them really works. In my eyes the reason why it's so rare and powerful in the show is that it really is a big commitment. gon was a gifted prodigy who gave up everything to reach the power he would eventually achieve instantly. Kurapika was willing to devote his entire life to killing the spiders. The level of commitment is just way higher than what most people could show.
7/27/2021 c11 Random-Fan-2017
I'm curious, did Pitou develop her Plushie Kittens because of how effectively Morel fought off her 'puppets' back in East Gorteau? She was excited at the thought of fighting him, and acknowledged that while he couldn't control as many 'puppets' as she could, his were much more responsive and versatile, allowing them to deal with threats more easily and completely hold off Pitou from performing the "sorting". From what I've seen, while Pitou can't make very many Plushie Kittens, the ones she can make are extremely useful because they can use not only her abilities, but also a single ability of someone allied with her. This makes me wonder, could she possibly make little plushies of Killua and Alluka, Gon, or maybe even one of their friends? Because that would be amazing if she could.

And if Pitou is currently running with Killua to get Alluka to the hospital where Gon is, then unless she hides when they reach the city, all of Gon's friends waiting at the hospital are going to see her... the person responsible for Gon being in the state he is. And if that happens, then imagine someone, possibly Morel, will be very defensive and start demanding an answer from Killua as to why Pitou is here. I think the short version would basically be: "Killua! Explain, NOW!" XD
7/27/2021 c11 21nikingk
Que gran capítulo
Yo no sabía como no demonios Illinois iba a hacer para estar al nivel de pitou
Fue asombroso , me pregunto cómo reaccionara con cualquier despierte y la vea
Espero con ansias
7/21/2021 c11 Ball
This is great! Keep it going!
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