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for HxH Pitou's Humanity

7/21/2021 c11 TheHeroOfTime21
I look forward to the reunion of Gon and Pitou, it will be very interesting.
7/19/2021 c11 Random-Fan-2017
Damn! First of all, I had no idea Illumi's abilities could sound so broken - only to be shocked further when Pitou whipped out a new skill that was just a busted! The little "plushies" sound really cute, but they also have a cool quirk, reminiscent of Leol's own ability, only much, much less powerful. Still very useful though, since two act as support/utility while the third is mostly for tracking, as far as I can tell. And its adorable that she can use these by borrowing Nen from others, but only with their permission, which makes it a safer version of 'borrowing' Nen powers from people, unlike Chrollo's "Bandit Law". The fight went much more in Pitou's favor than I thought it would, and she did have the advantage in terms of raw speed and strength, though Illumi's experience and the way his Manipulator powers worked made him a serious threat, which almost killed her at one point. These two really are polar opposites, and it really shows with how they think and use their abilities. (I thought Pitou would get beaten, and Killua would have knock her out so he could use a wish to save her). Shows what I know.

Too bad Pitou couldn't finish the job, meaning that Teradian is still a dead man. Still, Gon's friends waiting at the hospital are about to get the shock of their lives when they see Killua, Alluka, and a certain ant following them. XD

Excellent chapter. I'm glad to see you're doing well, and I hope that continues. :)
7/19/2021 c11 1YhwachTheIrregular
Can u explain pitous abilities
7/19/2021 c11 PokemonFan69420
Wow this is probably the best Pitou fanfic I’ve ever read.
5/20/2021 c10 starfett13
continue com essa historia por favor ta muito legal
5/12/2021 c1 Leonardo
Pero yo quiero que Pitou ayude a gon a recuperar sin nen ya que espero que ellos puedan ser amigos y que Pitou ayude a gon a recuperar su nen pero sería una buena idea Que ambos fueran a ver a un maestro experto en el nen para ayudarlos a fortalecerse y que gon recupere el nen pero yo quiero que haya nuevos personajes
5/11/2021 c10 Random-Fan-2017
You know, I've been thinking about this for a while, and I just would the Hunters Association deal with a unique case like Pitou if they decided to put her on trial for her crimes? The Chimera Ants did cause the downfall of 2 countries; the NGL and the Republic of East Gorteau. Though to be fair, both of these countries were a problem - the NGL was producing drugs and illegal firearms so that their leader, Gyro, could "spread evil around the world." And then there was East Gorteau, that was, as Killua himself stated: "using foreign aid to fund the creation of nuclear weapons." That's some seriously morally bankrupt shit right there, using the money and compassion of others to create weapons of mass destruction. Yet the Chimera Ants destroyed these problem countries - even if it was unintentional. I'm not saying that she'd get let off the hook, since she's killed a pro hunter, a number of military personnel to use their corpses as puppets, and even probed a man's brain, literally. I'm just saying that...despite the ants being a 'non-indigenous, invasive species,' they've surprisingly done quite a few good things for the Hunters Association by taking down 2 problematic countries, thus allowing the HA to take one of them and be clear of the other while keeping their hands totally clean. Whether it was intended or not, Pitou has done something for them that they themselves couldn't do - take down a ruthless dictator.
5/8/2021 c10 lilo74800
Were is the Chapter 11
4/15/2021 c10 Random-Fan-2017
Pitou vs Illumi, I wonder how this will go in terms of a Hunter x Hunter fight? I mean, Gon, just after the Hunters Exam but before doing strength training to get past the Zoldyck family Testing Gate, was physically strong enough to break Illumi's arm, and this was BEFORE he could use Nen. I'm still not sure exactly how strong Illumi is in terms of aura or strength, but Pitou was considered strong enough to give Chairman Netero trouble. I terms of raw aura output, I still think that Pitou has Illumi beat, though this 'power-up' could prove to be very inconvenient regardless. Plus Pitou has to fight with a handicap - fighting Illumi while trying to save/free the people he's controlling, and keep him away from Killua and Alluka. One of Pitou's biggest advantages is that she is a Specialist, while Illumi (I believe) is a Manipulator. So Pitou has more attack power thanks to her unique Nen category, while Illumi isn't someone who has the defenses of an Enhancer. That said, a certain red-haired someone could still ruin things for them. Also, Pitou and Killua still don't know exactly how Illumi has been able to track them as far as he has, which will really piss Pitou off when she finds out how he's been doing that.
4/15/2021 c10 21nikingk
Gran capacidad como siempre
4/14/2021 c10 Random-Fan-2017
Killua and Pitou engaging in polite, casual conversation is surprisingly wholesome and sweet. Granted, it was a bit of a back and forth with exchanging information and their backgrounds, but its still nice to Killua trying to give Pitou the benefit of the doubt and act like the friend she really needs to help her along. Though I am kind of surprised Pitou didn't notice the similarities between Killua's family and hers - even though Chimera Ants aren't exactly a traditional 'family', they do 'technically' have the same "mother" and have some blood relation to one another. Although Pitou's 'family' was definitely a bit more psychotic, bloodthirsty and insane than the Zoldyck family, with Illumi being the true serial killer among them.

Illumi must find Pitou very frustrating by now. She's derailed his plans, and even made his - allies? - practically useless. He knows that Killua doesn't want to kill his brother, and that members of the Zoldyck family aren't permitted to kill one another... But Pitou isn't his family. She isn't bound by their rules, so she can carve Illumi up like a turkey and Killua wouldn't care. If Killua killed Illumi, then he'd be guilt-ridden, and Illumi would technically 'win'. But if Pitou stomps his head in, Killua wouldn't loose any sleep over that - he basically gave her permission to kill him anyway, so now he can just focus on protecting Alluca and healing Gon.

And silver lining: Pitou and Gon can finally understand and empathize with each other a lot better, now that Pitou has lost someone as close to her as Kite was to Gon. Though Gon will still demand that Pitou apologize to Kite properly. She may have buried his corpse, but Kite is still alive- actually, does Pitou know this? Because if she doesn't, then she is going to be in for the shock of her life when she sees what he is now! XD
3/29/2021 c9 Citralll
I wonder, will Pitou have a love interest or will it be entirely platonic?
3/16/2021 c1 Leonardo
Oye está historia está estupenda diría que es un grandioso fanfic pero una idea para continuar no sería algo increíble que después de que gon se recupere Pitou y gon vayan a ver a kite y este les diga que ambos se hagan amigos y que gon a compañe a pitou en su aventura eso suena una buena idea podrías verla porfa porfa
3/1/2021 c9 Guest
Hisoka: *glowing pants*
Alluka: "What is-"
Me: *teleporting in and shielding her eyes*
Me: "You don't want to know"
2/28/2021 c9 Random-Fan-2017
How will things go when Pitou encounters the Hunters and Chimera Ants that participated in the fight against the Ant King? There's bound to be some resentment on both sides, but Pitou is trying her hardest to turn over a new leaf and make amends for what she's done, especially to Gon, who was arguably hurt the most by her callous actions against Kite - if we don't include Kite himself in this. Knov, the man with black hair, stylish glasses and the ability: Hide and Seek, wasn't caused the distress that made his hair turn white because of Pitou - he was terrified to that degree because he felt Pouf's En, since Pitou was busy healing Memurem's arm at that time. Though I bet it'd be pretty difficult for her to hide from the more experienced Hunter and the other Chimera Ants - even if Killua vogues for her, nothing has changed on the Hunters' side, who are still cleaning up the mess left behind after the big fight.
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