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for HxH Pitou's Humanity

2/28/2021 c9 Random-Fan-2017
Killua must be so lost and confused by all of this - being a cautious person by nature wouldn't help him in any way with Pitou's sudden change of heart. Or, acquiring one...

One of the scariest people Killua has ever met is currently helping him...against the 2 other scariest people he knows. That would confuse the hell out of anyone who isn't in the loop. Pitou even helps out Gotoh, which is good because... I won't spoil what happens, but...its really helpful that he has someone watching his back against Hisoka. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Pitou, Killua and Alluka do in the next chapter. :)
2/28/2021 c8 Random-Fan-2017
More Pitou humanization! Seeing her become a more approachable person is great to see, and will hopefully help her out when it comes time for her to confront her past mistakes and try to correct them. Its already beginning to show, with how people are seeing who she was and who she's trying to be now. (She really dodged a bullet thanks to doing a good deed, and even learned a value in not killing everyone she fights - Beast's ability and the fact that Nen can get stronger after death was a great way test her new morality.)

I'd have loved to see Pitou and Killua's expressions when they saw each other again.

Pitou: "Hey, its that white-haired kid!" :D

2/28/2021 c7 Random-Fan-2017
I really like how Nix basically tailor-crafted his Nen ability to make it as overpowered as he could - which is always a great idea - and forced Pitou to take her abilities that she'd been repurposing and make them...less sinister, by making her think outside the box. Her 'new' Nen abilities are more about freeing and connecting things than controlling and making Frankenstein monsters. Nix's power had a fail-safe against anyone who could break out of it, so Pitou had to rely on more than her overpoweredness to win, which is great for her character development.
2/27/2021 c7 Random-Fan-2017
I really love the idea of Pitou surviving her fight with Gon and actually trying to make amends for her past sins. Hell, she even showed that she was capable of empathy when Gon took her to see Kite's body - her very first sin. Pitou may have done some pretty evil things, but considering where she came from (and how most of the later generation Chimera Ants became total psychopaths) its really no wonder she went down that wrong path. There was no one to teach them right from wrong, good from bad, or how to respect the lives of others. They all had to learn, either by reclaiming their human memories, or by figuring it out the hard way. Youpi learned how to be honorable, and Meruem learned how to value the lives of others. Pitou learned empathy, and I would have loved to see her survive long enough to make good on that in canon. Well, this story seems like an excellent way to see what could have been. :)

Pitou definitely came pretty close to dying here - excluding a potential match-up against Adult Gon, which would have killed her for sure - since I highly doubt even her durable body could endure getting torn apart by a tunneling machine without her Nen. Not without losing a few her arms and/or her head.
2/26/2021 c9 Hellibleri
Very good update! Nice to see that Neferpitou would not overpower anybody because that would be too boring. Then again, Hisoka wouldn’t stand a chance against Pitou if she were serious, and she can leap several kilometers in a distance. Oh, and I did okay with my midterms, only failed three of them.
2/26/2021 c9 21nikingk
Fue gran capítulo , espero con ansias el siguiente
Y gracias por responder en verdad , no quería parecer que estaba haciendo spam de gratis cuando en realidad estoy disfrutando mucho al historia
Sigue así
2/26/2021 c9 Guest
I'm just saying that Pitou could annihilate both Illumi and Hisoka without even blinking. My favorite part of this is when Killua was like "You have my express permision to murder him" "No really, please do it". This will be really interesting. I love this story! *virtual hug*
2/24/2021 c1 Clicksy
Amazing story, hope you update soon!
2/5/2021 c8 JustMe
This was a really fun chapter. Pitou has actually made some friends and progressed toward making amends. I also feel really bad for them because now Hisoka is going to make things UncomfortableTM.
1/27/2021 c8 6King Lagarto
I love it! Can't wait for the next chapter.
Pitou vs Hisoka, the battle of the year.
1/21/2021 c8 Hellibleri
An excellent story. I read this entirely throughout the day during my midterm exams during online schooling on break. I’ve always appreciated these stories that make me read them obsessively.
1/20/2021 c1 Guest
How often do you post these chapters here?
1/18/2021 c8 6Tiamatio
I really need to draw that Pitou outfit now
1/18/2021 c8 Guest
Me: yasss kick their ass Pitou. (Also she absolutely would be able to).
1/17/2021 c8 Simuu
Pitou’s character development is so good, the pacing in this chapter was very nice. Now that Pitou is with the main castI wonder what’s going to happen to them.
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