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9/13 c11 icicle.c.cold
That last bit here, I just about fell out of my chair laughing! Happy to see a new chapter. I keep forgetting to check my email...
Hope you're holding up alright.
9/5 c11 Metal Rust
When are you going to write the next chapter of Talia - In Nomine Imperator
9/5 c11 Guest
9/6 c11 2Kidnapped Sect Elder
Lmao, cute ending. The first half of the chapter was incredible. People usually can't write engaging introspection for shit.
9/5 c11 IamOminous
Haaaaaaaa, lol "Dicks" Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa lmafo!
Oh that was a good one. Great joke, didn't see it coming either.

Amazing chapter! Absolutely beautiful, I thought the occasional spelling and word choice mistakes where unintentional until she corrected him and I realized it was the fever! I actually think that was a nice touch makes us feel his illness.

I hope sun is okay, I assume thats going to be plot important soon. The whole dialogue on radiation was really fascinating especially through his delirium. Made it feel really psychedelic!

I can't wait for Nick's appearance! I think it will be a pretty cool scene, especially with him being one of the first machines Martin will really get to talk to.

I keep wondering about the mayor, I'm pretty sure he's a synth but I'm not sure if like he's aware or active or what. So there's that whole thing you can keep in your back pocket, just in case.

Now, it was good to see Garvey, and kinda cool that he helped Martin. I think he gets too much flak from the fandom, he's such a great character and you portray him so well its impressive. You really potray most of your characters incredibly well, it definitely makes the story seem real.

I think this is a great chapter, I can't wait for more! Seriously dude it's awesome! I wonder if his Illness is his body adjusting to fallout earth atmosphere? The high background radiation probably isn't helping him, not to mention his body is being exposed to a literal whole new world of pathogens and illnesses.

kinda reminds me about how when the Native Americans were exposed to the European settlers the settlers actually bought far more diseases do to their lack of proper hygiene. (They thought bathing was bad, and everyone pooped in chamber pots that they dumped out the window directly into their own streets making every European city a giant festering rat colony)

Anyway sorry for the tangent lol. this chapter was beautifully well written and absolutely amazing!
9/5 c11 4Monster King
7/6 c10 icicle.c.cold
Well, well... so the Mayor took an interest? This is an interesting development. And who dropped off that crate? So many questions. I think my biggest one is why nobody seems to have figured out soap.
7/6 c10 IamOminous
Beautiful chapter! I really love the feel of him getting back into his work! He seems to finally just starting to get back into things.

The Mayor is a Institute Infiltrator Synth, it makes me curious as to his (or their) plans... He's probably going to purchase or ask for potionsPoultices) as payment for tax or something, and give them to the institute so they can attempt to synthesize it. The funny part is I'm pretty sure you can't chemically reproduce a magic potion. Which would really make him an extremely valuable asset. That being said It would be most beneficial to just leave him alone as he will do all of the work with zero persuasion or anything.

Though I'm pretty sure they might get a little bugged after a few months if they can't figure out how to reproduce It, I could see them trying to infiltrate his personal life or maybe attempt to influence him into teaching them or a synth proxy.

All you would have to do is try and get him to take on a student or a teaching position, then replace the student or have a syth apply to the position.

That would raise another important question, can synths use magic? would potions work on the flesh and blood synths? Lot of interesting questions their I imagine it would definitely do something considering their bodies are basically cloned flesh, but they all have those computer components in their head like in west world so it probably wouldn't do anything for their brains (since those are still computers) some potions might actually have an adverse reaction to the synthetic components.

like what happens if you feed a Synth a health potion? Does the body attempt to heal the lack of a flesh and blood brain, and therefore crush the synth components and basically kill them with acces brain tissue?

Or what about a Mana Potion would the Components be fried from all the excessive power? would the mana even be compatible with the components?

What about a cure disease? would it try and attack the foreign structure of the synth components?

what about a fortifying skill potion what effect would it have if there is no flesh brain?

Some potions like invisibility, resistance, or even water breathing I could see working totally fine as they probably don't effect the synthetic components that make up their brains, but others I can totally see haveing an adverse reaction.

I wonder if he can make a Resist Radiation potion, as you can make RadAway but you need Glowing Fungus that grows in caves, also could he make a fortify hacking or fortify Firearms potion (lol fortify Guns might just be Fortify Archery)

Anyway love the new chapter can't wait for more!
7/5 c10 13Meirelle
Martin's way too confident about alchemy working in the Commonwealth. If I was him, I'd be a little more apprehensive, especially now that he's gotten the mayor's attention.
7/2 c10 Guest
7/4 c10 2Kidnapped Sect Elder
Really like Martin's characterisation. It's consistent, and different, and the voice is really distinct. I enjoy reading his thoughts on the Wasteland more than anyone's thoughts in Talia, I think.

Is he based off anyone or any character in particular?

Also, "He hadn't asked her yet if it was completely made-up or if she knew of something, and wagered, it was best to let lie" was a nice touch lol.
7/4 c10 2FirstWinterLight
Is Mcdonough a synth at this point? Cause i feel like the Institute is setting their eyes on our mage.

Also, i remember the BoS experimenting a plant similar to Nirnroot? Wonder if you're gonna do anything with that.

Can't wait for the next Chapter!
7/2 c10 Unknow Man
Hello, I really enjoyed this chapter. I wish to be longer, but is understandable that isn't.
All this thing of making potion, made me remember that I had read on Oblivion that, if I'm not wrong, that make potion require the employ magika, so I'm interested how would you would approch it or even if you just decide avoid it.
Anyway, good chapter and I would be waiting for the next!
7/2 c10 p6lishb6kser
As I said before I'll definitely enjoy this fic :)
I have no idea where it'll go from now but I'd love to see him succeed in brewing potions
Not sure what kind of potions they'll be, but still :)
7/2 c10 4Monster King
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