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4/24 c8 146Ally R. Swan
Haha I love how Bennys like "yeah Tom I went to a party" Not what he meant lol. Oh Tom met Aiden. Everything is coming together :) update soon.
4/24 c7 Ally R. Swan
Should be interesting to see what happens now that Tom is getting involved. Oh BJ... Great chapter. By the way I think in the UK, the emergency number is 999 :)
4/20 c6 Ally R. Swan
Oh man they took Benny's computer. And I just had a feeling that Benny was going to be at that party that Tom and Ursula saw through the mirror with that Lindy girl. Update soon.
4/19 c5 Ally R. Swan
Mr. North seems like a piece of work. Oh man it seems there is trouble down in America.
4/19 c4 Ally R. Swan
Oh gosh Benny Jr...what did you do? Like his father using magic but...it didn't go well. Awe Benny and Art are cute. Looking forward to reading more.
4/19 c3 Ally R. Swan
Poor Tom. It's got to be hard worrying about his gran on top of everything. It should be interesting when he finally goes to see his son.
4/17 c2 Ally R. Swan
Did they escape the Neverside? How? And when? I should be interesting to see Benny Jr and Tom reunited .. Looking forward to more.
4/16 c1 Ally R. Swan
I definitely see Tom wanting to hold onto that normal stuff given everything. I am intrigued to see what happens and how Lexi and Benny Junior come into this.

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