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for A Hero's Welcome: The 54th Hunger Games

12/22/2020 c17 10nevergone4ever
space cowboy? when r u updating space cowboy?
9/1/2020 c19 4BradiLain
The moment of Kosmin's death was so heartbreaking. Both from the eyes of Kiani and the eyes of Kendra. Imagine having to kill your ally like that. So sad. I think that it was so important to Kendra that she did it herself, but I think it will eat at her throughout the rest of her time in the arena. The poor thing.

nobody in this story deserves teagan. she is too good and too wholesome for this whole thing and i just am not vibing with anybody that would harm a precious hair on her precious head. screw lycus. he's a meanie and a jerk and i hate him lol. i feel like i've rambled about how much i dislike him enough, though, so i'll move on.

teagan is a savage. she SNAPPED and you know what? i'm so here for it. I wish she would've killed them both. i love teagan. i definitely didn't expect emeric to pull such a move, but you know what? he got it in the end. still dislike deidra, would've loved for teagan to take her out. But you know what? it's all good. I think that teagan needed this moment, she needed to break and it was incredibly fulfilling to i'll let it slide.

OH YES HONEY PIE BABY GIRLLLLLL I CANNOT EXPLAIN MY JOY AT SEEING CORVIN SNAP THAT LITTLE FUCKING NOVIE LIKE A TWIG. oh . oh me oh my. thank goodness. there is such goodness in the world now. my heart can rest happily now. fuck him. i hate that nasty excuse for a tribute and i am so so so glad that i will never have to see him breathing again.

Top Five: Teagan,, Luca, Kiani, Aristide, Corvin
The middles: Lycus, Han, Adela, Venezia, Kendra
Immediate Danger: Anders, Deidra
8/23/2020 c19 12jakey121
I think it’s safe to say I haven’t been the biggest fan of D1 in this story and I’ve been pretty vocal on that. BUT holy cow this POV. Maybe all along I just didn’t like Khiron and that was spreading into my opinion on Anders because I am all aboard the android express right about now. The layers here. The vulnerability. The insecurities. This is all the makings of some serious potential to make it endgame in this story and I love the anger and the idea of a revenge plot feeding into her narrative too.
Khiron is still a big part of her story even in death and I love it. Queen. Icon.

Whilst I really love the sentiment here with Kiani…. why did she volunteer then? I’m sure it’s been explained before but I just don’t get the reasoning behind her being here since she’s so different and emotional and seeks out sensitivity.
I loved this scene tho. Kendra is a mess, Kiani is thinking back to her time with D5 and especially Kosmin, but she’s being realistic about the situation too. He’s gone and he ain’t coming back.

My babe.
uGH don’t break don’t give up you can do this. Kosmin was her rock and she’s been through shit but even underneath all her anger and hostility, she’s a responsible person and was doing her best to bring Kosmin through with her. She just can’t let people fend for themselves because she’s stubborn to a fault and now he’s gone.
All that’s left of her alliance is Venezia and she hates her for what she did to them. And it’s going to be even worse now that Kosmin is dead.

Ok my memory has failed me because I can’t for the life of me remember why Emeric has become suddenly so bitter and angry and hateful towards Deidra. For a second I was confusing him with Luca because I remember why Luca is very hateful towards Novie and Corvin but yeah… Emeric calm down.
Don’t you dare do anything to Deidra I like her too much.

Tegan is going through amazingggg development but I’m also worried for her. I don’t want her to crack completely – I still love the innocence of the Tegan back in the Capitol.
Lycus is the perfect ally to really showcase the change in her because he’s always been morally grey with a hint of reluctance and empathy. It makes him such a wonderful person to see this alliance change but it also makes him only really relevant for the sake of Tegan’s own character. I like Lycus a lot, but Tegan is the star here, and I think even he knows that lmao

Deidra is like Tegan for me. She’s going through SUCH AMAZING development that I see endgame in her as well. Honestly the girls as always in SYOTs are completely dominating and for good bloody reason.
I love her sense of guilt over everything that’s happened between her and her allies but also not being willing to do anything to satisfy that guilt because she knows where she is at the end of the day. It’s something she hasn’t lost – the drive to survive and potentially win.
And then Emeric pushes her like he said he would and she can’t even be mad at him. It’s almost like she’s proud of his actions because she might have done the same thing. Ugh this shit is tense.

Aw rip Emeric.
It’s funny actually because if Emeric hadn’t have betrayed Deidra, Deidra might have died. Instead, by betraying her, she was able to get away leaving Emeric the one to suffer. He just had no idea what Tegan had been through and that she’d snap like that. fml I don’t blame her tho it’s a culmination of betrayal after betrayal and Emeric was the one to feel the wrath of all her feelings. Sad way to go for sure

This is some Saw shit right here. the gamemakers really forcing these kids into shitty situations with the voices over the speakers.
I love Corvin so so much but Novie is so icky like that hug should feel genuine but it just doesn’t. Corvin is wrapped up in his own feels about what he’s done so far to get here and ofc he’d feel guilt over Nuria’s death. It’s just the sorta person he is.
Oh crap one must die. Lets pray its novie

I like the lil glimpse into backstory. Ugh he’s such a snake
Ok yes novie bye. Corvin fucking snapped there’s this side to him that you get glimpses of but wow. I don’t blame Luca for running because Corvin in his blind devotion to Novie was fully prepared to just kill Luca but it didn’t quite work out. Corvin is now left alone and once again we get a tribute prepared to breaaaak down

ANDERS is hereeee
And Venezia is obviously doubtful as hell and angry because of ELorah but Han is a schemer and he sees an opportunity here. I love the lil push by the mentors to bring this plot together
The Careers Kendra vs Anders/D6/rainbow army. I mean… I think the latter has the upper hand. Fuccckkk. If I were the former I just wouldn’t bother going. But the gamemakers wouldn’t let them just ignore the prospect of a huge fight. Ffs

Amazing chapter. They’re always so long but idc they’re so much fun. ok maybe review my bb now ?
8/22/2020 c19 14Chaos In Her Wake
omg. WILD times!

you and these cliffhangers? I can't. Anders is on another level rn.
Anyway starting from the beginning! Still with Anders tho! Her vulnerability? Falling apart without someone to guide her actions and no group to target? WHOOO.

And then back to the Careers, who are... standing gently around as they coax Kendra through this moment of development. Cute? I mean not for Kosmin, RIP in pieces... but it's still kinda sweet. Kendra gets some new allies OUT OF NOWHERE, thank you Kiani for kickstarting that connection back in the Capitol!
Ah, I love the part of the Games where everyone falls apart and starts being like 'oh shit... we're in it now!'

And then Emeric starting to consider betraying Deidra. Honestly at this point I was like 'yeah no that's gonna be resolved by the end of chapter bc I see what Kevin does... he brings things full circle in a few thousand words!' And you did! Oh my god.. Tegan WHOMST? She's really stepped up. I still don't think she's strong enough to go all the way, but her growth is truly impressive and I hope Lycus is scared af because he's in DANGER! And Emeric's betrayal actually led to his death and Deidra's survival... ah, how the turntables...

Okay glad that plot's over. Schemes don't work, lads! Nothing goes to plan in the Games!
Anyway. This arena is creepy as fuck but I always love a good trap. 'One must die' aka the time for betrayal is NOW!
I still think Luca has more story potential, but Corvin? he's been so stuck with Novie this whole time that I don't think he's strong enough to pull any more plot.

And then HAN AND VENEZIA teaming up with Anders?
OHOHO i'm digging the Career-NonCareer teams forming here. That's fun.

Update soon bby
happy writing!
8/17/2020 c19 1tear that cherry out
hello.. here i am... later than usual but this chapter is long as FUCK

okkkk this pov from anders is so good, once again – i think the single thing that i love the most about these type of stories is the vulnerability! the vulnerability of it all. seeing anders so vulnerable and so terrified and so frantic is such a change up from the anders we all know so well, and of course we got glimpses of uncertainty last chapter but this – this is beautiful. the frontrunner falling apart so soon? its beautiful. but i know that anders will pull herself together – whether shes completely sane or not – but no matter what direction she goes in, its clear that she still has so much more to add to this story.

kiani... this pov was so intimate omg. the flashbacks of kosmin, the emotions that both kendra and kiani felt together – it was all so raw. kiani’s fanciful desire to be a part of something that wasnt just all blood and guts and murder really just emphaised how this isnt what shes built for, and the realisation of the mistake she made by volunteering is just so… ugh! this was beautiful. this entire story kiani has always been the relatable, laid-back type of girl that didnt necessarily have her head in the clouds, but struggled to face the reality of the threat of the hunger games, and now its so much more real for her now that she witnessing the end of the one good thing that came out of the whole experience. potentially big developmental moves? we shall see.

once again - much like anders and kiani’s pov to start off this chapter – kendra’s own section had so much vulnerability and fear that i just love so much about this story and your writing. the entire scene was so real and emotional and you wrote it so well to capture just how horrible this experience was for kendra – it was so intense that im not even sure if i remember reading a death scene so strong before. a potential breaking point for kendra? shes in such a unique position here – surrounded by the strongest competitors remaining in this story but without the threat of them killing her. she has protection, but its just a case of whether or not shes able to pick herself back up from this.

hmmm… emeric… well thats a very abrupt change of tone! emeric has very much evolved into a character with a lot of anger and spite festering within him, and its clear that its just a build-up of years of abandonment issues and trying to be a good person but never being repaid for his efforts. and now, this alliance with deidra isnt necessarily unique but its still such an interesting dynamic? we’ve seen the “im using them as a scapegoat” tactic from the likes of novie, isobel before but theres a real darkness to emeric’s narration that holds such a disdain for deidra for reasons that are really… personal to him but it feels like hes taking it out on the closest person to him. im intrigued to see what happens next, because although emeric isnt really tickling my fancy as a character, his development has given him a really unique perspective in this story.

lycus… if im being honest, lycus just kinda feels like a tagalong in the story of tegan rask. its not that hes completely devoid of personality – he does have quite a strong narration, which i can appreciate – but his character in this story has felt very… stagnant and background? its kinda difficult to imagine him going much further, because theres not many directions he could go in – hes not captivating enough for a redemption arc, and i feel like theres so much self-hatred there that its difficult to overcome. idk? a bit harsh? sure. but theres characters in this story – this chapter especially – that have such more interesting storylines while lycus just kinda feels like… tegan’s launchpad for this amazing development that shes undergone. sorry aboot it!

ok DEIDRA. this pov omg. i kinda find it fun when you read a pov and you know exactly whats going to come but it doesn't come straight away, because then it builds up so much more tension when the thing actually happens. it was interesting to see everything from deidra’s perspective – her desire to want to reconnect with emeric but not being able to because shes hurted too much already, when we all know exactly what emeric had in mind. i was scared for a good moment there when emeric took deidra down, and she was severely lucky that it was tegan who had found them, bc anyone else wouldve taken the opportunity to kill deidra in that moment of vulnerability. big saving grace for her!

but tegan… lmfao! another firecracker of a pov for tegan rask. its so weird seeing this much intensity from a character that was so gentle and kind in the beginning of this story, and now shes completely .. idek what word i could use to capture tegan rask rn. iconic? all of the emotions that tegan felt in this pov – the rage, the upset, the everything – was so justifiable considering her journey in these games so far. her development has been so… exponential? that it comes at a big surprise, but every chapter shes proving that shes no longer someone to disregard in this story as a contender. tegan rask has a kill and bitches need to watch OUT!

corvin.. v oblivious to what luca has going on. still very close to novie although novie probs doesnt give a shit abt him. its nice to see some remorse on his behalf in regards to the death of nuria! its all his fault xx hopefully that can drive him forward in this story bc atm hes feeling very overshadowed by luca and novie atm.

AND ONE MUST DIE! ive always loved concepts like these. its kinda like the saw movie or some shit. idk but im excited to see how it plays out… these games are fun

OOOOOH and its novie that dies! ultimately, his own ruthless opportunism was his downfall because of the simple fact he saw an opportunity to take out a strong competitor in these games. i didnt necessarily see that coming, but im not surprised that it did – novie was an absolute powerhouse in the pre-games chapters and somehow managed to fade into luca’s shadow in this story, and so im quite glad that you’ve made this decision. not only did luca survive – an icon, truly, i love him – but now it gives corvin even more fuel to hurt, develop, and fuck shit up! im excited!

venezia seems to be falling apart, and han is being ever-so-cautious with her emotional state because he doesnt want her risking his huge advantage in these games. omg and anders reappears… so what now? this should be fun! lets get into it!

i was wondering after the death of khiron how anders would manage to be able to match the strength of kiani, anders and adela, and … this is exactly it! this entire alliance is just setting itself up with a run in with the careers and kendra, and a whole lot of emotions in regards to venezia’s betrayal of d5 and anders’ desire for revenge against… everyone else. han is just there to provide a rainbow army! venezia’s obviously very angry towards anders for elorah’s death, but she never allows herself to become completely overwhelmed by her emotions – she may be falling apart, but theres still that instinct of hers to hold a little piece of herself together. i like it! i feel like venezia is a potential loose cannon in this story, so im intrigued to see what direction that takes her.

and anders is fucking shit up! im enjoying this sm… it may result in the death of my tribute but hey this story is sm fun…. if kiani must die for my entertainment then so be it,... bc i am entertained! im enjoying this! lets get into it!

lemme do a chart bc why not

favs: tegan, deidra, luca
love: anders, kendra, venezia, aristide
like: adela, corvin
eh: lycus, han

lycus and han are in eh because ive already explained my reasoning for lycus, and i feel like han hasnt undergone any amazing development in this story like others have. adela isnt particularly up to par either with the development aspect but shes still a really pleasant character and theres glimpses of her beginning to take initiative in this story and i like that. i can sense that corvin is beginning to blossom and i am intrigued.

therefore, i believe that lycus and han might be the next to die. if anyone else from this upcoming battle were to die, id imagine it could be a toss-up between any of kiani/aristide/adela/kendra, just because i feel that anders and venezia are very central to this story and they have a lot more to offer in terms of driving the plot and strength of narration, thought i feel that kiani and kendra are also in that same category. im just unsure!

and yes i have voted on the poll! you are welcome

ok my reviews are getting longer every fucking time i review… its getting weird

kiss kiss! x
8/17/2020 c19 2Remus98
Anders shone very brightly this chapter. I was afraid she’d become boring in Khiron’s absence, that she would derail even further into her mechanical tendencies, but i think his death has done the opposite. Her breakdown allows us to see the real her, and the real her is so much more insecure than the facade she puts up. She’s a real human beneath that android armor, that’s what i’d like to see more of from her. It’s nice.

Kiani has my heart. I don’t care if she’s idealistic, realism can throw itself out the window. In my books, she can do no wrong. She’s the GOAT. Period.

Kosmin was one of my absolute favorites. Loved him from day one. There’s a part of me that wants to be angry, fucking bobcats! I understand why he needed to be killed, it’s just very unfortunate. But, a silver lining can be found in that Kendra is now a career?! That wasn’t something I’d seen coming. She’s a nice fit when I think about it, she can pair up with Kiani to take down Anders/Venezia. It makes a lot of sense with Ander’s new allies. One showdown just concluded, and already another one in the works. Amazing!

Emeric was another one of my original favorites. Not only was he likable himself, he had the ability to make those around him more likable as well. Isobel is a perfect example. She’s not my type of person, in any other SYOT I wouldn’t have connected with her on any level, but with Em backing her up I came to see her appeal. It’s sad to see him go, and that incredible quality he brought. Maybe he should have ran instead of betraying his ally, but you’re not always thinking straight when you’re so mentally shook. That applies to Deidra too. I’ve had several qualms with her throughout the trajectory of this story, I think she might have finally worn me down, and not in a good way. Idk, i’m having a hard time justifying her narrative.

Tegan and Lycus have traded places, huh? They’re still the same people, but in terms of what role they play in their alliance, they seem to have made a full 180. Tegan especially. I don’t know what to feel about it. The harsh edge turning into unhinged aggression was disturbing. It’s some truly excellent work on your part, Kevin, but I’m starting to miss the fun, easy-to-cry person she was before. Her and Lycus are both making me ponder some very deep questions, though, about moral ambiguity and such. Very heavy stuff.

Luca stayed with Novie and Corvin? Am I illiterate? I could’ve sworn he ran away last chapter. Whatever, I’m glad he stayed, cause now mr. Master Manipulator is dead, and Luca can run all over again. I’m still disappointed at the lack of a kiss, but at least they had a cuddle. Maybe I should write my own fanfiction about their secret bts romance? Would anyone read that shit? Am I the only one left on the ship?

Corvin is someone I never expected would be alone. He’s been glued to Novie’s hip since he stepped off the train, many of us thought he’d be the first of the two to die. Now that things’ve gone south, though, I’m interested to see how he puts his combat experience to use and how Novie’s death will effect his choices.

Han and Venezia has a dynamic i’ve always enjoyed reading. It was a brilliant move making them district partners, both because they understand each other and because, deep down, I know they’re looking out for the other’s best interests. Blending Anders into the mix is simply another level of genius. I love how the careers in this universe are willing to work with outer district tributes, it’s not something we see a lot, and it creates such an unlimited amount of possible relationships. I’m just a little worried Han has grown too cocky with his Rainbow Guard around. Look out, my guy, cause Anders can snap at a moment’s notice.

Ortega and Elari are interesting, sure, but holy shit Anders’ got a mic! A meeting at the cornucopia? This can’t be good. I’m even more worried about Han now. Can’t with this.
8/16/2020 c19 22District11-Olive
We're only night 2? So much has happened though we are speeeddddinnnngggg and keeping me literally on the edge of my seat. I don't think I breathed when I read this chapter. Kevin send help.

As much as I say I don't like Careers, I do love a good Career breakdown. Her hope that she would be able to find Khiron was like really sad because Anders feels like such a failure (which like yeah plan failed but it's hard to make anything perfect). I smell a perfectionist meltdown in Anders' future and I'm kind of here to see what is going to happen with her now that she's separated from Khiron. D1 has always been so put together, it's kind of refreshing to see something new.

Okay I have definitely mentioned before that I like seeing some humanity between the careers/noncareers and this just took that a step further. Kiani is literally comforting someone that she should be killing. Is it a good move game wise? Probably not. Does it pull at the heart strings and make us see that she isn't just a cold dead volunteer? Definitely. Kendra's reaction to Kosmin, wishing that maybe he could be okay was heartbreaking. Then her being the one to kill him, ugh brutal. I do wonder what is going to happen to her? Is she joining the Careers now or are they just like waiting around until she's done to kill her too?

I both love and hate when the nicest characters break like this. Emeric really has been through a lot in his life and the fact that he's felt like he had to make himself tolerable for people is sick. I really like that we've seen the progression of bitterness and that it's really warped into something that doesn't feel like the Emeric we love, but also very much feels like the right type of anger for him. I am really interested to see where this goes and I am rooting for Emeric on this one.

I enjoy the fact that Tegan and Lycus almost seemed to switch places here? He's breaking down and getting emotional while she is just stonewalling it hard up in here. I like Lycus more in this section because we get to see the vulnerability and we see a new motivation for him to want to make it home. Tegan really has changed but I'm glad we still get glimpses into her being scared and innocent, it's a great mix in my opinion. I wonder who they see? Ah the suspense.

Honestly it was heartbreaking kind of knowing what was about to happen here with Emeric's foreshadowing of betrayal. I was straight up not expecting Tegan to go after Emeric though and like beat him to a pulp. I guess the near-betrayal that Lycus tried and seeing Rion/Adaire go at it has really tainted her. The end moment where she was sweet again felt almost creepy, like she'd snapped out of this rage and now was just like 'sorry fam bye'. Tegan really be doing this? Dang.

This started out as like kind of a really sweet bromance section, like even Luca getting some love from Corvin? I cry like I didn't think I would ever be able to relate Luca to Corvin but here we are. I am glad that Corvin feels guilty about Nuria like he should have killed Novie the scheming bitch. Luca coming in with those one liners just kills me every time. He's an absolute delight I hate that you made me love him how dare you. THEN ANOTHER CREEPY VOICE. I can't with this arena. If I heard this person speak and one of us had to die, it wouldn't matter because I would have already passed away from shear fright. The trains thing is so cooooool though. I swear all these arena twists are going to give me grey hair.

Okay. Okay.
I am not alright? This alliance just got straight up destroyed in a matter of minutes after they literally all had a bromance meeting where everyone cried and hugged. Now Corvin tried to kill Luca, Novie tried to kill Corvin, Corvin DID kill Novie, and Luca ran like the fucking wind. This was complete suspense and I am really tense right now. I like that we got to see exactly who Novie is right before he went, like his decision to kill Corvin isn't that stupid when you think about it but Luca screaming really fucked that up. I'm glad that Novie is gone like he hated Luca so I am obligated to hate him just based on that, but also he was a manipulator and there wasn't as much room for him to grow in my eyes. We've now unlocked a new side to Corvin that is both terrifying and exciting because I think we'll get some action. If that shoulder injury heals up. Idk I should hate him for almost skewering my babe but I like his arc and his story intrigues me. But yes Luca gtfo and that ending line like he is so mad I love it.

I'm livvviinnngggg. Anders working with D6 is so unexpected, like careers never work with noncareers out of the blue but you are DOING THAT. The fact that a mentor gift is the thing that brought Anders in is also really cool, like the symbols on the arrows so that the gift is useful but also dircetional. Venezia's reluctance is like pretty understandable but it seems that having these guards around is giving Han a lot of confidence. I wonder who will be next to go from them because it seems like they're going to be working together for some kind of plot.

Okay for fuck's sake there is a mic? That is so cool holy shit. I'm shook that she is going to just go in there with three vs. 4 but I also feel like there must be more to this plan than that. She wouldn't just go in there by herself or even with D6 right? Are they even going to show up like I assume they would want to kill her but it'd be walking into a trap as well. Ugh this is so exciting but also my blood pressure is a rising.

I'll go vote again I guess.
8/15/2020 c19 djranch
I am SO sad that my tribute died smh but hopefully Corbin can’t outlive the damage movie did before he died. The anders, venezia, and Han alliance could be interesting but anders seems like a bit of a hot head especially w clearly wanting revenge on the rest of the careers. Speaking of careers, wondering how long they’ll keep Kendra around for now that the koi in situation has been taken care of. Teagan... girly has some FIRE in her and her split decision going after emeric shows that she can 1) be ruthless and 2) might be a little rash w her decision making. Idk excited to see what happens next after I MOURN u killing my heart and soul kev
8/15/2020 c19 2neb88
ok honestly Im really glad that someone from 1 finally died since anders is so much more interesting now that shes starting to break, and I just dont know if khiron would've had the same reaction as anders had the tables been turnt. its really interesting to see how fragile anders really feels about all of this, since she always gives off such a cold and hard exterior. really excited to see where she goes, I imagine solo. I think now shes really in a good position to become a great antagonist for the story! shes a bad bitch but has already seen a lot of development and I definitely see room for more.

oh my god my poor kosmin why have you done this to him ;_; I still got mixed feelings overall about kiani but it is really sad to see that shes genuinely upset about kosmin, like even those few moments they shared together actually had an impact on her. I think all the other tributes should just kill themselves and let kosmin win tbh :/

ooof poor kendra, shes had a pretty rough day huh, I doesnt really look like shes going to be able to handle kosmins death too well, at least for now, hopefully she'll be able to bounce back. and rip kosmin. truly my favourite boy he will be missed :( Im definitely interested to see where this group goes from here. like I guess kendra is just a career now? lmao watch out venezia!

damn day 2 and emeric has really fuckin lost it huh. I feel like hes really overthinking everything but I suppose thats just who he's come to be. I feel like deidra is really ill intentioned, shes just still kinda isnt dealing with her feelings that well either. they really arent on the same page rn, Im interested to see where this goes though, and who ends up falling in the process, and how much does deidra actually care about emeric?

this teagan lycus alliances has gotten pretty spicey, it seems as tho the tables have kinda turnt, and now lycus is the emotional one break under the pressure, while tegan was kinda forced to snap under the pressure. its so weird but I feel like they make a pretty good team, like the bluntness and the realness of their alliance will make it easy for the two of them to work together. hmmm I guess they've spoted emeric and deidra, and it kinda seems like they're planning to kill, I wonder if eitehr of them actually got it in them though.

uh oh looks like deidras in some trouble! 'in the next couple minutes she would learn she was not' truly chilling! like the slow buildup, like we obviously know lycus and teagan are around, and that the emeric betrayal seems to be inevitable. she clearly hasnt been in a great mind set, if she had even just taken a moment to talk to emeric and let him know that he was a friend maybe things couldve gone differently.

tegan is really out here being unhinged huh! emeric chose the wrong person to betray his ally in front of lmao, if it had been anyone else he probably wouldve gotten out ezpz. damn miss tegan really just fucking tackled this massive boy and took him out with her own two hands, thats truly fucking wack, I swear tegan must have drunk some super juice or something ahaha. her rage is definitely understandable but its nice to see her acknowledge it too and keep parts of her old self within her. hopefully her and lycus can keep it together, cause this group is an emotion mess. I wonder if they'll end up killing deidra?

its interesting to see this alliance from corvins perspective, like you know if this was luca or novie things would not be seeming this fine and dandy lmao. they do make an interesting team though so Im glad tht they're working together for now, since I think that they do need eachother. Im glad that corvin is being nice to luca too, and its sad see how vulnerable her feels :( it makes sense that he would feel upset about nurias death, super sad too that it reminds him of his friend from home too, between nuria and bethan hes had it fairly rough, pretty much killing both of them. ok Im loving whatever this train station gimic is going to be! the creep flickering llights the screens, the one must die. i am READY for the drama!

oh novie! naughty boy! Im really surprised hes gunning for corvin already, just like luca I really do feel like he needs corvin to carry him further along, these two twinks probably couldnt get much done on their own. ahhh!

ahhhh! luca what a king! saving corvin then running? I feel like I wouldve stayed with him afterwords considering he would probably like really trust you now but anyway... yes corvin fuck that twink up! ugh corvin really just fucking yeeted novie and I love it, he finally got what was coming to him, kinda shook that corvin really killed him so easily lmao. definitely interested to see what happens to corvin now! for one hes on his own now and just killed novie, someone who just tried to kill him but who he also really trusted. and poor luca is on his own now too. I dont have particularly high hopes for either of them solo tbh but excited to see where they go!

ahhhhh! ok I definitely didnt imagine something like this happening, a 1/6 alliance, now this is fuckng spicey babey! I mean it definitely makes sense for 6 to accept since like, its anders coming to them, if she wanted to kill them she could, but she has bigger fish to fry. looking forward to what seems like an inevitable vanezia/anders vs kiani/kendra showdown, gonna get me some popcorn and some front row tickets!

love catching up with mr ortega! hes fuckin tryna speed run through these games so that he can get his brother(?) free! hes fuckin stressed, like hes so close to being free, just a few more days if he can keep it all together! also really looking forward to this showdown, I feel like it will be quite messy, but fun!

I already voted on the poll :/ ANYWAY really great chapter again! I feel like there was a lot of spicey drama and we lost 3 poor kiddos rip except novie he can choke. but kosmin will be greatly missed! anyways seriously loving this story, I check far too often for updates lmao. cant wait for the next chapter! :]
8/12/2020 c18 4BradiLain
The idea of being stuck in a cage with a bunch of rabid zoo animals is one of the most frightening experiences that i am even capable of imagining. I can't fathom how awful that would be. My semi live reading review self doesn't want to dwell too long on the idea so I can see if they manage to get out of this prediciment, but honestly? I can't see it. They'd need nothing short of a miracle.

Somehow they have made it out of that madhouse, fairly unscathed too in all truth. One of these guys totally should've died here, so I hope they're happy that they even got out. What legends. Geez.

'bitch was probably making avacado toast' omfl that's so funny. why has anders gotta be such a salty hoe. Our careers are a hot mess, too, i feel like none of them really get along which is good for everyone but the district 1,2, and 4. There are too many people here for them to be acting fools like this, but that's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Venezia could've died here too, but I feel like after her betrayal of her allies, it just wouldn't have been satisfying for mutts to rip her apart. Like, I want that head to head with either Kosmin or Kendra - preferably Kendra since she seems to be the most heated. With Han helping her, they may be close to being evenly matched when it comes down to it. The cloth lizards were such a cool idea for a mutt, too, i enjoyed that a lot.

Glad to see that Luca sees rikght through Novie and his lies. Emeric, on the other hand, I think he's just dumb. I love the guy, but he's a straight idiot to be played like this. Nice to have a quiet more thoughtful POV - we've had a lot of action in the chapter.

Blew that bitch UPPPP. that's so metal, man. lmao. i can't believe they did that. it's awesome. I'm glad that Kiana came out on top between her and Khiron. He was more interesting to me, but at least he went out with a bang - or a boom, more like.

I take back what I said about how Kosmin or Kendra should've died. The idea of him going were-beast is so much more entertaining to me. You genius. You worked me over lmao. and i love how sublte you made it, because it would've been too easy for somebody to realize he had yellow eyes and then follow the thought trail, but the way you introduced it here was so much better.

nobody in this story deserves teagan. she is too good, too wholesome for this world. lycus sure as hell didn't deserve her to come save him and i hope she finishes him off later when he doesn't provide her any more use. she is a goddess and i love her. lmao. just bc he knows he's a shitty person and made awful decisions and feels bad about it doesn't make me have any more sympathy for him. Even if Teagan wasn't super useful to him, not being alone would've been the smarter decision. Lycus has literally no redeeming qualities for me. he's a backstabber, not particularly smart, and the whole reason he joined the alliance was to get meat shields out of younger girls. i can't stand him. truly.

Top Eight: Teagan, Emeric, Novie, Adela, Venezia, Kiani, Aristide, Corvin
The middles: Luca, Lycus, Han, Deidra, Kendra
Immediate Danger: Kosmin, Anders
8/10/2020 c18 12jakey121
Kosmin is defo the type to be so caught up in his mind whilst rabid animals are trying to rip them apart. Honestly, without Kendra, he’d be dead lmao but he’s also a grounding force for her as well. They need each other and it’s so cute.
Ok Kendra’s POV fml so good. I was dead-set on someone dying here so I’m so relieved they didn’t for now. I was convinced it’d be her because she got that lil snippet of backstory and I was like ok everyone this is her final shot, but nope, she’s still kicking. I love my emotional mess because there’s anger now towards Venezia, so much rage that it’s actually frightening, but she still cares so much about Kosmin. Idk what’s gonna happen with these two I’m scared.

I dunno how you did it but this POV has really turned around my opinion on Anders. Maybe it’s away from Khiron that I see this really vulnerable, almost insecure girl behind the layers of bitterness and hostility that I actually really enjoy reading about. Their connection has opened a layer and plot-point to this story that I can’t deny has been very interesting and exciting to see unfold.
Anders is starting to move towards breaking point I think. And I don’t blame her. Idk my opinion has done just a complete 180 I’m excited for more from her.
But fucccck things are escalating quickly. Adela is moving things forward. So is Khiron. I mean I know what happens but for the sake of acting like I don’t… omg I have no idea what’s gonna happen?!

I really can’t dislike Venezia. I can’t.
Her meeting Han at the end is seriously setting up something with his army. An ultimate clash with Kendra/Kosmin? Maybe? She thought she hated them but hearing the screams of her former allies and the noises of the animals, she’s realised she doesn’t, she’s just trying to justify her actions. She isn’t the strong, manipulative kind, it’s just not her. I love it, honestly. I love seeing tributes start to break because whilst it’s hella sad, it brings out sides to them that have been explored but different shades of it and UGH I love what you’re doing with her.
I keep saying this but I’m EXCITED.

Luca is plotting. Everyone is plotting. God these Games are good. So much going on but it’s still so real and human.
The loss of Nuria is weighing heavy on him and he’s full of a rage as well, a bit similar to Kendra’s. Luca isn’t my favourite character by any means, but his plot-line is fun, and I’m eager to see where it goes.

I keep going back and forth with Kiani. Like… when she has a POV I’m like yasss queen, and then instantly I’m drawn to more compelling characters. But here she proved herself yet again and ugh the tension and the plotting and the increase of speed to put their plan into place. I loved it. The dialogue was clever too in adding enough mystery here before Khiron took his first shot.
Idiot. He was never my favourite as we established before, so I can’t say I’ll miss him.

Yessss I love seeing Capitol interactions coming back into play in the Capitol.
If Kiani hadn’t have met the pair from D5, both Kendra and Kosmin would be killed right away. But they aren’t. Kiani has stopped Aristide from killing the pair. I love the robotic-ness that Aristide was willing to just step up and kill them, even tho he’s just basically had a panic attack over what happened with Shoal and Torrance. It shows how rooted the Career mindset is in these kids.
He’s complex for sure and I’m loving the trio of him, Adela and Kiani.
But fuck. Poor Kosmin ugh.

Holy shit.
Why does Tegan continue to get like ABSOLUTELY AMAZING POVS. Like honestly he capitol pov during the ball was one of my absolute favourites, and now this. UGH.
I mean I even forgot briefly that they existed and then BAM this came out of nowhere. Lycus has always been a self-confessed dickweed so I don’t blame him for leaving someone who got a 2, someone who has been crying and tearing herself apart. It made sense.
But this Tegan. This version I AM LIVIN FOR OMG.
The Tegan that is tired of all the bullshit and fakeness. She’s been a part of an alliance made up of bad people and she’s had ENOUGH. ENOUGHHH. I love the anger she has for being left behind and considered weak just because she’s a decent bloody human being.
I see her going so far now. This was honestly like a campaign POV for why Tegan could win this whole damn thing. I am so EXCITED.

Three most in-danger:
Kosmin, Corvin, Emeric.

8/8/2020 c18 14Chaos In Her Wake
omg i hope ur physics final went all right

I'm here to review now! wheee

That was tense, dude. My heart was pounding. I wasn't ready to lose one of these guys yet, but I was expecting to- and yet no! They made it out! Kinda!

Except Kosmin is not going to live much longer... wtf rabies? Yikes. :'(
And Venezia is with Han now- good workaround to bring the district partners back together, I like that, gives them both some more mobility in the story and arena!

okay I'm really reviewing this out of order, aren't I? eh, whatever.
Luca has really solidified his place in the story as well. My opinion of him has changed the most: he used to be completely forgettable, and now he's one of the biggest players in the story. I'm team whoever-will-finally-get-rid-of-Novie.

Tegan and Lycus almost feel like a spinoff. Like, they're in their own little Games world, dealing with a completely separate story than the rest of the tributes? The tone is so different with them. Don't get me wrong, I like it (mostly for Tegan, I'm neutral on Lycus but I do like him getting vulnerable), it's just different. Tegan's growth is undeniable and gives her some staying power. Thrilling!

Speaking of growth- Adela! A lil team switch on District One, and look who's calling the shots now! Damn girl! Khiron and Anders thought they were using D4, but Four was using them all along ooo.
Aristide already dealing with PTSD from explosions... buddy aw. that's the reality of it that could slip past unnoticed, but I really appreciated that little detail. I'm so invested in all the ways the arena really affects people. THe little cracks that form in facades and the ways weaknesses get exploited.

And Kiani's friendly tendencies saving D5 for the time being... but girl, Kosmin has RABIES please back away from him!

quit it with these CLIFFHANGERS my dude. omg.

In danger? Kosmin, Kiani, Emeric?
Happy writing!
8/8/2020 c18 dyloccupy
you really snapped the tea with this one!


khiron - well DAMN! this was one of the best career breakdowns i’ve ever read! everything seemed to click into place, evolving naturally. anders grew on me throughout this section! the vulnerability paired with the avocado bashing,,,same! and then aristide appears, adela connects the dots, kiani gets the run down,,,’twas simply amazing! kiani vs khiron was such a GREAT showdown like YAS! and then he GETS FUCKING BLOW UP WHAT?! didn’t see that one coming lol. curious to see how anders deals with khiron’s death! adela is also growing to be a substantial threat! super excited to see how these kiddos branch out. gonna miss khiron’s scheming and the d1 dynamic!


kosmin/kendra - THIS WAS SO INTENSE BUT HILARIOUS LIKE HOW?! really thot kosmin was done for, but nope! miss kendra really saved the day! falling in love with her more and more! kosmin kinda got fucked up, but still! they survived (for now). plus, we have a spicy revenge arc! ugh but then kosmin had to go savage mode! i knew kiani was gonna meet back up with them, but i didn’t expect this LMAO. if nobody dies here, i can see the careers taking in d5, hunting down venezia/han, which could result in an epic battle! feeling hype!

venezia/han - aww i didn’t expect to feel bad for venezia after she ditched her allies. the emotions plus the fight with the lizards,,,pure perfection! now that she’s with han and his soldiers, i’m more than intrigued to see how they deal with the arena! i have my thots (see above), but you never know!

luca/novie/corvin - luca’s boutta beat dat ass! this was such an emotional/sad/fucked up section, like okay vulnerability! please let this twink defeat the evil that is novie/corvin,,i beg! can’t wait to see what his plan entails.

lycus/tegan - YAS QUEEN TEGAN! this is the material i’ve been searching for! lycus leaving (which was rude af, but made sense) and then getting attacked by creepy ass octopi was so funny i can’t. and then tegan saves the day! she is now seeing the light, so hooray! can’t wait for this amazing new development, it’s gonna be iconic.

in danger: kendra/kosmin, corvin/novie, emeric/deidra

hype for the next update!
8/8/2020 c18 5Axe Smelling God
Well I see a lot of victors blog and there’s always someone who was in a zoo that won and I’ve always wanted to se that fleshed out. I love that we were able to see a little snippet of this and it’s nice that Kosmin has some motivation about home and that he has Kendra with him.

This was a nice touch to see Kendra being able to find some peace in this section and to see that she has this new power over her leaf to go after Venezia and how she left them there to die. She left them there to perish and this was shocking for us to see and for it to happen so frequently. Also to think about how we are able to bring something out with others and what we can make from it. I also love that kosmin saved her.

Anders talking about avacadoes kind of humanizes her and I love that. She was always so robotic and this made me appreciate her a little more as a competitior. I also love the relationship between Kiani and Anders they are getting along well and they seem like a deadly duo if you ask me.

Venezia she is a literal queen I know she left Kendra and Kosmin to die but I mean when she met up with Han that was everything. They have this thing about them that they share together and it makes all the more better.

Luca I can see why he would leave it was something that he needed to do and it was what he wanted to get done. This was expected from him as seeing what he needs to get done for them.

Kiani and the career showdown was everything that we could’ve had and what we are thinking about. This was something that I’m able to get across from how we are looking at this battle. These have always been my favorites and I’m excited to see where you push this.

RIP Kosmin and who knew that the bobcat got him in the way that it did and I’m so sad I loved his fun relationship ship with Kendra and the connection they shared. It was nice seeing this kind of balance.
8/8/2020 c18 Guest
Okay im reviewing for the last two chapters in one bc im lazy and was behind on reading these! but... so much... has happened? the careers turning on one another was a good twist and im curious to see how anders is gonna do on her own. and WHAT is luca planning to do to novie and corvin! obviously i want them to survive w novie being my tribute and all but luca seems like he might have some tricks up his sleeve. nurias death was crazy but also not surprised that corvin picked novie over her. also what’s the deal w kosmin and the yellow eyes?! clearly somethin went down in that crazy ass zoo and im assuming the remaining careers will keep kendra alive long enough to hear what the hell happened. venezia got soo lucky being saved but also props to her for attempting to make a move by locking kendra/kosmin in the zoo. not gonna lie i was kinda hoping tegan would leave lycus after he LEFT her like that but i guess i can respect her integrity/ need for at least one ally.
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