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for A Hero's Welcome: The 54th Hunger Games

6/7/2020 c10 2Remus98
Adaire: your writing is so good that i want to like her, she cracked some amusing jokes this chapter, but i just can’t get behind what she’s doing. Her quasi-partnership with Novie is fun, though. But I’m not sure he’s in it for the same reasons Adaire is. If his first POV is anything to go by, i wouldn’t be surprised if he’d be as willing fuck over Adaire as he is Corvin. Tegan better be ware, that’s all i have to say about that.

Aristide: I love this back and forth between the pair from One and Two. It’s all intrigues and power plays in this year’s Careers pack, which, whilst certainly interesting, doesn’t speak very well of their chances. When the bloodbath comes around, will they be able to focus on the other district tributes if they’re so obsessed with going against each other? Honestly, I wouldn’t mind district four going directly and the other two pairs parting ways. That would certainly be a twist, wouldn’t it? We’ll see what happens.

Nuria: aw, poor Steve. Although maybe he called her a bitch? Seriously, haven’t Panem moved past the player vs bitch argument already? For god’s sake, they’ve got fucking hovercrafts and weather control. Is a little equality too much to ask for? Anyway, Novie is a much better fit for Nuria. Corvin not so much, but he’s not really a part of the mind-games community. He’s their brawny pawn who deserves a kiss from Novie before he’s offed. As long as they stay away from Han/Bethan, this could be a fun trio to follow.

Venezia: i’m glad Panem is at least progressive in terms of sexuality, though they need to sort some shit out regarding gender equality. I liked the callbacks in this POV - both to Jeanne and Elorah’s belly rubbing in her introduction. I’m also happy that Kosmin got back into the mix. Lots of plotting this chapter, though. But then again, three of our manipulative queens got POVs in this chapter. Enjoying this alliance. A lot.

Love: Aristide
Like: Nuria, Venezia
Dislike: Adaire

I’ve been getting back into the pokémon fandom over the last few years, and that has included trying my hand at a few fics. Not very many, but I’ve found a few good ones. There’s this really good one called The Mortal Earth which is a darker, more mature, higher-stakes re-telling of Ash’s adventures through Hoenn. It’s unfortunately discontinued, but anyone who likes Pokémon should give it a go. It’s some of the best writing I’ve come across on this site XD

I’m also a huge fan of the Percy Jackson franchise (the books, not the movies). I haven’t read any fanfic, though. If you have any good suggestions, slide into my PMs ;p

Update soon!
6/6/2020 c10 5Axe Smelling God
Adaire- well this surely an interesting way for us to look at our allies and having the time to actually see them for who they are and we can see that Adaire is taking this to the max with creating an army of human shields and getting Novie to go along with is also just as brilliant.

Artistide- well I can see where he was coming from, they did seem like they were being left out but I mean they’re all careers and a natural pack at that so I think he did overstep when he came to shoal and confronted Ted him over the whole thing, this was certainly an
Interesting way for him to go by it and to imagine that he would do this is also not too far fetched.

Nuria- she seems like she has a lot to think about and that she needs to get out do this headspace of not being good enough and to see all that she has to offer to her alliance and maybe, she can actually achieve some of these goals that she has out for herself.

Venezia- she’s a Queen always and I loved seeing her in an alliance and to add kosmin in the mix was a smart choice to make and I can’t wait to see more form this alliance.
6/6/2020 c10 2neb88
occasionally I remember all the space titles but I quickly push it out of my mind, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it

ok so like whats their plan again? like just to get allies right, acting like they're on some top secret undercover mission, these two are too much ahaha. I feel like novie is really the one pulling the strings, like he probably actually has a bigger master plan and adaire is just kinda following along to feel included/powerful? god poor teagan doesn't deserve this, her and corvin could've been perfectly fine allies but now here they are, both getting fucked by district 7. I do think her and adaire are a good match though, that poplular girl vibe, adaires fake persona is pretty in line with teagan I feel. I guess we'll see how they fare, all in all they don't seem like a particularly powerful team.

hmmmm idk aristide just like aint really doing it for me. I dont particularly like or dislike him, like if you're going to give off a fake persona at least make it that makes you seem more interesting lmaoo. Im glad he's starting to piece things together about the career alliance dynamic though, it takes a fake bitch to see through a fake bitch. it definitely would be boring if district 1 just stayed in control of the pack so I'm glad its shaking it up a bit. shoal is kinda in an awkward spot, I feel like he could be swayed either way depending on which side is looking more favourable. I wonder if anyone will catch on to district 1 tributes being closer than they let on? you'd think that him or kiana would know since they trained together, its likely there would be something similar in district 1. guess we'll see

yikes this alliance just aint it. I feel like there just aint much compatability within this little trio, I wonder what novie's plan was for getting her to join the alliance? just because shes an easy target after being rejected, does he just want the number, or does he want her for a specific reason? guess we might find out whenever we get his next pov. I feel like I recall nuria being fairly perceptive too so I wonder if she'll see through novie's mask? lmaoo corvin yesterday was like I dont wan't to be in an alliance with anyone and now he has 2 allies that would probably both leave him to rot in the bloodbath ahahah

I like that venezia is like kinda being genuinely friendly with elorah and kendra but like also knows what shes gotta do to win and will ultimately be able to do it. like mentally she's totally ready for the games. it is interesting that she chose to align with them though, they definitely aren't particularly strong and Im not sure how useful they'll be to her in the arena. god I'm so glad my favourite boy wasn't left behind, I would've fucking cried if kendra left him behind, the poor dumb boy doesn't deserve it. HONESTLY there was a semester last year where I started greating everyone by saying 'boy howdy', and other people eventually started saying it too, so long story short I get kosmin, and also I guess you can call me an influencer :). I feel like in that venezia kinda dug herself a hole in this alliance, like she couldnt really get out of it now without risking her whole act. the chess analogy seemed very fitting for this group too, we'll see how they fare!

so many alliances! luca is the only one left alone right now I think? I wonder if he'll be able to weasel his way into an alliance or if he'll be going into the arena alone? I don't think I've mentioned this yet but I'm actually not that big a reader! :) so no I haven't really been reading much else, sorry to disappoint lol. another really great chapter! I feel like you're doing a really great job at showing off all the tributes personalities with your writing and making them all seem interesting in their own way. looking forward to the last day of training! :)
6/4/2020 c9 djranch
Kosmin: Okay so maybe he's not the brightest, but he's a light-hearted character with a fun personality.

Deidra: I like that she's strategic about her friendships/ alliances and I'm interested to see how the group of four plays out.

Bethan: She's pretty bad ass and I like the alliance btwn her and Han. Nuria seems like she's gonna remember that encounter later and I feel like that could be bad for Bethan.

Khiron: I feel like everyone in that alliance is just trying to play one another and each of them thinks they are doing it the best. The secret Anders and Khiron alliance is fun and probably gets them some good gossip to share.
6/1/2020 c9 12jakey121
Kendra is already shifting – not away from her personality per se, but more into how to balance the two into a mindset that’ll help her in the Games. Seeing her hold back her thoughts is definitely not who Kendra is so it’s interesting to see this slight development already. Her relationship with Kosmin is sweet and he’s a little bit withdrawn at the idea that Kendra wants to split apart from image sake, but also completely understands it too.
He needs to force himself to use some weapons, really. He can’t sit around forever. I enjoyed his convo with Kiani as well.

I sorta wish Torrance’s FC backed up the physical description he has? Just something I noticed when I flicked back to the blog. Lots of brackets this section I noticed – idkkkk I think sometimes you could just include them in the prose? Like rather than a bracket just hyphen that shit? Idk it’s your style and tbh it’s hella funny what you’re writing so I don’t actually mind. I just happened to notice in this POV in particular there were lots of them. Don’t kill me.
I can’t for the life of me remember who Isobel is. And Emeric with his gimmick just doesn’t cut it for me. But aside from that, I LOVE DEIDRA. I think I have my favourite because I remember her so clearly from her first POV, she stood out in Torrance’s, and now has her own. Honestly already getting Victor vibes, or at least final 8 vibes, and it’s only training day one.
She’s just so much fun to read about. Her thoughts, her dialogue, her reactions. Yeah. She’s fantastic.

I really really liked Bethan in this POV. Much more than her first.
There’s something refreshingly simplistic in her mind. She knows what she’s good at and knows what she isn’t and just can’t be bothered with trying to be something else. Her strengths are her strengths and she’s got Han to fill the gaps from where her weaknesses are. I think her realising that Han is more cunning and cerebral will actually help her – she may not be able to spot necessarily what his strategy is, but her awareness will keep her guard up.
Looks like Venezia, Kendra and Elorah may be teaming up. I’m sure they’ll accept Kosmin too. And Venezia might be using them – but not to actually hurt them, that’s not her really her gig. More just as shields perhaps? Idk.

I’m not as… interested in these Careers? It’s nothing to do with you – I just think your non-Careers have got such huge personalities this time round, that in my opinion, I’m more intrigued by their alliances, interactions and scheming than the drama going on in here.
That’s fine by me, tbh. A story that isn’t Career-centric will be fun to see if that’s the route you go down.
Khiron doesn’t do much for me but I like Adela. There’s something very natural and normal about her that I appreciate. There’s tension in this alliance that isn’t actually apparent to most of them. The schemes going on behind the scenes that D1 think they have covered up completely. That’s only going to unravel and I wonder how it’ll go down.
5/31/2020 c9 7Cashmere67
hi snake

Let's chat about Kosmin! why are you using the words hoes LMFAO ugh. Argo is such a good movie. I feel bad for him :/ He's clearly conflicted about Kendra and how she's changing a bit more quickly than he is. And Kiana interacting with him is.. interesting? She's for sure not gonna' last too long with the Careers if she's already over them and day one of training has barely started. He's okay. Just ight

Deidraaaa: I thought she'd more .. carefree? But she seems to be pretty serious when it comes to some things? Just with a sense of humor. Interesting. Oh.. Emeric. I almost forgot about him. Deidra also seems level headed enough to put those 'distractions' to to the side and not get caught up her old life and use that as a way to motivate herself to win. Hmmm. She also doesn't seem too happy about Torrance's big mouth!

Bethan: Toot, toot. Han and Bethan have a synergetic relationship? No bullshit, no ulterior motives. Just doing things together to benefit the other and themselves. I like this take on allies. I am.. not sure what to think about Bethan tbh. She's okay too

Yo Khiron: HMMM. Khiron is so sus. Bit self-deprecating and insecure, sure, but also pretty strategic and perceptive. Okay.. I relate to Khiron on a personal level LMFAO. OKAY I LOVE HIM AND ANDERS. THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS SOOOO FASCINATING. I would pay you money to write a whole story just about them training in District One and their childhood together and just about them in the Games. Such a cool idea idk why I'm GEEKING. Is there gonna' be an open volcano in the arena? ok king. i ... love them i'm not ok

I like the name Kendra a lot! and Tegan. tay probably wouldn't let me name our child either of those but you know. .. . .it be like that
5/30/2020 c9 10nevergone4ever

kosmin. still love him. a star in his own right. i think he is so refreshingly NICE and believable and tbh just the sort of tribute that i'd love to ally with if i were in the games. someone to root for. he's not too overbearing or anything! just a simple GAWKY lil guy whos so empathetic and soft but it works. i love him. and the interaction with kiani too... we love random tribute interactions.

deidra. her pov - also very refreshing. it felt very standoutish in its own manner, from emeric and the empathy that she displayed toward his nonverbal cues and writing on the paper to avoiding isobel-type girls like the plague and yet saying yeah lets train together! just to avoid some conflict. i think come the arena she'll be a contender but for now it's nice to see her going with the flow. i like her.

bethan. still not her biggest fan but i can appreciate what she brings to the table. she and han are truly a match made in heaven - all barriers completely down, devoting nothing but honesty and integrity to each other in best interests of making it far. this is what alliances should be tbh and it's great to see a completely businesslike relationship. wonder if they'll develop into something more?

khiron. UGH. i have never loved a career relationship as much as you are making me love khiron and anders. they're different as night and day but the LOYALTY and TRUST between them...! im in LOVE. they really seem to have an advantage over the career pack so long as the other district partners don't interfere with plans of their own. khiron himself is someone i can see going far, he's both shifty and observant with a mastermind to take down even his own allies. love him.

ah caught up at last. im INFATUATED w ur writing. its so fun and easy to read.

tribute name that id name a child? of my own i really like kolter, ryker, laurent and anders. just personal taste. i think my kids are gonna grow up w the names of soldiers.

upd8 soon queenie
5/29/2020 c9 1Acereader55
Kosmin: I love the relationship between Kendra and Kosmin, their banter is so much fun to read about. They match each other's energies really well and I can see why they want to remain allies. I like the strategy Kendra has of dividing and conquering to try and find allies without seeming like they're this tight unit that anyone joining them would automatically become the third wheel, but won't they feel that way by the end of training anyways if they join up with district partners? I don't know if the strategy will be successful but it's interesting combating that perception but doing this and I can't wait to see if it pays off. I loved the interaction between him and Kiani too, it really humanized her beyond being the person that punched the other girl in the face when she volunteered and from being with Aristide all the time. I think she's got a fun personality and it's a shame she's on the outer edges of the Career alliance but dare I say this could open up a potential plot thread in the future with Kosmin?

Deidra: Still absolutely love her and this POV did nothing to change that. She's such a breath of fresh air and she's a lot of fun to read about when she's joking around with Torrance who is seemingly going through good development already. You've given her a lovely narrative voice that reminds me of my friends and our sense of humor, so that makes it really easy to read and relate to. I'm loving the little bit of animosity that is already brewing internally between her and Isobel. She can tell something isn't right but she doesn't want to ruin the mood of the new alliance and put a damper on something when she isn't totally sure and is just going on a gut feeling. I love Emeric honestly, he's such a cutie and I feel so bad for him which was probably the intention but I wish he wasn't mute cause it just feels super gimmicky to me. I like everyone in this alliance besides Isobel so yeah I hope Deidra gets her way and exposes her for being shifty.

Bethan: Yup still not a fan of her, although I do like her relationship with Han in terms of the no bullshit pact which is funny and also fits into their characters. She knows what her worth is and knows why she's being looked at as an alliance member to Han because she has what he lacks and vice versa, so it all fits and makes sense and she's grappling with that fact well. I liked at the end of it how she sort of took over the role of someone that was reading people and the social part of making an alliance, and even though I don't totally get why the rejected Nuria it's good to see her branching out from just her role of meat head muscle of the alliance. I bet this opens up something to revisit in the future which will be fun to see if Nuria gets her revenge for being rejected because she certainly didn't seem happy getting all sweet when she left them.

Khiron: You're portraying him so well, his personality is really shining through and it's reflecting on his status in the story as well being able to rope in someone with Adela without any suspicion seemingly. I think the strategy that Anders and him have is super smart, it works so much to their advantage since the others seem to have no idea how close they actually are and how much they've worked on this ruse together. It seems all too easy right now though for it to be working this well, there's nothing standing in their way so I'm waiting for something to go wrong in the Capitol to their perfect little plan. I like the acknowledgement that Khiron would be friends with Adela had they been from the same District, but for now he's got to do what he has to and his loyalty will always remain with someone he's known for years. I'm really interested to hear from D4 and see if they're really falling for the manipulation tactic or if they're just playing along. I think right now the Career dynamics are very obvious and nothing is really moving or shaking so I'm excited for when some trouble arises.
5/29/2020 c9 dyloccupy
training, the time for alliances to be formed and enemies to be made! I’M SO EXCITED AHHH!

kosmin - i adore this boi! his dynamic with kendra is amazing, they’re just so fun together! i’d like to buy a ticket to the kendra and kosmin show please! their approach to training makes sense, but i’m scared they might drift apart. either way, it’ll be a fun development! omg kosmin’s interaction with kiani was fantastic, definitely didn’t expect any of the careers to wonder off so soon lol. kosmin kind of a mess rn, but he’s our mess! definitely interested to see who else he connected with.

deidra - she’s staring to grow already! happy that she’s getting more focused, paying attention to the important things (like how shady miss isobel is). while she’s still maintaining her fun and jocular personality, deidra is getting serious! luv that for her! her dynamic with torrance is great, even tho she knows he’s not being realistic about the games rn. and now we have emeric and isobel! this definitely shakes things up! loved how deidra interacted with emeric, it showed off a softer side. love how deidra is seeing right through isobel, but can’t really do surging about it rn. omg these two boys have no clue what’s going on lol. definitely think this new alliance is gonna come down to isobel vs deidra! so i’m excited for that!

bethan - loved getting bethan’s perspective on this alliance. i really enjoy how frank they are with each other, it keeps them stable and on the same page. it’s refreshing to see how strategic they’re being rn, not forming an alliance simply based off of emotions. it’s also nice that they know what their role is, acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses. while the observation on elorah, venezia, and kendra is quite harsh...it makes sense lol. yes for common interests! and here comes nuria...good on bethan for not trusting her! perhaps they made a potential enemy tho? idk but this was a great section!

khiron - this was cute! khiron and adela seem to gel together naturally, even tho he’s playing her lol. it’s nice that he even recognizes that they probs would’ve been friends. their banter was super funny and just shows how fucked the kiddos from two are LMAO. khiron pretending to not know anders just shows how calculating they are! the TRUE masters of manipulation, novie who? kiani was great here too, sucks that she’s on the outs! khiron and anders are playing this perfectly, so i wonder what they need to talk about? i’m hype tho!

hmmm...i would honestly consider tegan, isobel, deidra, and elorah!

can’t wait for the next update!
5/29/2020 c9 2neb88
god kosmin is such a fun character, what a good boy. I really am liking kendra so far, she seems fun and somewhat carefree, but also shes ready to get down to business and not play around, taking this shit seriously, planning. god kosmin is such a mess, i love him so much, catch me showing up to training late cause I slept in ahaha. I love the idea of emeric just fucking crushing someone with a giant metal ball ahaha. I really enjoyed the interaction between kiana and kosmin. idk I feel like I still dont quite have a grasp on kiana, like bitch why are you here, did I miss something? ahaha I feel like I need to see another pov from her before I pass my judgement. damn kosmin really aint the sharpest tool in the shed huh :( idk how he'd do in the arena on his own

deidra, I appreciate her, shes kinda got the jokester attitude but unlike torrance is a lot more in the zone. shes taking it a lot more seriously than him it seems, but I guess we'll have to wait and see another pov from him! it seems like the girls are all in it to win it, and the boys are just big dumb idiots ahahaha. ISOBEL what a scam, i respect her, shes got this shit all figured out, picking out the dumb strong men and wrapping them around her little fingers, deidra obviously aint sold on her, but honestly I feel like out of the two of them, isobel would come out on top. overall the four of them could be a strong alliance if they get their act together.

I like bethan, shes a dumb bitch and she knows it ahaha, I really love her and han together, I was a bit unsure about them at first but like their bluntness and realness with eachother is comforting. like they'll both help eachother for now but you know they'd fucking leave the other to rot if something happened ahah. hmmm nuria really tried huh, i was honestly a little worried that they would accept her into their alliance and like I didnt think they should cause she definitely wouldn't have fit in nicely and set off the balance so Im glad they said no tbh, I wonder if she'll end up going back to luca? I also wonder if she holds grudges lol

khiron is just very meh, he's nothing that i haven't seen before, what does interest me though is the relationship between him and anders. The two of them are working really hard to keep the career alliance in line and keep themselves in the best position they can, its definitely making for an interesting career dynamic. Im interested to see where this alliance end up going, I feel like everyone other than distict 1 is kinda settling so I hope they step up and make a mark.

great first training chapter! I loved the progression of the day going by, with like kosmin waking up, then lunch break, then heading back up, it all flowed nicely and felt cohesive. HONESTLY I love the name caspian so much, like I named a d&d character I made caspian (cas for short) and have just been in love with the name ever since, catch me naming every other thing caspian, deadass. looking forward to the next chapter! :)
5/29/2020 c9 22District11-Olive
Hello training we loving it so far. Long POVs are fine for training like there is a lot to cover okay we can forgive.

Kosmin: Honestly it makes sense that people shouldn't really want to be third wheel to a district pair like even if they don't know each other there is always going to be that little bit of loyalty just based on district. I loved the exchange with Kiani like a Career being nice to an outer district is almost unheard of, though she was messing with him a bit. I wonder what this already tells us about how cohesive the Careers will be this year. Anyways, he is pretty awkward and nervous but I expect he'll get more comfortable as it's only been like 10 minutes.

Deidra: I love the gentle giant trope right now so I am into Torrence but I also like Deidra's realistic take where she is trying to find allies that will benefit her and not just pick someone she likes. I like the dynamic that is building up where the girls don't necessarily trust each other but they both see the boys as being assets because of their strength. I wonder if they'll grow to like each other or one will split?

Bethan: They're a pretty cold pair but it's honestly what I find most realistic about them. Sure bonds will be formed in the arena based on desperation but I think relationships like this are probably more common. Neither trusts the other with their life but for now they can help each other survive. I wonder if they'll grow closer or just do as they say and eventually split off when their goals no longer align. I like the dynamic, it's different.

Khiron: This pair sure is interesting like they have this planned right down to practicing sentences. I feel bad for D4 though I am still wondering whether they see through it or are actually buying what D1 is selling as much as they believe they are. I will be really interested to see what happens when one of D1 inevitably bites the dust, will the other be as put together as they are right now? They seem to pride themselves on being ready but I'm not sure they are ready for that reality. This could be some good drama in the future.

I think about this way too much despite never wanting a human spawn in my life OK. Out of the names for this story I think the only ones I would consider are the more classic ones that I hear irl- Adela, Tegan, Isobel. I like Luca as a name but I'm too annoyed by my own tribute to ever consider that again so. Honestly THG has ruined a lot of names for me because I've either written tributes with that name or submitted them and they ended up doing something dumb.
5/29/2020 c9 recklessinparadise
I feel like I’m always so late in reviewing this story honestly but I’m here now so let’s get to itttttttttttttt

Kosmin: I literally just feel so bad for Kosmin in that he really can’t escape what happened at the Reaping, can he? However, its clear that Kendra and Kosmin have formed such an easy and dynamic bond between them, so hopefully them splitting up during training doesn’t lead to Kendra finding a new alliance and forgetting all about poor Kosmin. I was shook at how easy Kiani and Kosmin got on and how well their personalities gelled, considering they’re about as different as two people can be; I think if they continue to interact occasionally, I’ll end up rooting for them to become the surprise alliance of the Games XD

Deidra: Deidra was so joyful in her previous POV, so I’m glad that we got to see a more serious, realistic side to her. I love the alliance between Torrance and Deidra, even if Deidra know she’s only allying with him because she thinks he doesn’t have it in him to become Victor; however, I do feel that Deidra will still be utterly devastated if he does indeed die while they’re allied together. The possibility of Emeric and Isobel joining Deidra and Torrance makes me apprehensive, because I just know how sad I’ll be if and when the alliance starts struggling; that’s literally too much cuteness for me to handle, I think.

Bethan: One thing I loved with this POV is the contrast between Torrance and Deidra’s alliance and Bethan and Han’s alliance; it seems the two Ten tributes have found themselves in very different situations. I, for one, like when an alliance is just an alliance and not a friendship; they both don’t care about each other, just what the other person can bring to the table to help further their individual survival. I feel like even if the two of them are brutally honest with one another, either of them could backstab the other in the blink of an eye, which adds to drama to a seemingly simple alliance that I am HERE for XD

Khiron: Ooof, Khiron and Anders have a plan that none of the other Careers know about, don’t they? I feel like Anders is benefitting so much from having Khiron as a partner, considering he’s using his observant nature to make her more likeable to the other Careers. I liked the moments between Khiron and Adela, even if it seems that Adela doesn’t really get just how deadly it is for her to share secrets with Khiron. The Careers aren’t attracting my focus like they usually do, and I don’t really know why. However, I do feel like that the further they get in training, the relationships between all of the Careers will become much more complex and considering Khiron and Anders have their own alliance within the Career alliance, there’ll be much more drama and tension to the pack when they enter the arena.

I don’t think I’d name any of my kids any of the names from this story to be honest, just because I’m literally so picky when it comes to names lol

This was gloriousssssssss, update soon pls!
5/29/2020 c9 2Remus98
Kosmin: still loving this guy. Kendra is starting to worry me a bit though. She’s not gonna pull a Harland on him right? (For Evergreen reference). I hope they start training together tomorrow. Venezia, and maybe Elorah, would be good additions i guess, but i’m kinda vibing with the d5 pair on their own right now. Maybe i’ll change my mind whilst i see them all together as a threesome/foursome.

Deidra: she’s the definition of my conflicted-ness (is that a word?). Every other sentence, I’m loving her, and every other sentence, I’m super annoyed. There’s is something genuinely likable about her. What she did for that girl back in her districts at the reapings, although in the aftermath of some really horrible words, and the way she treated Emeric this chapter makes my heart melt. It really makes me want to love her so bad. But then she reminds me of her lack of a filter. And that she doesn’t seem to let one thought go through her head before blurting out something that really rubs me the wrong way. So so so conflicted.

Bethan: I don’t know what everyone else is on about. I love this. The no bullshit approach feels very fresh to me, unique even. And now I’ve totally changed my mind of Nuria joining them. I know I said last chapter that would be awesome, but now that I’ve seen an interaction between the three of them, maybe not so much. We need no fake liars up in here! (Maybe Nuria would be a better fit with someone like Novie?). Hopefully she won’t be a problem in the arena. Stay away from my precious Han!

Khiron: ending on a fun note! The careers are super interesting, especially the rift that’s forming. District 1 and district 4 definitely feels like the big players (Kiani talking to Kosmin was probably my favorite interaction this entire chapter, wrong POV but who cares), district 4’s just bobbing in the waves (pun intended). I wonder if Adela saw through Khiron or if she genuinely fell for his lies?

Love: Khiron, Kosmin
Neutral: Bethan
Conflicted: Deidra

There are some names that I really like on paper, a lot of them coming from this story - Nuria, Kendra, Kosmin, Novie, Deidra, Elorah - but I certainly wouldn’t name a child after any of those. I guess a lot of that has to do with me not living in a country where a lot of English-sounding names are very popular, though. I also like Tristan a lot (which I myself named a tribute once) and that’s a name that doesn’t actually sound so shabby in swedish, so that could certainly be an option ;)

Update soon!
5/29/2020 c9 A M4D TE4-P4RTY
Kosmin: He seems so overwhelmed by everything. I mean, Kendra ditching him at the last moment before they went down probably didn't help to allay his nerves at all. Does she even want to team up with Nuria, or why's she so bothered what she thinks? Or is it just an excuse to get rid of Kosmin? He didn't make the greatest impression at the reaping after all. That can't have helped him get sponsors! Perhaps she's regretting teaming up and wants the chance to go back on it now? Kiani is interesting here - does she want a break from the other careers or is it a strategy to assess the other tributes? Unfortunately, I think it's probably the former :D

Deidra: Deidra really has a type (in terms of allies XD) - sweet, mischievous, strong boys. I can already see this alliance being a lot of fun to read about. I think Deidra and Isobel each have an agenda, although I'd say Isobel has the edge and will probably take the lead in this alliance. Deidra has to work just a little bit hard to convince herself that the boys are useful and that she is NOT friends with them. Some great interactions in this alliance. Torrance and Emeric are sweeties and will definitely help to keep things positive in the arena. Hopefully they remember there may not be paper in the arena, so they come up with at least some form of nonverbal communication. And hey, if they're trying to be stealthy some basic signing might really come in handy!

Bethan: I feel like Han's using Bethan and pretending there's no bullshit between them. This is the hunger games, there's always bullshit! As Bethan admitted herself, she's not the brightest and Han is, so she clearly hasn't seen he's using her. For her strength and probably also to hide behind. She's so going to end up with a knife in the back from Han if they make it far enough for her to no longer be useful. I wonder if Bethan's also made an enemy out of Nuria. She certainly didn't seem too happy when they turned her down. Elorah seems to be doing about as badly as I thought she might from the blog... poor thing! But maybe Venezia and Kendra or someone else will end up taking her on as an ally? Otherwise I think her chances are pretty low...

Khiron: Well the D1 tributes have a game plan. And so far they seem to be pulling it off and it working for them. I say SEEM to be pulling it off, because who knows what the others may have noticed. I doubt it though - training separately, not looking too close or like they really know each other... I don't think anyone at this point would suspect Khiron and Anders of trying to formulate some master plan between them. The alliances within the career alliance are interesting and i don't know, I wonder if they might possibly shift again? I can't see Khiron and Anders being able to pull this off completely without anyone suspecting and if the other careers do smell a rat...
5/28/2020 c9 4BradiLain
Kosmin really did it for me in this chapter, I think. I felt awful for him when Kendra wanted to split off - it's like when you're told in class to pair up and you've got two friends but they pick each other over you. I can relate, the sympathy is strong. It's also super nice to see a Career have a bit of conversation with someone who isn't a Career that doesn't boil down to them being a jerk. I feel like sometimes we forget that the Careers are people too, and they can have interactions with the outer districts without it needing to be provocative. Plus it was nice for him to get both ends of the stick - have somebody abandon him and then somebody unexpected join him. I like it.

Emeric is such a sweetheart, it makes my heart warm whenever we see him. I know that I'm not a fan of Isobel, though, so I think that this little grouping of four will be a good one for Emeric overall. Deidra and Isobel could have some great girl drama down the line, I'd definitely enjoy seeing that. Both of the boys are more... Well, they're not as bright as the girls here to say it nicely. But I like the dynamic between the four of them so far. It's possible that they'll still drift different ways, but if they all allied together I wouldn't be opposed to that.

Bethan and Han training wasn't my favorite part, but that's to be expected. I'm sure that the pair is more of other reader's cups of tea. I'm also not a big fan of Nuria, so there wasn't anybody in that small stretch that I was rooting for. The Careers was kind of similar for me - although, I do find the idea that they're trying to kind of round up against part of the normal pack intriguing. I feel like they'd be safer as a bigger group, but I suppose I'm not much of a strategic mastermind myself. I like almost all of the Careers, so I look forward to seeing their connections grow and warp.

Big oooof, I feel like none of the tribute names in this specific story have names I would consider for a child, but I also feel like I constantly change my name preferences. So I might like a name one day and then detest it the next week. Lmao.

Mine: Adaire
Love: Tegan, Emeric, Shoal, Corvin, Anders
Like: Venezia, Elorah, Kosmin, Khiron, Torrance, Kiani
Neutral: Adela, Luca, Kendra, Han, Rion, Lycas, Deidra
Dislike: Aristide, Bethan, Isobel, Novie, Nuria
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