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8/6/2020 c18 10nevergone4ever



im so fucking sorry kdnfslsjfndsk i HAV4NT REVIEWED YOU IN SO LONG BUT THAT ENDS NOW..

8k words tho u really tryna kill me huh

also disclaimer i did read over the last chapter about three times but i must admit i was under a certain influence when i read it so i might need to go back and reread bc im seeing this and im like LMFSQJD WHEN DID THEY GET INTO A ZOO!

kosmin and kendra. the rabid gorilla LMEDSFD i cant... but his lil section was honestly so interesting how it bounced between kosmin being up in dreamworld missing kitsey and kendra being like bitch move it or lose it! i love this bitch so much but he simply is just not built for these games... yet he remains one of my favs and if he dont make it far ima be mad. however the latter events of this chapter make me think hes gonna be a goner soon so im like emo

enough time to knit a fucking sweater and get out... IM DYING kevin literally where do you come up with these phrases

kendra's bit about fighting back at the punks on the playground, her dad's little speech, paralleled with her fighting the gorilla was done very nicely. good work on that. shit dont look GOOD for kendra and kosmin O_O also i literlly cant fathom a two story fall like eeque not for me. at least they have each other! i really do think kendra's growing on me with each new pov. she's definitely a bruh girl.

anders... baby girl. been a while since we heard from this one. the way she hates avocados because they remind her of the people she never got to be ugh my heartstrings! she and kiani are literally iconic... the fucking charcuterie board and brie and avo toast like damn girl is hungry. makes sense that whenever pad and i play as kiani and anders in salem we always make top 2... heart eyes! and LMEFDSJ adela and khiron :/ everything about this alliance is so damn fragile even inside the "inner" alliances. im tweaked...

adela and kiani. "we need to talk." "we are talking." kiani is so DIM IM SCREAMINGGGGGG I LOVE HER

venezia being spared... hmm something here doesn't sit right to me but honestly i live for the venezia and han collaboration that's been so prevalent throughout this story i'm here for it. i like him better without bethan, i like her better with han. it just works out! and the cloth lizard mutt things... kevin i'm going to need you to explain to my dumbass how cashmere teeth work. are u insinuating... cashmere67 tried to kill venezia... ahahahaa ;))))))))

luca's section... literally art. you write so good idk how you do it... especially when ur so stupid otherwise... make it make sense physics boy! enough of the ego inflation... but yeah really really really good. it made my heart hurt for luca... he's always been so jokey and casual and light-hearted but this fleshed him out really well, and i enjoyed the comparison to how he views corvin and novie as two pieces of a puzzle... a lock and key... a tango... tango down... and boy's got some THOUGHTS brewing up in his head! imagine if luca's the one to destroy this alliance and not mister manipulator... id laugh

kiani's section. kevin i have so many feelings about this. like this was SO WELL WRITTEN I COULDNT REMOVE MY EYESSSS and anyways enough praise for u again! but no really like the buildup was just sooo fucking intense and tense all at the same time. the wires hint. i was so confused when i first read it but then... of course it made sense. it felt like everyone was thinking the exact same thing but nobody was gonna say it. and then anders being long lost and kiani and khiron having their little tousle of words... i can't explain it but i could read it like a movie with some ominous shit in the background. then their final battle. literally what the fuck... what the FUCK I LIKED KHIRON SO MUCH AND YOU DID THIS FOR WHATTTTT. so good. such a good death scene. im mad he went so early but like i cant be mad because it's one of the greatest death scenes i've seen in such a long time that i just have to appreciate it for what it is.


you're okay, part two. the remix.

naw i cant stand you

i'm happy it's aristide that's alive and not shoal. i feel like aristide is more of a wild card which can lead to better development later on in the story. plus obviously you're making kiani out to be a key player, very deep run character (id say top 5 if not top 3) and he's her greatest connection so... obvi he's gotta stick around for a bit. plus, he's got good banter with adela. inch resting. and kosmin's got yellow eyes huh... i know hes like half wildebeest at this point but kevin have u ever considered that maybe he just has jaundice :/ its americas silent killer

lycus leaving tegan... cmon now :/ i aint like her or anything but RUDE ASL... and the octopi im dying those are freaky enough as it is imagine those bitches CRAWLING towards you

tegan and lycus are now at a very weird standpoint. i literally just said i didn't like tegan a sentence ago but after rereading her pov im like... damn... shes kind of a baddie! lycus no longer has the upper hand and tegan's growing into herself. now i see why you kept her past the bloodbath. i like where this development is headed, and i'm interesting to see how long their dynamic will last.

in danger predictions: kendra, kosmin, adela, corvin novie.

kendra and kosmin because of the obvious - one of them is def gonna die in that animalistic frenzy. maybe a career if they're stupid enough to run in, but judging by the end of aristide's pov i don't think they'll engage themselves.

adela because she's the outsider to d2 and she's served a solid purpose - don't really know where she'd go from here. i can see d2 going down the d1 route and turning on her, truthfully.

corvin and novie because luca's got a damn plan and im WAITING to see who he turns on!

this story... taking over my life truly. i felt so many emotions during this chpter idk... UPDATE SOOOOOOON IM IN LOVE WITH THE 8K CHAPTERS ESP WHEN YU MAKE THEM SEEM SO SPOOOOKY

bye bitchass
8/6/2020 c18 2Remus98
Kendra and Kosmin managed to get out, after all. This is such a wild arena, there’s a new twist around every corner, and somehow the tributes are faring considerably well. Not all of ’em, but a lot of encounters have ended in an injured escape so far. I’m impressed. Kosmin continues to be such a cute little nugget. I love how he still reminds us of Kitsey every opportunity he gets. Ever so high Kitsey. I hope she does take good care of his grandmother, if she’s anything like Kosmin, she sure deserves it. I’m praying that bobcat didn’t do too much damage. Or else Kendra is going to find it and tear every limb clean off its body. Her anger is a good asset to have, especially in instances like this. I think i wouldn’t like it very much if it was directionless, but the protective origin it stems from makes it feel more genuine. I like that we got a reason to why she gets her outbursts this chapter, and some backstory with her father as well. Love these kiddos.

Anders, i’m sorry I ever made fun of your name. I feel like shit now. We love a forehead queen, though! You, Tyra Banks and Angelina Jolie can be the Charlie’s Foreheads, how ’bout that? All jokes aside, the depth she provided here came at the exact right time, because Anders was starting to fade into the background for me. I like that her shell is starting to crack, how did Kiani not notice? I never saw her being a basic avocado bitch, maybe my judgement was clouded by how wonderful a person she’s been to basically everyone she’s met. I do have something to relate to Anders with now tho… I hate avocado also.

Adela, remember when I said you and Shaol were a hindrance to the careers turning on one another? I take that back, you’re the motha-f:ing catalyst. Omg I love her so much. Blow Khiron’s lies out of existence!

Venezia was doomed to betray her allies at some point after Elorah’s death. She didn’t cope with their loss the same way Kendra and Kosmin did, their dynamics didn’t really benefit either party. I can see why she did what she did, it’s horrible but I see the rationale. Selfish, perhaps, but still understandable. That breakdown she had with the fabric crocodiles at least shows she’s got regrets about it. And now she’s united with Han! The two of them might not have been good for each other back in the capitol, but I think they’re a better match than their former alliances. They understand their district partner in a way that neither Bethan nor Kosmin/Kendra/Elorah did. The thought of them fighting side-by-side, aided by Han’s rainbow knights, is something I didn’t know I needed. Fuck, Kevin you’re making such wonderful choices!

Luca, I agree. I would rather they both crash and burn, but not before the kiss I’ve been longing for since they first met. Kevin, the clock is ticking! I need that smoosh. Anyway, Luca did the right choice leaving, both for his own good and because I don’t like his allies. Novie has always been a hatable villain, Corvin almost sunk to his level for what he did to Nuria. Now they can wallow in misery whilst Luca thrives on his own. Run Luca Run; Run away; Run to the Hills, Run run run - I’m out of song references :(

Kiani just did that. Well, Kiani and Adela. I knew she wasn’t just some basic avocado bitch. Eat your heart out, Anders. This wasn’t how I thought the career showdown would play out but I’m certainly not angry about it. I started out loving Khiron, he lilted somewhat in the middle, and he was a lovable bad guy towards the end. I’m not glad to see him to, per se, but I’m happy he won’t be around to screw up the plans for my lovelies from district two. You had a good run, baby boy. I’ll miss you for the good times w/Anders.

I hate seeing Aristide in this mood. He deserves so much better than the shit his parents have put him through, he deserves to live and long and happy life with his sister. The explosion that killed Shaol and Torrance really did a number on him, though. Understandably. The PST is starting to take a toll. Also, where did Anders go? She was chasing them and then… gone? Idk why, but her running frantically around in a forest with her sword held high kinda gives me Pennywise vibes? Was she screaming ”Egg boy!” too?

Kosmin seemed to have been affected by that freaking bobcat after all. Fuck this! I’m glad Kiani tried to protect them after all their fun together in the capitol, but I’m not sure it’ll do any good. Poor little Kos :(

Lycus! Ahhh, I want to be angry with him, but obviously he’s not in the best of mental states, so it feels unjustifiable to berate him with negativity. He’s in a bad head-space, he titles himself a ’bad person’ and then uses that as an excuse to leave Tegan behind. I mean… you do what you gotta do, but maybe go see a psychologist if you win? His self-loathing is good for neither him nor the people around him. In a sense, i’m glad that Tegan saved him in the end, if only for the epiphany she had. You go girl! You are not just a low training score, you are a queen of cutting down octupi! Excited to see where these two go from here.

Who’s in trouble? Maybe Anders, whose alone. There’s definitely something up with Kosmin.

Update soon!
8/5/2020 c18 2neb88
AHHHH what a way to start the chapter! poor kosmin he's really such a helpless boy and I love him so much. its pretty adorable that he's still thinking of kitsey. honestly this all sounds terrifying, crazy mutt animals breaking out, trying to kill, and then the door! venezia really snapped damn! I was kinda thinking she might be dead when they got down, but this is so fucked, like I love kosmin and kendra, but I kinda get where venezia was coming from, they were pretty much dead weigth, and shes kinda spiraling :(

bruh I really though kosmin was gonna die here ;_; i love this development for kendra now though, and kosmin too. kendra aint here to fuck around anymore, I think venezia fucking them over is going to make her take this all a lot more seriously. I wonder how kosmin is gonna react to it, if he's gonna be able to step it up too? seems like they both got a little battered but at least they're alive, definitely hoping for a kendra venezia showdown at some point!

I've always kinda liked anders, but I definitely started to like her a bit more in this pov. I feel like this is exactlly the kind of snapping I wanted to see from her in the games! she comes across as so poised in the capitol, like she knows exactlly how to win, and what she needs to do, but shes starting to to slip again, I feel like one more thing going wrong might push her over the edge. LMAO i fucking cackled and the avocado toast and the charcuterie board, kiani is HUNGRY. I definitely get how anders feels about kiani, because I too dont know why kiani is here, they're also so different, its intereesting to see how much anders almost envy's her. hmmm I wonder how the plan will change, and where the fuck is aristide its been like a day right? lmao

yes queen! see thru these fake bitches! I knew adela could never do anything wrong! ouuu I wonder how this is gonna go now? since like, kiani is a dumb bitch and does know what going on ahah

ooof venezia is in shambles! shes really kinda lost it emotionally, orinially I wouldve said shed be one of the strongest characters emotionally, but I guess she really isnt cut out for this. its interesting that the mutts went after her, Im guess cause she failed to kill kendra and kosmin. it makes sense that that would be unfavourable for her, like if she succeed she would get rewarded, if not she gets punished sorta situation. ahhh the inevitable han venezia reunion! Im kinda surprised i happened so soon but I guess after what happened it makes sense! I think that the two of them can make a really strong pairing if venezia can keep it together, we'll see though!

uh oh luca is PISSED! like fair enough, this alliance, (well literally all the alliances really) is such a mess, and ya now that nuria is gone hes really in a vulnerable position, though I can't really imagine corvin or novie just outright killing him tbh. I wonder what luca's gonna do! is he gonna make his move yet or hold out a bit longer? definitely a tough call, I feel like he definitely can't survive on his own right now like with his fucking concussion ahaha, but obviously staying with them puts him in a really vulnerable spot too, hmmm I wonder how corvin and novie are feeling about nurias death too? like are they glad she gone or does novie want more people to use as shields? I feel like maybe corvin could be feeling a bit regretful maybe? hmmm

YES! ok well first of all, this all rough for kiani, all this information is too much for a dumb bitch like her ahaha. Im glad shes started to piece it all together though and make some plans. the career showdown already! I was gonna say its been far too long since we've had a career die, but khiron getting blown to fucking bits more than makes up for it. :) also why does kiani have a fucking lawn chair lmao, this bitch is a messs aha. glad she came out on top, lets see how the others fare though.

bruh why is adela so smart, she really said, khiron said a white lie to me, guess I have to make this elaborate plan to blow him up :/ awe man, like I really dont care that much abotu aristide but it really is super sad to see him in this mental state, idk how much longer he'll last when hes physically and emotionally pretty fucked up. damn this is so wack, how did adela become like, the leader of the careers? oh nooo poor kosmin :( has he got like mutt rabies? kiani keeping her promise though! this is going to be interesting! I wonder if kosmin can be saved?

ooouuu! I was gonna say I feel like it only makes sense for lycus to leave teagan since she absolutely is dead weight, so Im glad to see that he was going to, excited to see where this all goes though, is tagan gonna be able to step it up and save him?

teagan queen! I gotta say as much as I love teagan, I couldnt really see her like realistically making it much further in her currenty state, but shes fucking snapped now! shes sick of playin games. Im definitely interested to see how she goes from here, if she can keep up this strong attitude, and what parts of her while stay the same, and what might bring out her old self. definitely interested to see what happens between her an lycus now, since currently they do seem like a fairly capable duo rn!

ouu what an exciting chapter! so much drama going down and lots of cool mutts, Im loving it! so much set up for the next chapters too which is super exciting, can't wait to see what luca does, is kosmin ok? what the fuck did anders go, han and venezia reunion? definitely a fun chapter, it was long, but you kept me totally entertained and on edge the whole time, and I love that we're seeing so much of all the tributes, they all seem to be getting their fare share or screen time and development, making them all really seem like important characters! hmm in danger? maybe aristide, corvin or novie, and kosmin? lmao those all seem like obvious cop out answer ahah. just kill of all the remaining guys I guess lol. lets throw deidra into the danger category just to spice it up. really excited for the next update! :) good luck on your physics final!
8/5/2020 c18 1tear that cherry out
another long ass review on its way... you rly have ur foot on my neck

ok i hate you so much… genuinely so much… just because you’re killing me with this writing but its so GOTDAMN GOOD. idk what it is about it but your ability to capture action along with the tributes’ thought process is so impressive because it builds up so many emotions that you can just feel the tension and the relief and the horror and ? everything that needs to be felt in a scene like this. even the moments where kosmin was like UGH! yay! almost there and venezia shall be waiting – its so good bc we already know the suss… you’re hinting it to us but still taking us on this experience with kosmin… im eating it up! kiani come save them!

ok bitch you’re fucking lucky… once again, this was such a good action scene. not the best time for an anecdote in terms of my own peace of mind – i was unsure of whether that was her send-off or something to drive her forward, and thankfully it was the latter. fuck venezia! im very glad d5 escaped and you wrote it so well. this opens a good plotline as well as a strong path of development for kendra especially, and who doesn't love a bit of revenge? kendra wants venezia’s head on a stick, and im excited to see where you take this storyline next!

not kiani making a charcuterie board during the hunger games… i love her sm
i… really liked this pov from anders. obviously im biased against her just because she holds so much spite for kiani, but this section was especially poignant in fleshing out anders’ character – underneath the robotic nature of hers is the deep insecurity rooted in her jealousy of baddies like kiani. its ok… i get it… ppl hate me too bc im a baddie. so it makes sense. but yes! you gave her vulnerability that was doused in anger, and you also gave the d1 tactics a lil slip up… i cant imagine adela would be flippant enough to brush that under the rug.

AND ADELA HAS CHOSEN. im excited. i've been waiting so long for this omg. i knewwwww that she wouldn’t be silly enough to just ignore the little hint she was accidentally provided, and now shes here to knock some sense into kiani. im intrigued. im nervous. lets get into it!

ok… FUCK. kevin i hate you. i was so sure that i didn't like venezia for a moment there and you completely turned that upside down and … made her a favourite? how the fuck? what the fuck…
anyways VENEZIA. this was so good i cant. obviously last chapter i was like ugh! the negativity! but even now shes admitting to convincing herself she hated d5 so much for self-preservation more than anything… and then the inner-conflict of knowing that shes been faking for so long… and the vulnerability of it all… and the reunion with han… and its just so good. venezia ate this up ngl fuck d5 we’re team d6 now! (not really but ugh this was so good)

kevin… ok luca… once again? this pov was so good. i was excited to see where luca’s perspective was at because he has always been a character that you just cannot predict – his next move is always a big fat question mark and thats what makes him so exciting. but he also has this really strong sense of pragmatism that grounds him and keeps his eyes on the prize – hes just a really amazing balance of fun and focused, and i also loved the little glimpses of vulnerability that also highlight just how insightful he is. im hoping that he spices up this group dynamic even more! who would've thought that LUCA would be the driving force of this story ugh i love it.

kevin i hate you so fucking much im actually sick
? this happened so quickly i thought i had AT LEAST A CHAPTER TO WAIT? TO MENTALLY PREPARE? like im not one to get caught up on the death of my tribute but the SUSPENSE OF IT ALL? SINCE WHEN DID KIANI KNOW HOW TO BLOW PPL UP? oh my god this was so stressful… you write this story like its a horror movie truly. the little details of khiron moving closer and closer to her. AND HE JUST SHOOTS AT HER OUT OF NOWHERE? literally this whole thing was wild and all my thoughts are jumbled but im so glad that not only did kiani survive the pirate’s plundering… she WAS the pirate!

this story stresses me out sm… i knew that bite kosmin got was NOT good news but i pushed it to the back of my mind. ok but kiani is so funny all the time i cant… anyways. YEAH? fuck. once again, your writing abilities really shone here as you wrote aristide’s state of mind from everything going on. and we get a kiani/d5 reunion! not the type of reunion i was expecting but a reunion nonetheless. this story is so exciting.

and lycus is extremely self-loathing as usual. hes just kinda like… a mess altogether? his thoughts are so defined yet so incoherent and i enjoy it… sorry im exhausted from the last few povs i cant form legitimate thoughts.

and MS TEGAN. MS TEGAN. this is what i've been looking for… searching for… yearning for… praying for… and here we are. tegan rask I LOVE HER. i love everything about this pov – the little anecdote, once again SCARING ME, as well as her inability to resist being a good person, and the pure fury that came with being sick and tired of being abandoned by everyone around her in this arena. she is no longer the fragile, idealistic girl that i fell in love with… but she remains the apple of my eye. amazing.

i also really like the recurring theme of tributes being punished for abandoning their allies… corvin and novie next, huh?

YUHHHH final 15! and d1 has been disassembled! idek if thats a word! kiani is injured but idc! she’s doing a good job. i am satisfied.

ok who do i believe is in most danger right now… kosmin bc he is FERAL. like literally. uhhhh corvin bc i feel like luca vs novie would be interesting. emeric maybe? just bc deidra is such a powerhouse and they didnt appear in this chapter. so yeah. kosmin corvin emeric

i loved this chapter. perhaps one of my favourites. keep up the good work babeyyy xx

kiss kiss!
8/5/2020 c18 22District11-Olive
These cliffhangers are the absolute death of me bu also so satisfying when you finally get to see what happened. Somehow the fact that the pods melted and didn't just open quickly makes this image all the more terrifying. If they had just opened, K/K would both be dead but now they have a chance and that makes it more nauseating to me because AHH RABID ANIMALS. DID VENEZIA LOCK THEM IN I AM SCREAMING IN MY ROOM ALONE WHAT JUST NO. And holy shit they actually got out I did not see this coming? I love it because now we have a revenge plot going as well, but also just can't believe they lived? Kos is obviously hurt but not dead yet is better than I expected from K/K.

We're getting a whole lot of history in these sections and I'm living for it. The moments that flash up in the tribute's minds as something is happening in the arena is so cute. Anders being bullied and mad at the world because of it- can't blame her really. Ou the career tension! They are so close to the 15 mark, so I wonder what they're changing about their plans? I don't even remember what their plan is (leave or like slaughter their allies?). I wonder if Adela will put some pieces together and realize Khiron is lying? I doubt it because it's a pretty small detail and Adela is dealing with the fallout from Shoal, but still. AND I WAS WRONG SHE DID SEE THE LIE. Can you tell I am live reacting to this chapter? It felt right but now you get a lot of random rambling so sorry about that.

I literally love this girl too much. The emotional side and the badass side just make such a dynamic character that i can't help falling in love. This was heartbreaking, the fact that she thought/knew the mutts were going to kill her as a punishment for betraying her allies. Han saving her... Idk how I feel about that because he really doesn't seem like the savior type. I wonder what they're dynamic is going to be honestly but I'm glad that Venezia has someone.

Dang my boy be plotting... This was such a good section for him like I never try and get attached to my tributes but here we are? He's been such a fun character up to last chapter, but now I see the bitterness and the almost insane 'playfulness' coming out and I have to say that it's a great choice. He kind of unnerved me with that switchblade but like, you do you boo. At least he knows where he stands? I'm still shocked that Novie didn't just kill him like honestly Luca needs Novie more than Novie needs Luca. I'd be excited to see if Luca can actually pull something off though.

Okay this Career breakdown happened so fast but I really love how unexpected it was! D1 changing their plans makes perfect sense and D2/Adela catching onto it all also bodes well. The explosion was insane! Did someone die? I have no idea. D5 appearance made this scene even more intense because like clearly the animals caused some kind of rapid rabies reaction in Kosmin that made him try and kill Kendra. It's sweet that Kendra wasn't trying to kill him, just stop him, especially when we know that this girl is a survivalist at heart. I see Kosmin being killed preeettttyyyyy quickly, but I wonder what they'll do with Kendra? She isn't part of their alliance but also they seem to kind of care?

I agree with Lycus leaving her... like sorry but Tegan is really useless and she's just been crying since the games started. He made a good choice honestly in calling out for help because without help they both could be caught by this WALKING OCTOPUS F-ING MUTT EXCUSE ME. Okay I was wrong. This girl just went through some mad speed development and killed a bunch of mutts while telling off her ally for leaving her. I could definitely see her being mad but like hell girl, you did that. I was also ready to leave her behind but I am slightly more intrigued now. Lycus is a coward though but at least he said the truth. We'll see where this pair goes, the seem about ready to blow up.

Honestly so many people are in danger sardhgrf. I will say Kosmin, Kendra, and Khiron? I also think like Venezia, Luca, Kiani, Aristide, and like basically everyone else is also in danger so idk man?
8/5/2020 c17 District11-Olive
I'm not letting myself read the next chapter without reviewing this one I legit refuse to do that to you. This was an absolutely amazing chapter and I read it the morning it came out but like... I'm a lazy piece of shit and reviewing is not a fun time.

I love Emeric so much like he is just the most adorable. Their reactions to Torrance being dead are understandable like they are very different people so the loss will affect them differently. I'm interested to see how long they last because there is such a difference and like Diedra doesn't seem to be as locked into this relationship.

So this bitch survived huh? I should have seen it coming because him dying would leave the Careers in much too nice of a position. Have to leave the D1/D2 sides even and now Adela is the one in the middle. I am excited to see that play out because she is not the scheming, power hungry type that Shoal seemed to be. I'm mad he survived because I liked both Torrance/Shoal better but like I get it.

I never really liked/noticed Han before this section but like man this is intense. He's in Emerald City but for how long will he be the king? I definitely can see him causing a little bit of chaos first, but I see his army turning on him. Yeah I'm intrigued this arena is intense.

Such a good section and a really good precursor to finding out a Career died like RIP. I like how the careers always assume it's not one of them when a cannon blows but like I guess they're trained to believe they're better than that. I feel for Adela here, she is very vulnerable after losing Shoal and then the section right after she is being manipulated so easily because baby is hurting. I am real interested to see what happens with this alliance because a major change of power has begun I believe.

These two were such iconic sections and like yes I am biased but that doesn't mean I didn't love it. The fact that Luca just up and BYE'd himself right out before anyone else is LEGIT- guess impulsivity and thoughtlessness has some merit in the arena after all. The fact that Corvin had to choose who would live or die was also intense. I obv expected him to pick Novie but for a second t seemed like he might actually pick Nuria. Nope, fam stole her axe and left her to die. Love that Nuria thinks Luca is in a position to get any sort of revenge on anyone, but like whatever cushions the fall honey. I see this as being very bad for Luca because the odds of him being straight up yeeted from that treehouse at the beginning of next chapter are pretty high. Good luck, son.

More arena exploration O.O. There is so much happening and I'm invested. I see Venezia being very on the outskirts of this alliance and honestly it would serve her better to just close the door and leave after the alarm starts so that'd be fun. You got me with the tiger, I straight thought Venezia was dead and I was really mad for a second? The fact that at least one of them is going to die over a bread basket is really funny but also horrible? Idk man.

Sorry about this awful review I will do better next chapter.
8/3/2020 c17 dyloccupy


shoal - omfg the mystery has been solved! while it’s sad to see shoal go, it makes sense why aristide survived. really loved his reaction to what happened and how his mental state has been shaken even further. he’s never been one of my faves, but this could be a turning point for him!

nuria - UGH of course she gets killedt when i was just starting to get attached. anyways! this was such an intense scene, i was living for the drama! corvin asking for nuria’s axe and then promptly saving novie was kinda savage LMAO. OBLITERATE THAT TWINK! lol luca is gonna destroy these hoes and i’m super excited!


deidra/emeric - OMG THIS WAS AMAZING! absolutely loved getting to see this side of deidra. she’s set on surviving, wanting to push through the pain of losing her friend but still allows herself to let out her emotions,,,iconic! emeric tried to help, but these two don’t share a hive mind anymore :(

han - what is dis hunny? FOR REAL THO this is such a cool development! this kid really has a whole army ready to destroy these hoes! we ready for war!

khiron/adela - so we all know that i luv snooty, manipulative brats,,,but for some reason i’m not vibing with khiron. maybe it’s bc he’s a bit more analytical and not overly emotional?! idk but i still enjoy hearing about his perspective on things. definitely have to appreciate his narration and what he brings to the story! for me tho, adela shined the most out of these two. she really hasn’t had that big of a presence, but with shoal gone, i see so much potential! curious to see how this career showdown unravels now.

d5/venezia - and venezia continues to spiral lol. so a zoo represents d10? very inch resting! she’s continuing to become negative and pretty hateful, which is starting to put me off tbh. i can understand her perspective tho! but maybe she’ll be able to smile bright like a diamond once kendra/kosmin get eaten by tigers LMAO. honestly don’t blame them for gettin trapped by bread bc same. can’t wait to see who survives this mess!

super excited for the next update :)
8/1/2020 c17 2sock-feet-and-stirring-sand
look at me go. another day another review baby!

deidra is mourning! as well she should. im surprised it hit her so fast. emeric has a different way of dealing with things clearly so it’s cool to see their conflicting approaches!

so aristide is our survivor? god the bit about knowing how to dodge HURT but makes sense! for all the terrible things he’s dealt with, they’ve taught him some valuable survival skills for sure!
I love the potential for development here. aristide’s obviously shaken but he has to persevere for the sake of himself and kiani. I love his toughness and I hope he sticks it out.

han is suddenly my favorite. idk why. I fucks with smart tributes especially when they’re on their own killing it like han. plus he isn’t this stereotypical nerdy boy like everyone makes “smart” tributes out to be. this fucking army is sick… i’m officially 100% team han now. do NOT fuck with him! excited to see who he shanks with all his soldiers.

adela adela adela. why do careers always fall victim to the classic “oh that death couldn’t have been one of ours we’re unstoppable” shit come on adela you know better!
this bit about storms and hurricanes was absolutely stunning, from the metaphor beginning with her grandfather and ending with shoal’s face in the sky. shivers!

I wanna like khiron! and I do. but at the same time i’m mad at him for using adela so much. I guess you do what you gotta do to survive but my mans is fake as hell so far this chapter. all the signs are pointing to adela being betrayed but at the same time, she’s not really on anyone’s side so far… it’s wild how many ways this career biz could go!

novie is lowkey evil but I gotta respect the survival tactics here. of course he’d see luca as a threat and not want him here, but he’s stuck. more acting from these kids— I should probably be impressed but im mostly stressed that they’re even ahead of ME at this point. novie honey what is going on!

listen. LISTEN.
I was about to be so pissed the careers kept missing. this is my pet peeve in games. like, if these hoes trained for years and years don’t you think they’d know not to make those mistakes? but nope they’re just outsmarting the kids and THAT is what I love to see.
and so many killer lines here! my favorite was about the arrow, “destined to kill without ever piercing skin”. then we have adela, taking khiron’s bow to finish the job, hell yeah!

nuria, obeying for once in her life. hell of an intro sentence.
and then! she’s fucking killed! that sucks for her, to be used for her axe…. that’s gotta be the worst. not just abandoned but USED! sorry I can’t get over this. corvin. WHY.

LMAO venezia is so done with kendra and kosmin’s bs it’s hilarious.
frickin hell I was gonna be PISSED if venezia went down here. she and han are my kids rn. obviously I also love luca, kos, kendra, adela, kiani, ok many many others but those 2? killing it. tgod you weren’t killing HER.
although. how long are those forcefields supposed to be set up…?

ok listen. I thought this was like a huge plan but u were just hungry for bread homie I was DYING
but also? this trap? stellar. stunning. killer. even though 2 of my favorite kiddos are here and at least one is dying. holy shit? more with the cliffs. you gotta stop my doctor says it’s bad for my blood pressure!

oo no questions? how else am I supposed to thoughtfully sum up a review? idk how people do these BUT. great great chap as always, my favorite so far! we had careers dying, careers hunting, betrayal, traps, and not even that many deaths so we can have even more action very soon! very well done :):)
8/1/2020 c17 5Axe Smelling God
Well this was surprising and I can’t imagine having to look at Deidra who has to hold up emeric now. I don’t see her keeping up with emeric too long without Torrance, she didn’t really sign up to be the leader but I can also see that she will stick with emeric for a while.
We can see that artiside has a lot on his plate and just imagine seeing an alliance member blow up like that. That was something I wasn’t expecting last chapter and now seeing all the implications of it can be seen as dangerous and then I’m looking at, how we get a sneak peek into the life of Art and how his father treated him. This was a great way to introduce the reasons why he does some food the things he does.
For Han I didn’t see much from his past point of views but this one has brought it home for me to appreciate him. He gave us a clear image of the arena and being observant is surely a skill that’s needed. Which I love seeing and how this is a way to make someone see that this is what is needed for the arena and having to make sure that you can make it through the arena.
Adela has some interesting way of seeing her alliance and that she could sense the present danger that is coming upon her group is frightening. This was a great way for us to see that she has a way of looking at her alliance and is thinking ahead which is useful.
Well that sucks I actually liked shoal and Torrance and for both of them to be gone is sad but the drama to come form this will be great. Especially with Deidra and the careers who are going to blame Art, since he was already on the fence with them anyway.
7/31/2020 c16 2sock-feet-and-stirring-sand
another review- feast up!

tragic to see emeric already so afraid… but you have to be! not being afraid enough will get you killed. so will being too afraid, but we’ll worry about that when he gets there.
his insecurity hurts… but it makes sense. it’s not just fun and games in the capitol with your allies all the time and then a dramatic shift in the arena, no, he’s had these worries for awhile and they’re coming out even more now. god I love him and I feel so much for him!

this line! about the sheep herder and the emotional barn… absolutely killer! does a really good job of summing up their relationship (at least from his perspective) and in a super creative way like… what? but it makes sense. ugh. I love it.
and impending career drama? im here for that too. let’s go.

kosmin and kendra’s relationship is one of my favorites in this games. the playfulness and the way they kinda complement each other a lot. the convo about kitsey and kendra’s dad killed me too, all their funny thoughts (you’re seriously killing me here). ugh. too pure.

and then venezia’s here, which the others have totally forgotten lmao. she’s not wrong to be a little bitter and resentful but she’s kidding herself if she thinks they’re not affected by this at all. ugh. I love her too I just want her to have someone to connect to!

luca! my king.
ok it’s interesting how everything here looks all good and fine and dandy! everyones laughing and chatting and then at the end we see they’re on two totally different pages. luca is obviously just like, fuck it, shit’s wild. and novie had darker thoughts than I expected! I wanna root for both of them… damn it. still pulling for luca cause he’s an icon, but I think novie stands a better chance.

the trees. this had me dying the first read through I did. “three. okay?”
luca with a pacifier. perfect.
and then more arena clues. I mean, we more or less know what’s going on with the arena….maybe… but do they? well, someone’s got a plan and that’s all I understood from her thought process. tbh she’s smarter than me so cant blame her for that.

tegan. hon. as a wise woman once said, big girls don’t cry.
this conversation quickly turned cold. tegan suddenly going… you’re not going to remember me? which, you know, is valid to be a little hurt by, but still. I guess she’s more emotional than him (obviously) so shed be more hurt by that realization, while he’d think very little of it.
intrigued by what’s to come of this alliance.

god I love careers.
aristide and shoal have this awesome dynamic that I could read forever. but we cant because they’ve gotta hunt!
I love this energy in this scene. the chaos that you’ve controlled so that we still know more or less who’s where and what’s happening, at least as much as torrance knows.
surprisingly brave for him…. but i’m proud.
and then- the factory.
god this happened out of nowhere and I loved it. two cannons rather than three— the suspense! you really gotta give us cliffhanger after cliffhanger, don’t you?

can’t answer these questions either but Ill answer for next chapter!
speaking of which I gotta go to work (imma probably be late but I had to review so…. they will understand!) and hopefully I can do the last review while im there (business is slow) but if not, tonight! I hope! (like I haven’t promised reviews for every story I’ve been neglecting…. cries in break the ice)

see u later!
7/31/2020 c15 sock-feet-and-stirring-sand
okay! fashionably late but I am here to finally review :):)

so isobel is our first to fall! not gonna pretend I liked her but it’s always a shock to see some of the more competent tributes fall right away and that was definitely the case with isobel. and ALMOST torrance but he just missed a fatal wound, thank god.
and yeah. cant blame them for leaving luca. it’s a bloodbath and they’ve made it this far— no need to risk everything for one more ally.

the BALLS on nuria goddamn. my bitch ass could never. corvin’s injured but guaranteed he’d take that wound any day over actually getting skewered by Four.

no bullshit indeed. han’s thinking for himself which you really gotta do once the gong rings (look at me acting like I have any sort of expertise on it). I loved that bit about him never needing much. he’s growing on me, for sure.

ok oh SHIT! loran’s down and the parallels to the day before were really stunning. it’s so easy to get immediately lost in the arena, i’d imagine, but everything in the capitol was only the day before for these tributes so naturally that connection is there. fuck. that sucks for venezia to see!

ugh I remember loving tegan in the capitol but now that she’s here she’s just so lost and it’s really sad. I mean to witness firsthand those deaths…. it’s awful. lycus, his reaction, was so heartbreaking. tegan’s already fucked up and we’re 5 minutes in.

anders is fucking killing it. I wanna hate her but she’s so cool goddamn! “i’m not here to drag along dead weight” is cruel but not out of place for the games…. I love her no-bullshit approach.

and here. we. go.
luca. the man the myth the legend.
honestly? surprised this is the first time I can remember seeing someone getting distracted and forgetting to kill a tribute. in the chaos of the bloodbath it makes sense!
“rest in peace bitch” I SCREAMED! kids a savage. honey she’s dead have some respect tho.
“yeah james bond watch your crown”. kev. get out of here with the quips homie.

I love the relaxed vibe of the careers when we absolutely KNOW it’s about to get all fucked up.
kiani is fucking hilarious too. good. no moping in her alliance!
listen…. when I saw this happen I was SHOOK! ik it’s dumb to review weeks later cause the shock is gone but…. it’s still iconic. demon child luca raising hell in the arena on day 1. this is what im here for.

and thank god luca doesn’t get automatically sniped that kid is the new mascot of this story. just put his face as the fic cover. rip bethan though... she should have just picked up the bag! smh. that’s what u get for being mean.

who surprised me most: luca absolutely. also surprised batman went down! and nuria, the tennessee titans are calling, they need a new player and it’s you apparently.
I can’t say who’s in the most danger because a) i’ve read the next chapter and b) I totally forget who dies next and to guess right is annoying and to guess wrong is just embarrassing. OOP

ok see u in a few!
7/27/2020 c17 1tear that cherry out
hey zaddy

luv being ur beta bc that means i get all the scandal before everyone else .. xx ur the alpha :*

yay! i've been waiting for a section from deidra’s perspective, and this… just solidifies her as one of my favourite characters in this entire story? you do such an amazing job at showcasing the vulnerability that the games brings to even the brightest of personalities, and this moment with deidra… it really showcased just how much she cared but also how determined she is to push through the pain and the heartbreak to win. letting out all of her emotions, but still keeping a tunnel-vision towards the end goal. im not sure if thats going to be her saving grace or her downfall, but either way, im absolutely loving deidra and her position in this story right now.

aristide… thank god. thank GOD. what i loved about this section was the missing pieces that you filled in so well – aristide’s ability to escape so quickly because of the way he was raised and his training, especially. it made sense. and im glad he managed to survive, because already we’re seeing the strong glimpses of self-loathing and disappointment that we can associate with aristide. nonetheless, this could be a wake up call for himself, and perhaps launch him forward in this story – of course, he is one of my favourite characters as an individual, but as a whole he does admittedly fade into the background compared to stronger personalities. so im hoping he can use this as a launchpad into greatness!

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO? okay… your decision to keep han alive instead of bethan confused me at first…. but now its making a whole lot of sense. this is so cool? this is quite exciting? the arena as a whole is very innovative and quite extraordinary, which im really enjoying, but THIS? a loyal army of SOLDIERS? to fight alongside han – who i must admit has become very captivating in his own narration throughout this story, and i feel like the voice you’ve given him really complements your writing. this is fun. im excited. im also ready for war babey!

the ending of adela’s pov… really just wrapped it up so perfectly. very poetic! x anyways, adela herself hasn't been too big of a contender for biggest voice in this story so far, but maybe that will play to her favour – the game she is playing seems to be vigilant and tactical, which i can respect! her only ‘true’ ally was shoal, and now hes gone, so i feel like this could allow adela to be quite a wild card in this alliance. what side is she going to take? how should i know?! something inside of me is telling me d1 though.. and for that i am SCARED bc i feel like aristide dodged the pirate’s plundering so now it’s kiani’s turn :o

okayyyy mr ancello. its frustrating because tributes like khiron do tend to agitate me a little – i’m not really a huge fan of the intentionally and tactically manipulative type of tributes, but i must admit that it does give khiron a really unique stance in this story and it makes his own narration that little bit more interesting. he captured it really perfectly with the chess game metaphor – hes playing a very precise and tactical game, and though hes lost a chess piece, hes already pouncing on the next opportunity to gain the upper hand. UGH!

and much like khiron, novie is ALSO playing a very tactical game with his alliance – that much we were already aware of, but i liked how strongly it reflected khiron’s own approach – though that means both aren't quite as unique as i thought, it still allows both of their narrations to be super fun to read as you contrast their thoughts to their actions. its fun! im excited to see what happens next!

ok… ok…..
i just read corvin’s and nuria’s povs together bc FUCK THAT WAS EVENTFUL.
nuria was becoming such a strong presence in this story but this death makes so much sense? and im annoyed that it does bc i was rooting for her? novie and corvin are both interesting characters but nuria… idk… she grew on me so much and UGH. this was fun. this was very suspenseful as well – which just shows exactly how well you wrote this entire fight scene. the bridge falling,... corvin only being able to save one of them….. nuria and luca’s moment…. so good. this was so good.
and now luca has even MORE of a plotline to carry through. hes honestly become such a prominent character in this story and i cant really see that fading anytime soon, especially so soon after nuria’s death. WHEW.

inject it into my VEINS.

and venezia… ahhh… the girl who started off as a favourite and now babygirl is SPIRALLING. obviously i understand her disdain of kosmin and kendra for all the reasons she explained in this pov, but it all feels so… heavily negative. which is understandable, but it doesn't make her more appealing as a character to me. every little thought is a snide remark, and though she has the intelligence to not express it on the outside, it makes her narration kinda … similar to isobel’s in a way? somewhat condescending, quite heavy to read, and off putting as a whole.

and kendra… and kosmin… FUCK. can you pls stop finishing these chapters on a CLIFFHANGER. its literally hurting my soul… im guess this section of the arena is d10? yeah…. yeah,... fuck this doesnt look good for them. but i cant imagine that you’d kill them both in one fell swoop when they both feel quite important to this story – kendra a little more than kosmin, so if one was to die, i’d imagine it would be him. why cant it be venezia! pls!

ugh this chapter was so fun. you write this story so well as a whole, but i feel like the games are really allowing you to elevate its quality as a whole – your ability to capture these raw emotions, as well as add so much suspense and action to this story… chef’s kiss!

my life is as boring as ever rn soooo… but im studying my spanish! quiero hablar español con fluidez después de la cuarentena! (yes i googled that word)

miss u… miss tos… luv this story tho… xx
7/27/2020 c17 12jakey121
Ugh. I loved Deidra and Torrance together. Cracking jokes back at the Chariots. They were always connected throughout the Capitol portion and now he’s dead to save them and… UGH. Deidra is and always will be one of my absolute favourites in this story and she’s dealing with it in her own way and I like the mantra of keeping one foot forward, always in motion, anything to distract, because in the Games it doesn’t do good to dwell too much. Emeric is trying at this point, but they were never the closest, and I don’t see this pairing lasting all that long with Deidra the way she is now.

I’ve never really had much of an opinion on Aristide at all this story tbh. So out of all three, he was the one I was hoping most of all would have been one of the cannons. Sorry. BUT. My opinions have always been fickle. A single POV can and always has changed my mind most of the time and this time round I really liked Aristide for the insecurities that have always been inside of him, his inner guilt, the drive he now has to return to the Cornucopia and Kiani, and yeah… it makes sense why he survived because the plot is there for him and the development to carry on shining. RIP Shoal and RIP Torrance tho.

Oh shiiit now Han has an army of his own.
I’ll be honest because he wasn’t in the last chapter, I forgot about him. And I’m still mad at you for killing Bethan. But Han is a fun character and I see him going on for a while now that he has his own personal army to wreak havoc. This Arena is so fun, honestly. And Han doesn’t even really miss Bethan which just shows the sort of person he always was, really. Not a bad one, just in it for himself.

Ugh Khiron is insufferable. But you know how I feel about him so I won’t dwell.
He’s smart tho, planting the seed of mistrust in Adela about Aristide’s input on Shoal’s death. Adela is far too trusting and she believes she’s got some cards close to her chest, but really she’s out of her depth here because she just doesn’t have the cunning of Khiron and it’s sad to see because I prefer Adela so much more to him. I think if she can break out of the box she’s in and allow herself to become more of a threat here, she could potentially topple over Khiron, but at this point I just want her, Kiani and Aristide to kill off D1 and become the Career pack themselves.

lmao Luca the frail twink
I find Novie so much more refreshing in this story now that you trimmed a lot of the manipulative tributes in the bloodbath. He has a different take on things and yeah it’s hella unlikeable but it also adds something so interesting. I still absolutely adore Corvin so I swear to god he better not get him killed, BUT, he’s fun and I still love how he views Luca.
Corvin becoming more calculating and seeing the tributes in a light that benefits him is almost like Novie is rubbing off on him, even tho Corvin doesn’t know Novie’s true intentions. It’s SO MUCH FUN. I do love the dynamic between these two – Nuria went up in my eyes since the Games started, and Luca has always been an interesting read, but it’s the Novie and Corvin show in this alliance imo. And yeah. fuck this an intense section.
AAAND NURIA IS DEAD. FUCK’S SAKE. Ok now Luca is with the two boys and neither of them want him there, but also Luca is going to be hella angry at them for what they just allowed to happen. UGH. So much is going to happen and I’m here for it.

Ugh. Kev. What are you doing?! ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER. STOP IT.
Update ok now.
Someone is going to die here, or maybe two, or maybe all three. Although Venezia is near the door so she’ll probably be fine which means I’ll have to either see my baby die, or Kosmin who I adore, or both. So. Fun times.
Venezia is literally so full of bitterness at this point but I can understand why. She was close to Elorah and can’t help but see Kendra and Kosmin as ignoring her death, when really they are just trying to not let it consume them so they can carry on surviving.
I have no idea what you’re about to do next chapter but honestly… I’m scared. So update.
7/26/2020 c17 4BradiLain
Deidra and Emeric are an odd pair to have left together. If my chart and previous ramblings haven't been enough to make it clear, I definitely would take Emeric over Deidra any day. It would make sense for them to talk out their situation, but D is seemingly very close to her breaking point. I would've taken Torrance and Emeric over D and Emeric, but beggars can't be choosers! I'll just be glad that my favorite of the three was in this pair still.

Once again, out of a trio, I'm sad to lose Shoal. He was one of the more bearable Careers for me, but alas. I always enjoy the tributes that are least fit for survival. lol. a habit of mine, you could say. Aristide has the little tidbits of his backstory that are trying to get a little bit of sympathy out of me, but it's just not working for me. Not today, you toothpaste named fool. I'm a little dazed from nyquil, but I am still not confused enough to let him tug at my heartstrings.

Khiron is such a mess. I feel like the manipulation in his pov was really unsettling for me. I usually like manipulative characters, but since there were just so many here it was a dance of picking the ones that stood out the most. Khiron still stands out, but i think that he will regret messing with the alliance the way that he is. Guys like that just don't make for satisfying victors, in my humble opinion Adela is kind of growing on me though, she was kinda a sidelines hoe for me before, but she's coming into her own. I hope that one of the other Careers is smart enough to see through Khiron before he tears the pack apart.

I still have Novie. He makes me sick to my stomach and my nyquil doesn't help with the NAUSEA he brings me. fuck him. i hope he burns. slowly and surely. You really played me dirty right there, I thought that Corvin was going to save Nuria. you did this on purpose. i'm seething. not at you specifically, but i'm out here so mad that i'm demoting Corvin. Sorry bud. You a dumb slut and your mom's a hoe. I'm mad about it and i'm gonna pout like a big baby.

You do have a knack for leaving the chapters off on exciting endings though. I'll give that to you even though i'm still pouting. Who will live and who will die? If all those animals are gonna be let loose on these tributes then it makes it hard for me to think that any of them will make it out alive, but i'm excited to see how they handle this!

Love: Tegan, Emeric, Khiron
Like: Venezia, Kosmin, Kiani, Anders, Adela
Neutral: Luca, Kendra, Han, Corvin
Dislike: Aristide, Novie, Deidra, Lycas
7/26/2020 c16 BradiLain
EMERIC, my boy! He's having such awful paranoia and I would've never expected that from him. He's been such a sweet pea this whole time, why not? Boy is going mad. I love him to pieces. Do I expect him to live long? Not really. I feel like not being able to speak is such a sever disadvantage that I'm surprised it hasn't killed him yet. He's honestly kind of dead weight. He can't warn his team of threats, he can't shout for help... I adore him, but I worry for him a lot at the same time. His days are numbered.

Man, I feel like the first story in this fandom that I read had a Career pack that loved each other, so I'm still so shaken up by the awful teams that most stories end up getting. Lmao, i feel like i shouldn't put my expectations so high for them to all sing around a campfire and hold hands and make each other daisy chains, but MAN! Do they gotta always be scheming to kill each other? I really struggle to like any of them when they're all trying to plan each other's deaths but I suppose that's just how games go.

Tegan is too good for this world and I hate that the only person she has is the asshat that is trying to be redeemed. I refuse. He chose her his alliance as meatshields, and it's gonna take more than a few tears to get him out of the hole that he dug. All I can say is that I hope his strength keeps Tegan with us for just a little while longer bc I believe in this little engine that can.

What an exciting way to end the chapter. I'd go on more about it, but I'm already backlogged and I see that little 'next' button singing me a song to see who died in this button related epidemic.

Love: Tegan, Emeric, Shoal, Corvin, Khiron
Like: Venezia, Kosmin, Torrance, Kiani, Anders, Nuria
Neutral: Adela, Luca, Kendra, Han
Dislike: Aristide, Novie, Deidra, Lycas
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