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for A Hero's Welcome: The 54th Hunger Games

7/26/2020 c17 14Chaos In Her Wake
DEIDRAAA what a queen, i love this part of the Games, it's so wild to see her and Emeric try to cope together, just the two of them, when they were in an alliance of five a day ago. I'm a sucker for grief and the tributes who are just trying to hold themselves together!

when I saw Aristide's name i fully gasped because i really thought Shoal was gonna be the survivor. But I see what's happened- One has lost their linchpin, and the chess game of control is now Kiani and Aristide vs. Khiron, Anders, and Adela. Kiani's kindness to Shoal did nothing for them, and D2 feels hugely at the disadvantage now. I wonder how Aristide will present this situation to the others when he gets back? I think it would be easy for D1 to spin it as a betrayal.

OOH. OOH! HAN! THis section really got me interested in his arc as a loner, he found a major weapon and I'm thrilled to see the plot that could come of it! I think he's found his path towards standing out!

Khiron is sliding steadily out of any favor I previously gave him. Adela's not so politically savvy, but she does have a good memory and a good eye. That could give her an edge on the two from One.
And OOF. Hello Novie & co! I love seeing Novie not know what to do, it's so refreshing. And Corvin struggling with himself is really fun as well even if he PICKED NOVIE TO SAVE. Every chapter makes me like Luca more, he's doing so well for himself so far! And now he has Big Motivation and I hope he stabs Novie in his sleep! Nuria... yeah. A strong start, but she faltered fast.

Oof this arena is killing me (figuratively ofc). Kendra and Kosmin leaving Venezia to watch the door... someone's death warrant is signed. Either Venezia is going to ditch them and make a run for it, or she's going to be the first one mauled. :( I'm heartbroken already, whatever the outcome.

Happy writing!
7/26/2020 c16 1Acereader55
Quite late on my review but here I am attempting to make sure that I'm caught up before I get too far behind on the reviews because I am thoroughly enjoying these Games!

Kendra/Kosmin/Venezia: I thought this was the strongest section of this entire chapter. The interaction between Kendra and Kosmin felt so human and so real, it really humanized them and made me love them even more if that was even possible. I think their connection is so real, and they're similar in that they have great banter and a similar sense of humor but they're also different in how they feel and express those feelings. It's such a great complimentary dynamic and I think they fit together like a glove, and I loved the ending where they raised a toast to the ones they love the most. Such a great section here. Venezia... is feeling more on the outs than ever before. I'm very interested to see if she'll have the gall here to kill one of them and then flee, or if she'll just flee, or maybe die trying one of those options. She's overly paranoid thinking they don't care about her but I get that she does feel a tad bit left out given they're both from 5, but I think she's over thinking things. Something is going to go down with Venezia and the pair from 5, and I'm nervous for my babies from 5 cause they're my favorites as of right now.

Nuria/Corvin/Novie/Luca: Talk about another interesting dynamic where there's a district pairing and then another duo that's been together since the very beginning. I thought the banter between Novie and Luca was a lot of fun to read once again, although I can tell that it was all fake from Novie which seems to be his thing. I'm curious to see his reaction to Adaire dying given their plan from the pre-Games to reunite with their two groups. I like the distinction that you gave at the end of their section about how both are thinking separate things but while Luca is more about survival on his own, Novie is thinking about the offensive and killing him. Very shocked but happy Luca isn't more injured given how hard he was hit. As for Nuria and Corvin, such an interesting dynamic here. Neither trusts the other, but they've both saved one another and done something for the other that you would think would make them trust each other by now, but there's something holding them back. I like how Nuria is becoming more of a strategist and not just brute force, that's a good development path for her although I am curious to see what she feels she's understanding about the Arena. It seems like they're all figuring it out but not sure how to use this knowledge about the arena being split by district uniform to their advantage. This alliance doesn't seem like a long term one to me so I'm very interested to see how it explodes.

Tegan/Lycus: This is another alliance where I really don't see them lasting too long together. They're just so different and so opposed to seeing each other's view point that it doesn't seem like they're going to be able to work together. I'm loving that Tegan survived the BB given how weak she really is, but I think this opens up such a path for her to become strong and hardened due to the Arena, like she sort of already was by the end of the section when she said that she'll remember them both enough for the both of them and stopped herself from crying there. Meanwhile, it's like Lycus is going through the opposite. He's so used to hardening himself and bottling his emotions that when he gets the chance to let his guard down, he takes it and starts crying. I loved seeing his reaction to Elorah dying, and how that haunts him more than either of his two allies dying. They have a great dynamic because they're total opposites so it's fun to watch them criticize how the other deals with things but then does that exact thing they criticized.

Careers: The little section with Anders and Khiron was very interesting. They do really have everything planned out to a tee. I think it's a tad early to try and dismantle the alliance and kill the 2 people, but Anders seems antsy and I think Khiron described her perfectly at the end and realizes he needs to keep her happy and keep her in check. Not much from Kiani here but still love her and totally expect her to run into Kosmin and Kendra at some point given their Capitol interactions. Shoal is too cocky here, he's basking in the glory of being the one that gets to decide which district reigns supreme in the alliance and I think that this being his only real story line is getting a tad bit.. bland. I like Aristide basically shedding his shell to interact with Shoal the way Khiron does because he thinks he likes it, that's funny to me and was a nice touch. I definitely prefer the women in the alliance this story (plus Khiron but I'm biased) because they seem more dynamic and have a bit more about them and a bigger presence. Aristide and Shoal in particular seem really bogged down by the inevitable split which doesn't leave much room for them to have anything else.

Emeric/Deidra/Torrance: They made me so depressed this chapter honestly. From them realizing that they're all faking their former personalities now because of the reality of the Games, to Torrance sacrificing himself... so sad. Emeric worrying himself sick that they're going to see him as a liability soon and abandon him the way that they abandoned Isobel was so sad to read about, I felt horrible for him cause he's probably felt that way his entire life and to have him finally find friends and then think this way so soon into the Games made me feel extra bad for him. I love that Torrance and Deidra can tell the other is faking their smile or laugh after just being around them for such a short time. Their dynamic has been one of my favorites and I love how they pull the best out of one another, they really remind me of a family dynamic with Emeric as the kid, and I'm so sad that Torrance had to sacrifice himself here. It makes sense given his personality and how much he cares for them and knows he probably has no shot of making it home. Torrance was super clever leading them into an enclosed space and then just praying he could take down 2 threats with him. He took his power back and his life into his own hands at the very end and i love him for that.

If I had to guess, I'd say Torrance and Shoal are gone here. Torrance's story feels complete and just logically he was closest to the blast. Between Shoal and Aristide... the D1 v D2 dynamic can still happen without Shoal, but it can't without Aristide seeing as he pushed the hardest for Kiani to open her eyes and see it, so I think he's more necessary to the plot at hand.

I think Kendra, Kosmin, Deidra, and Kiani feel the most safe to me for a while. Great chapter!
7/26/2020 c17 2Remus98
Deidra blaming Torrance for what happened is probably good for her mental stability. But, as we saw at the end of this part, her handling of his death was poor nonetheless. I can’t really blame her for snapping at Emeric, i don’t know if i or anybody else would have reacted to the situation any better, but for me it’s yet another point of dislike. It’s interesting, funny almost. Whenever she does something i like, it’s followed immediately by something i hate. That’s okay though. You’re not meant to like every single tribute. And i do respect Deidra for a lot of choices she has made so far, especially with Emeric. It’s just complicated.

Aristide was the survivor, then. It makes a lot of sense for the narrative, if not anything else. In terms of actual bodies, nobody, no matter how physically fit, would have survived such a blast. But Torrance already had his goodbyes and Shaol’s indecision didn’t take him anywhere. Franky, it would have been a bit underwhelming to have built up the d1/d2 tension just to have one of the main players wiped out without any sort of confrontation. I’m happy with the decision to spare Aristide even though it hurt to have Torrance die. Oh well, I hope Aristide can get his shit together before he gets back to the cornucopia. His guilt certainly isn’t doing him any favors. Maybe Kiani can help him forget about his father and trainer.

Han, it’s nice to see you again! And congratulations on becoming king. I remember when I sent in the form for him, your reply was ended with: ”see you soon king.” Thought that probably wasn’t your intent, unless you plan months in advance, that was some seriously brilliant foreshadowing. haha. No, but I’m really excited about this. Knights in rainbow armor, a throne room all to himself - not to sound too narcissistic but Han suddenly became huge completion and I’m here for it. Can’t wait to see this develop.

Adela is becoming more and more likable to me the longer she’s in the arena. I still don’t think she stands a chance against the other careers when it comes down to the wire, but the detour about her grandpa was nice. All of the storm metaphors, as well. I wonder what her plan is, though. What does Shaol’s death give her besides one less enemy? I don’t see how it benefits her (unless I’ve forgotten some strategic angle she’s mentioned before). I regress. As for Khiron, he’s a damn good actor if he can cry on command. Is that part of the d1 academy courses, fake-tears? Sounds silly, but very useful in situations like this. The illusions he’s weaving is starting to wane a bit for me. He’s starting to feel a bit like Novie 2.0. (I’m kinda glad he was knocked out, did he get a concussion? Now both the d1 and d2 boys are injured. We love leveling the playing field. What’re Kiani and Anders doing though? I want to see what they’re up tooooo!)

Novie’s narration is just so funny. I don’t like him, not one bit, but the way he phrases things makes me chuckle. And he’s got some serious skill, with how he managed to fake being stressed about the stressful situation he didn’t seem at all stressed about. Stress stress stress. It makes me stressed just writing this. Anyhow, he has managed to get Corvin completely on his side in some way, cause they’re both fervent about having Luca be shut out of their alliance. Idk why, he’s such an adorable little twink, Luca is. And the horrible thing is that he might be in serious trouble, with what happened at the end. Speaking of which - Corvin, I used to like you, love you even, but now I’m not so sure. If someone needed to die it was Novie. I think he just dug his own grave by saving the him And it gave Novie a serious advantage too! Fuck :(

Nuria dying I was surprised about. She was up in the air for me pre-bloodbath, but after her becoming a boss ass bitch I saw her making it to the end. Close to it, at least. Guess I was wrong. Bye Ms. Truck!

Luca you better kill them lovebirds! Not before they kiss though… (I’m still here hoping!)

Venezia is unwinding, and I don’t know whether that’s a good thing. I have to agree with Kendra on this one - she was fun in the capitol, but after Elorah’s death she’s been a mess. And angry. At everything. Her strategy is valid, if it works for her than so be it. But I have a hard time believing she could just stop caring about Kosmin and Kendra on a moment’s notice. It’s going to hurt to see them die regardless of her being angry or not, right? She has too strong of a moral compass to witness it carelessly. She just might have to do that next chapter though, cause it seems like one of her allies is about to get the chop. How to you manage to make every chapter end on a cliffhanger? I’ve no idea what’s happening. I need to answers!
7/26/2020 c17 2neb88
very understandable that deidra is a bit of a mess right now. she just lost torrance who is probably someone that she genuinely almost would've considered to be a friend, that just sacrificed himself for her to live. I imagine the worst part for her is that this is kinda what she had originally planned to do, like usin him to protect herself, but like now that its actually had to happen she cant really take it :( I definitely understand her not wanting to talk about it, but in her current state I feel like she kinda needs to if she wants to pull it together, its cute to see emeric trying to console her and help her, I wonder how he's feeling now since he was having some doubts earlier. I wonder if her feels better with torrance gone or worse for thinking those things to begin with. I guess this also all depends on if torrance actually died tho lol. it also did cross my mind that maybe the cannon could have been for someone other thant 2 of the 3 of them but idk that feels less likely I guess, but we'll see! very excited to see who made it out alive, fingers crossed for torrance!

ok you know what... aristide was like the one that I actually wanted to die lmao. I personally just dont find him to be all that interesting :( but anyway I guess we'll see what he does now, and how it will effect the career dynamic and him, hes not in great shape now too so that doesnt help. honestly I got no sympathy for him

ooouuuu Im excited to see how han does on his own! its always nice to have some tributes not in alliances just for a nice change of pace! it makes sense that he's going to explore and learn more about the arena since hes one of the more smarter tributes! honestly I was kinda thinking that something would happen if he took the throne, thats super cool that he like has his own army now pretty much, his quick decision to abondon bethan has payed off. I wonder if he'll learn more about it, surely theres a bit more to it, he probably cant just sit back in safety and win the whole games, very excited to see where this goes!

ugh I do be lovin adela a lot. i love that shes keeping the whole arena thing to herself and trying to piece it together. Shes easily the most logical career I guess, thats most than just a killing machine, I really hope we'll get to see her fgure something big out and use it to her advantage! lol honestly I thought the same thing when she said everyone name! pretty impressive tbh, I think its cute that she cares enough about everyone to remember their names and is thinking of everyone as equal competition, she'll probably be more ready when she has to fight them all. Im wondering how shoals death is going to affect her!

honestly I hate khiron, moving on

uh oh looks like novies alliance is in for some trouble :( its interesting to see novie genuinely terrified, hes played so confidently thus far but now hes in a pretty vulnerable position, in terms of his place in the alliance and the literal threat of the careers coming at them lol. I doubt this will go down well for them :(

oh shit! things are going down! I really do love seeing novie being like actually genuine for once, and its even more satisfying seeing his first genuine reaction being pure fear hahaha. I really dont know how this is gonna go down, surely some of them are gonna die but whos it gonna be? :(

oh no poor nuria :( damn I can't believe corvin actually left her, I know he feels this weird connection to novie for some reason but I really thought he was gonna save nuria after all that the two of them had done for eachother. but then again, nuria would probably have done the same thing I think, if it had been between corvin and luca so idk :/ I wonder what luca's going to do now and how he's going to take it. he wasn't super attached to nuria and he definitely in it for himself, but I guess we'll see what his next move is, he really doesnt have much of a place in the alliance anymore :(

honestly venezia is getting a bit grating, like shes really lost her edge. she clearly got way to caught up in her own scheme yet again, just like with her fiance, she ended up falling for elorah in a way, I guess shes a lot softer than she thinks. I absolutely get that she understand that every tribute is a person with a life, but idk that just not the winner mentality she had at the beginning of all of this, it feels like shes starting to break, and its only getting worse. like shes just finding any reason at all to start shit with kendra and kosmin lol. oooouuu some crazy mutt animals! I wonder whats gonna come from them, should be fun!

uh oh looks like the kids from 5 are in some trouble! fools getting distracted by bread! but like honestly what a mood having tunnel vision on some fuckin bread, god i love bread. hmmm I wonder whats going to happen to these two though, very excited to find out! maybe some sort of circus act that they have to play by? I wonder if venezia will be a part of it too?

I personally dont mind longer chapter, especially in the arena, like this is kinda the main event right, so honestly the more there is the better, as long as there's interesting stuff going on for everyone which there definitely was! my life is as dull as ever. anyway looking forward to the next update, make it soon plz :)
7/25/2020 c15 23symphorophilia
yo im sorry this took me so long. here now though!

you really did have us all fooled with the space theme lmao. rip to the fantasy space arena we aren't getting... but this one is pretty damn neat! on the one hand you've got the nature/wilderness/biome aspect to it and on the other you've got this futuristic fairground sorta thing going on. like major jurassic park/world vibes if i'm being honest... but then with an add on of boardwalk beach and zelda type bullshit which is just...! so much. its a bit chaotic but all the more iconic for it.

okay so i'm gonna quickly run through this chapter and just get my thoughts down... prepare for disorganized rambling.

the careers were pretty ineffective; low kill count, continued internal combativeness and what have you has made this group seem like a dysfunctional set of individuals rather than a unified pack. and not checking to make sure tributes are dead? oof, anders, you fucked up. out of all of them you would think the mechanical and truly objective-focused anders would be the most focused on stomping out/trying to prevent extraneous variables or mishaps from happening but! she's slipping already. not only did luca survive and escape, but he blew up all of their supplies and left them in a weak, distressing position; oversight has cost this group GREATLY. as for luca... bloodbath and he's already making power moves? kid has a chance to shape up into a real competitor in the games... his energy is pure chaotic dumbass and that makes him a little more opportunistic and unpredictable than your average tribute. very happy he survived and made it out in one piece as he's got solid plot potential imho, especially now that he's been reunited with nuria.

the manipulators... or at least some of them... just got fucking annihilated and i'm LIVING for it. honestly i think rion and adaire were some of the weaker representations of their archetype and with adaire just being this vicious little social climber and rion being yet another hardened peacekeepers son, i can't say i'm particularly sad to see either of them go; they weren't standouts and my investment in both their characters really only extended to their alliance. watching them try to toss each other to the wolves (or careers) shamelessly in an attempt to save their own skin was downright laughable and a great way to end both of their stories. only out for themselves, revealing their true colors. i'm so glad that tegan is safe she's a qt and i just want to wrap her in some blankets and give her cocoa and keep her safe forever. too good for the games bruv. lycus also git some good development last chapter with elorah, and now that she's dead and he's alone with tegan i see an opportunity for the more empathic, soft side of him to present with greater clarity... but we'll see. he's got some good layers to him.

okay the fives, elorah and venezia (my baby ;-;) - holy SHIT i was expecting this but after having seen the next chapter and the way elorah's death is totally mixing up their dynamic, i've got some pretty intense worries. venezia's been put in the outsider position since kendra/kosmin have spent more time together and formed a closer bond and you can already see how that's twisting her. a nice callback to the altercation in the interviews chapter... venezia dragging kendra away has turned into kendra dragging venezia away in the bloodbath... while i think there was some genuine affection for elorah factoring into her perturbance it seems more to do with how her plan's broken down and her alliance has become a place that she is outnumbered and without a safety net. as for kosmin/kendra... they're both gonna be hit by this but they've git each other to lean on right now. still see something playing out re: kiani situation for them so crossing fingers.

isobel being the first death... falling into the adaire/rion category. she was manipulative and cold and i wasn't really attached to her because she just doesn't have the layers that, say, novie and venezia and luca do. still, it's already scarred the deidra/torrance/emeric alliance a bit (mostly emeric) and i can see it leaving them reeling. glad torrance got out of there boy just narrowly escaped death! shoulder skewered by an arrow... yikes. glad to see the remaining three are still together and mostly intact... deidra's choosing to be pragmatic which is a good turn for her in the games. nobody can blame her for choosing herself when it came down to it.

corvin/nuria/novie - DAMNNNNN okay my dude now these three are a close second for significance in this chapter, and merged for first since luca has officially joined the party. first off, nuria saving corvin's ass! legit tackling shoal to the ground and hauling him to his feet so they can get tf out of there. throws a wrench into novie's plans somewhat because nuria's shown herself to be genuine about being their ally and fighting on their side - may be a little harder to turn corvin against her now. and while it was sort of an IOU situation when it came to corvin repaying the favor with bethan, it didn't seem to start out that way; nuria's intent was in fact to protect her alliance which is so cool because its almost unexpected after the setup in training. as for bethan... corvin scores the kill. oh man. it's gonna take a toll on him and i don't think it'll be easy for him to reconcile that he's killed someone. more room for novie manipulations though... he faded into the background with his alliance here but that's only better for his masterminding tbh. he doesn't want to be notable if he's going to scheme on how to use the others he's with.

luca is also a part of this alliance now, and he's going to be nuria's safety net... having both 3s around will probably make corvin more paranoid and puts novie in a less secure position as he no longer has majority power when their group splinters. i'm curious to see where they go.

bethan and han separated and bethan's dead... her death was the shocker of the chapter but i think it's better for han's development to strike out alone and look out for himself. he also has a plot thread connection to venezia so if she leaves or turns on the fives (which seems inevitable now) i could see them hooking up together and making a pretty decent team. idk where you'll take it but i'm intrigued.

okay so! i wont be reviewing ch16 but i did read it and again, my dude, that fucking CLIFFHANGER. it's got me shook. i'm gonna give my predictions for what happens here just for fun before we see what the outcome is:

two cannons fired. we have torrance, shoal and aristide in danger and only one of them is in a surviving position. while aristide was in the best situation of the three prior to the elevator drop plan, i'm expecting... or rather hoping... that he's one of our two to be out. shoal surviving seems like the most interesting decision. we've seen this fracture in the careers, where aristide was sure that one and four had marked him and kiani as threats and teamed against them... shoal returning alone might serve as a confirmation of that suspicion for kiani. so with her partner dead and his suspicions not so unfounded after all, it would serve as a reason for kiani to split and meet up with kosmin/kendra who she has an open plot thread with. meanwhile, kiani joining D5 would put venezia in a position to also split and maybe reconnect with han for the duration of the games. torrance's death would also lead to some good development for deidra and emeric since it was basically self-sacrifice. anyway tl;dr i'm predicting aristide and torrance to die and shoal to be the survivor. let's see whats up!

both these arena chapters have been absolutely banging, man. i'm so psyched to see more. update soon!
7/21/2020 c16 22District11-Olive
Hello I am finally here. I am loving this arena and the PLOTS are just ugh too good. I hate that you ended on a cliffhanger because I am not emotionally prepared to wait to see who is dead especially when I like 2/3 of these tributes so much (sorry Aristide). They keep the suspense up by man I can't handle this.

I like that we're seeing a slightly darker side of Emeric, a more paranoid and self-deprecating personality that makes total sense for where he is and what he's already seen. I would also be worried if I was him, like the alliance did leave Luca already (they thought he was dead but still) and the other two do seem closer. I love him please stay safe sweet child.

Love that the Careers already know exactly when they want the alliance to fall apart, like it makes sense to have a plan it just feels so disconnected. They've already had a rough start but their priorities are straight at least.

I think this was one of my favourite parts because we got to see a sweet moment with district partners figuring out their new lives in the arena and ended with their ally feeling on the outskirts and overhearing their little convo (yes two different parts but like I'm lumping them together because same alliance). Kendra/Kosmin are definitely close but they also have very different perspectives of the games. Kendra is ready to fight tooth and nail for the two of them, while Kosmin seems to just want a little bit of reassurance before he knows he will die. I'm looking forward to seeing their friendship kind of blossom, but I also feel like there might be some conflict later on. Venezia remains my favourite part of this alliance and the way that you're writing her makes her feel very real. She also wants that connection but she can't forget that there should be someone else there with them that's now dead. I can see her going further down into bitterness and either straight up leaving or even getting into a legitimate fight with K/K in the future. You go girl.

I really like Luca with Novie? Like I know that homeboy is definitely going to find a way to get Luca killed or even do it himself, but I like the dynamic of them being kind of similar in ways. They're both wary of being put into such a different position and unsure of what Luca's arrival means. Also sad that Luca feels like he has to be the entertainment to be needed, but like he ain't wrong. I love this new alliance, no bias, with all the hidden agendas.

Then we get to see the other half of the alliance. Honestly I'm a bit surprised that Nuria would leave Luca with Novie at all if she needs him this much, but I guess she also doesn't super care about his safety. The star of this section was the ARENA though. All the clues from earlier coming together to explain the arena, and their outfits also having something to do with it. They're like walking pieces of a map I love it so much. I hope this will offer some kind of advantage, but we'll have to see. I do think this alliance is in danger because it's so big but I hope we get to see some more of these plots play out first. I want to know what Nuria's plan is...

This section was heartbreaking. We don't often see characters like Tegan make it past the BB because they're so nice and sweet that they're considered weak. So I like seeing her reaction to it all even if it breaks my heart. These two are really different as well and have already been through a lot together, but seem to be handling things very differently. I see Lycus' method working out better for him in terms of chances, but Tegan's makes her more likable and relatable. Here's to hoping they get a break but I don't see it happening for long.

This pack is just asking for a blow up like I'm surprised they even made it this far. Shoal is right that he's in the driver's seat, but that can also be dangerous for him if he makes the wrong choice or chooses too early/late. I loved the end of this section, so funny like yell for Kiani. I'm glad to see that we'll still get some humour even in the arena.

Stupid kids like just freeze to death, fire is not the way. I understand Torrance's thinking, like yeah there could easily be six of them out there, but me knowing there is just two is yelling at them to fight back. It killed me to see Torrance basically go out and sacrifice himself so that his allies get away, but I also seem to remember that he's one that had pretty much resigned himself to death in the Capitol. This arena is so INTERESTING like everytime we turn around there is something else new. I like the idea that if Torrance did die at least he took a Career with him, but I am choosing to assume Torrance is fine and the two Careers are dead. That's all my heart can handle right now.

I am a huge fan of outside POVs during the arena chapters so this was BLESS to see. I feel so bad for the children like of course they're upset, two people just died and a third is probably pretty injured. I hope we get to see more of this because it's really fun to see what non-tributes are thinking watching the games. I just wish you would tell us who died because I need to know how upset to be right now.

Aristide and Shoal are dead. They have to be because Torrance must be alive.

Definitely safe... That's hard because there can always be shock deaths but based on current plots I will say Nuria, Venezia, and Kiani.

Update soon, I can't stand this waiting I need to know what happened.
7/21/2020 c16 1tear that cherry out
hello... here i am

n1– emeric: SUS
its very interesting to see how much of a toll these games are taking on literally 3 of the brightest characters in this story. theres no more sunshines and laughter and friendship – each of them seem to have been struck by the reality of the games hard. emeric especially, considering just how paranoid he came across in this pov of his. theres an inner-conflict thats really intriguing to read but it also opens emeric to a potentially interesting plotline – betrayal? who knows… look at my will tho emeric is sus! xx

ok… d1 are ready to get the ball MOVING. final fifteen and they're ready to take out d2… n1: khiron & anders: ALSO SUS! im surprised that anders is as calm as she is, but i suppose she needs to contain the anger for the moment if she wants d4 to swing her way. but… idk. it doesn't feel right. im manifesting that their betrayal plan doesn’t work out!

d5… babey this was SO cute. such a genuine and sentimental moment between two characters that have really grown on me so much over this story so far. their authenticity, their interactions with each other, the fact that they just balance out each other so well… i love every aspect of this. it was obvious that venezia was going to be the 3rd wheel of this alliance after alorah died, but i really think d5 have something special here that doesn't just feel like development fuel for one or another – im hoping the two of them can launch each other further in this story. i want them to succeed so bad.

OH and venezia was awake. LMFAO. theres something very horror movie abt venezia there listening to them and then being mad abt everything that happened,... im intrigued to see what direction she’ll go in

LMFAO so many of your tributes are so SCHEMING. like every pov that hasn't been d5 has been so scheming so far… emeric, d1, venezia, and now novie. but luca! luca is so fun. i've said this so many times before, but he always struck me as a tribute that will do anything to survive, and idk… i don't feel like his jig is up yet! novie obvs feels threatened bc he know luca isn't what meets the eye, and therefore hes a loose cannon in his air-tight plan. its a fun dynamic! all the schemes are hurting my brain tho!

and nuria! you know what… nuria is really becoming a standout character the more the games progress. obviously we’re only on the 2nd arena chapter, but i feel like? shes done so much already? and shes actually intriguing me much more than even novie and corvin. shes a clear opportunist, and shes much like bethan in the “no bullshit” sense, but idk… shes kinda fun? in a sarcastic, logical way. its enjoyable. im enjoying her. and im pleasantly surprised that i am.

lycus and tegan’s relationship is so interesting to me… like they're such a strange pair but i feel like they work so well together? not in an actual productive sense that they work well together, but i feel like their characters really bring out the most intriguing aspects of each other – lycus being completely dumbfounded by tegan’s overflow of emotions, and then tegan’s own compassion triggering the breakdown in lycus. idk… they're so cool. much like kendra and kosmin, i feel like if these two stick together for quite a while, some great things can be achieved!

shoal, relishing in being in a position of power as usual! its pretty funny that hes just dragging it out for the sake of it – im intrigued to see whether or not that might end up biting him in the ass – and everyone loves some good career politics! and now they're after coming across… torrance, deidra and emeric? fuck!

LMFAO…. WOAH. OKAY. WAY TO FUCK THINGS UP HUH. torrance… leading the careers away from emeric and deidra… my heart hurts. thats so fucking cute. but … my god. what just happened? lMFAO. lemme read on… if aristide is dead…. girl.

THAT FUCKING CLIFFHANGER LMFAO? YOU’RE SO RUDE. two cannons… two cannons omg what is going on

this is such a power move istg… killing two tributes like that and then just deciding not to fuckin tell us… BIG power move… and no matter who dies and who lives its like ? wtf now ? especially with the careers…. oh my god

kiani run! run babey!

day 1 has been explosive… wow. wow. wow! first the cornucopia and now this. wow!

sorry to the submitters who lost their tributes... even tho yall dk who actually died! you are cruel.

i think,... torrance and… aristide? i feel like that'd be something you would do. but also feel like torrance surviving would be something you would do… omg.

who do i think is definitely safe… girl i have nO idea. especially not with the careers. i feel like deidra and emeric might deserve a break but im not sure. i feel like nuria has given herself quite a strong position in this story. where is han?

wild! pls update! this shit is wild! bananas! !

kiss kiss xx
7/20/2020 c16 dyloccupy
omg we love a late review!

so first off we have emeric getting paranoid,,,fun times! really love this new development for him, like we had some hints with his interview pov but this to another level.

anders and khiron continue to plan in the wake of luca’s destruction of their supplies (king!). a career showdown at the final fifteen? i’m hype!

kosmin and kendra have a lovely bonding moment, making me love them even more. kitsey and mr. kendra’s dad got me crying in the club! AND THEM venezia overhears them and i just really enjoy this path she’s heading down,,,full of hate and fear. we stan! can’t wait until this alliance falls apart!

luca and novie size each other up, while still having such hilarious banter. definitely recommend microchips dipped in chocolate,,,i guess you can say that i’m the next iron chef. this battle of the brains is gonna be so much fun, i can’t wait!

nuria and corvin explore more of the forest biome and finally connect the dots! the chariot costumes representing arena locations,,,once again, your mind! and now nuria has a plan to take down her other allies,,,luv that for her.

oop! tegan and lycus have a deep conversation that was honestly super beautiful. love this vulnerability and pure emotion that these two are experiencing, and in such different ways! this duo is just,,,IT!

shoal is feeling mighty important rn! aristide fighting with d1 to gain his favor was hilarious, like like damn y’all is it that serious?! adela stepping in,,,queen shit! AND THEN shoal/aristide find some peeps!

i love torrance. that is all. SERIOUSLY THO like omfg torrance sacrificing himself to save deidra/torrance made me EMOTIONAL! his last words to deidra was so heartbreaking like WHY BRUHV?! at least he got to clown shoal/aristide before shit got crazy. loved that he got that last laugh, absolutely obliterating everyone. really curious to see who he managed to kill?! idk but it’ll definitely shake up the career dynamic either way!

can’t wait to see what happens!
7/20/2020 c16 recklessinparadise
Hello! I am so behind on reviewing literally every story so excuse this review if it is indeed a bit brief but at least I’m here, ya feel?!

It’s interesting to see just how much the Games had already changed Torrance and Emeric, even if they have only been in it for such a short time. The fact that Emeric is already doubting his place in his alliance makes me worry about both the fate of the alliance as a whole, and of Emeric himself.

Kosmin and Kendra remain to be one of my favourite pairs in these Games; I just feel like their dynamic is so refreshing. Their interaction and dialogue was such a breath of fresh air in the midst of all of the death and worry in the arena, and it was a nice way to learn more about Kendra’s life back home. Elorah seems to be the one that united the group, so it’ll be interesting to see how the alliance will work without her.

Novie’s alliance is the one I look forward to reading about the most because I feel like there’s so many hidden agendas within it that literally anything could develop from it and it would make sense. I feel like Luca and Novie aren’t ever going to actually get on, because Luca can smell Novie’s trickery and bullsh*t from a mile away so I wonder how long this alliance will actually stay together.

Aristide and Shoal are certainly an interesting pair and the longer they interacted the more I could see Shoal siding with Two over One in the near future. Torrance was as honourable as ever, sacrificing himself for Deidra and Emeric, and I think if he manages to survive whatever happened in the factory, he’ll have a strong case to emerge as Victor. No but seriously, I think Torrance and at least one of the Careers has died in the factory but which one, I do not know.

Loved this chapter, can’t wait for the next one!
7/18/2020 c16 djranch
Torrance really... did SOMETHING. Venezia seems like she will make Kosmin and Kendra's lives hell later. idk you cant really blame kosmin and kendra for enjoying the little moments before their inevitable deaths? Curious to see what Nuria has up her sleeve but either way the Nuria/Novie/Corvin/Luca alliance will definitely make some waves.
7/18/2020 c15 djranch
An interesting blood bath to say the least! The whole lycus settting the ENTIRE cornucopia on fire is pretty bad ass but i honestly think nuria dragging him along will hurt their alliance in the end. The careers are not off to a good start and they have so much tension within their own alliance and im interested to see how that all plays out
7/18/2020 c14 djranch
Elorah: I like Elorah but homegirl is so unlucky! at least she found out kendra is dangerous/ probably shouldn't be trusted too much before the games, but after getting hit in the head like that i think her chances of winning have almost vanished

Lycus: Interesting move bringine Elorah to the alliiance meeting but glad he's semi being himself in the amt of time he has left

Torrance: damn there's definitely something to be said about knowing you're going to die but still not crumbling and being there for other people. Hopefully he can realize he has to look out for himself if there's even a sliver of a chance of Torrance winning

Adela: the arena seems... interesting :0 Adela seems to be second guessing dedicating her life to becoming an assassin real fast
7/18/2020 c16 2Remus98
Read this yesterday, reviewing it now. Might have forgotten some finger details, but i’ll do my bees.

Ok, here we go:

Emeric, my little baby, don’t be so down on yourself. I understand his guilt, though. Both for leaving Luca behind and for having Deidra risk her neck for his safety. Not to mention Isobel, who was his district partner after all. It’s all so sad. But i liked that you let their usual rainbows and sunshine take a backseat for some actual tragedy. It showed a new side to them that we didn’t get to see a lot of in the Capitol. But, from the end scene, i have a feeling that there’ll be a lot more grieving from Emeric/Deidra in the near future.

Anders, you need to calm down. Maybe listen to some Taylor Swift? Her plotting with Khiron was fun, but top 15 feels a little early, no? I guess getting rid of the biggest threat at the start is good, and I did ask for the tension between d1 and d2 to speed up quickly, so maybe I shouldn’t complain. Okay. Then again, depending on who died in the end-scene explosion, one of the people they want to kill of might already be dead. That puts Kiani at a major disadvantage, which I don’t like, cause she’s a queen. There’s a part of me that wouldn’t mind seeing Anders/Khiron and Kiani/Adela continue on as duos. That could be nice.

Kosmin and Kendra are too cute. Their friendship gives me life, and I really wish Venezia could be a part of it. Her reaction to their fooling around wipes any sort of hopefulness clean off, though. What will she do - kill one of them? Leave them behind? Elorah’s death definitely changed up their dynamics, and the difference in how they’re handling it might mean they’re not a very compatable alliance anymore :(

Yes, Luca, fuck up Novie’s plans! I love how his unintentionally stumbling upon Nuria’s alliance suddenly improved both his district partner’s and Corvin’s chances. I said in a previous review that karma would catch up with Novie and bite him in the ass, now the time seems to have come. Speaking of the other two, Nuria’s realization of Luca’s potential as a life-jacket for her survival against Novie’s mind games probably was an smart move. Am I the only one who feels like she’s become a major front runner now? She’s like the MVP of everything. The arena revelation in this part was WOW. You’ve been hinting at what’s to come since the chariot rides and none of us saw it coming. I’m super impressed, Bobo!

Lycus and Tegan are a mood. Tegan has always been a mood, but Lycus’s wavering mental state is joining in her ranks of misfortune. Don’t have much to say about them besides that it’ll be interesting to see how they work together with the clear leaders of the group gone. They have pretty conflicting mindsets.

The Careers splitting up in twos feel both fun and a little scary. Aristide and Khiron have definitely been the main prosecutors of d4’s allegiance, so them getting one of the pair each is an interesting development. Kiani and Anders feel like a disaster waiting to happen. Considering what happened with Torrance, though, said disaster could come sooner rather than later. Personally, I would’ve preferred for Torrance to have been the one to survive. That doesn’t make a lot of sense now that he’s separated from Deidra and Emeric, and his sacrifice feels very earned with how you’ve built up his character.

My guess is that Torrance and Shaol died, whilst Aristide got away with some pretty serious wounds.

Have no idea who’ll be safe, but I feel that someone in Novie’s alliance definitely has to die soon, preferably Novie himself. Maybe one more career? Or Tegan/Lycus, they’re starting to feel like loners.

Can’t wait for next chapter. Hopefully we’ll get a check-in with Han seeing as he was nowhere to be seen this chapter. I would also love to see what Kiani and Anders got up to whilst the others were away.
7/17/2020 c16 5Axe Smelling God
Well this arena seems to be getting to Emeric from the looks of things and how he’s reacting to what’s going on around him and what it’s doing to his mind. He needs to keep himself in check or this might break up this alliance that he needs or he could eventually hurt himself. Well I can see that Khrion is get to sick and tired of Anders and I can see why he would, she’s a lot to deal with honestly and the emotional part can be draining if not lifted a little. This moment right here was so beautifully written. Congrats I was moved and this moment felt so realistic, that Kendra and him could share a moment like this. I loved this so much and I want more. Well this was a nice light hearted way of an interaction between Novie and Luca that counters with the point of view of Kendra and Kosmin. Well I can see the disparities between Tegan and Lycus and how they are reacting tot he deaths of their allies, which I never expected Tegan to make it but I’m glad to see that she has remorse on the other hand. This interaction seems like something out of a movie as well with the witty banter between them and how they are interacting with one another and the way that they are talking to each other is surprising none the less. Well an explosion was unexpected and to see that Torrance might not make it out is a cliffhanger in deed.
7/17/2020 c16 2neb88
ok before I start this review I would just like to acknowledge how messy my last review was ahaha. the amount of "sections" that started in 'LMAO'... FAR too many. you honestly just managed to make this story of children murdering each other rather funny. ALSO shout out to all the dead tributes from last chapter that I kinda glossed over, cause like, I genuinely did like them all :(

its interesting to see how shaken up emeric is by this already! I feel like his frail and naive mind is definitely his biggest weakness right now, already having these thoughts about trust in his allies. Sure at some point that should be something to watch out for but considering its only been a day its probably fine for now. but I imagine these voices in his head are only gonna get louder, seems like this little alliance might fall apart fairly quickly. wow I cant believe emeric is cheating, getting two tokens... kinda fucked tbh, watch him stab someone in the throat with his pen ahahah. also I wonder whats up with the black wheat, very unsettling.

honestly Im definitely ready for a little career shake up, I think even just a slight power shift, or a minro change/setback to the plan could be interesting from them. lmao as if all their supplies being torched wasnt a set back ahaha, but like to the power dynamic of the group. Im interested to see where they go.

ugh I love kosmin and kendra so much, they're such an iconic duo. I really loved this scene and dialogue between them! it did such a nice job at painting their relationship and showing how they're both feeling right now, and also giving a little bit of backstory for kendra, fantastic! its super nice to see that even after elorah they're still able to stay postive, at alteast for now. they understand that they're friends were bound to die, but idk if they'll take it the same way when its with eachother. Im interested to see how venezia will continue to fit into the alliance now too, she was already wary, and thinking back, elorah was really the one that brought them all together.

LOL ok well I guess thats how venezia feels ahahaha. its crazy too think how much she's changed, at the beginning she was such a tactical, almost ruthless player, but now it seems like she really got caught up in her own game and connected with these people more than she wanted to. lots of these alliances are already looking shaky ahaha

ahhh luca and novie, I kinda saw this coming, they're both too smart to not quickly get on to eachother so Im glad we got to see their little 1on1. definitely wondering how this is gonna play out, yet another rocky alliance situation ahaha.

Im definitely interested in nuria and corvins relationship, I feel like they got a really weird dynamic going on. Honestly, I feel like corvin is a pretty genuine person and would be worries about how luca is doing, I could be wrong but still. it doesn kinda seem like nuria is always assuming the worst and looking for attacks rather than like, olives branches or something. hmmm interesting starting to get some more stuff about the arena! so its like the chariot costumes specifically, very interesting, Im excited to learn more about it all and how each area will play into it! thinking back to it I do remember you describing pretty much every districts chariot costume so now it makes sense why haha.

OK what kind of forshadowing is THAT? are you gonna fucking make teagan watch corvin die or something, cause I think thats a BAD idea ahaha. the two of them are definitely both in a rough state rn, lycus is just better at hiding it and deals with it differently I guess. I guess it really hasnt been to long so I understand why teagan is so upset but I am interested to see where she goes from here.

ok why did I imagine them fighting over a literally chip ahaha. I think that shoal is getting a little too comfy in his position, I dont think that 1 and 2 are gonna put up with his shit forever. it kinda seemed like maybe one of the two of them might start to clue in to anders and khirons actual relationships but we'll see.

I honestly dont know why they really felt the need to make a fire pit, like sis in the middle of a field of wheat, what were you expecting :/. this was a really nice pov from torrance, that final decision for him to try and take on both careers by himself was really awesome, such a strong showing of his character, and that hes still able to be the kind of person he wants to be and can be proud of.

i LOVE some good sideplot and non tribute povs! I wonder if elari has something planned? it almost seemed like she wanted everyone to think it was normal for her to be around, prehaps shes going to do some snooping, she obviously doesnt think their suffering will be over even after these games.

TWO canons? hmmm I mean torrance and shoal seem like the more obvious choices since they just had their povs, but like honestly, I couldn't care less about aristide so kinda hoping he was one of them lol. imo the most interesting survivor would be torrance, since now he's separated from his allies and just went through a lot, it would be interesting to see what he would do next! who' safe for two or 3 chapters? uhhh maybe teagan, kendra, and adela? I feel like after this chapter they all got stuff going for them and they probably won't die until like, said thing comes to pass haha. consume your nourishment. looking forward to the next update! :)
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