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for A Hero's Welcome: The 54th Hunger Games

7/17/2020 c16 14Chaos In Her Wake

if you kill Aristide this early I hope I get a placement I haven't fucking gotten before! count it out, Kevin!

Torrance? Definitely dead. Aristide and Shoal? 50/50 for each. If we're going for realism, they're all blown to bits, explosions like that are truly lethal, but if you aren't confirming it yet... I assume at least one of them will drag themselves out of the wreckage badly burned and with no chance of winning, but alive. And only two cannons fired, sooo... yeah. I could go on about the reasoning for either Shoal or Aristide surviving but in the end it's an author decision bc i have no clue what you have planned for the story as a whole!

oof i love playing with PARANOIA if you can't tell it's one of my favorite things in B.I.T.C.H. right now. Emeric, wow! Obviously that didn't pan out like he expected, but I'm sure he has some interesting new thoughts for next time. And Deidra is going to be a mess now holy shit.

What I really liked about this chapter is that it dropped some of the humor (not all, Mr. Parenthetical Joke Time) in favor of honoring the trauma of the Games. I really appreciate that, it's necessary to get more serious now that everyone's in the arena. Kosmin and Kendra's conversation was emblematic of that change for me. Even though they find lightheartedness, the somber undertones in the writing really stand out. For Kitsey and Mr. Kendra's Dad. The acknowledgement that they're being televised is also a good reminder that there's no privacy in the arena.
And Venezia, listening in, is starting to hate. OOF that one hurts ngl.

ugh i would LOVE to see Luca completely fuck up Novie's schemes. that's my thoughts there. Luca is quickly rising in my esteem!
And FINALLY Nuria and Corvin have a moment to themselves! Cute scene. Arena exploration- good, necessary.

Tegan! Yes! I love when characters are Not Okay, I'm a big fan of exploring Natural Responses to Shitty Situations and honestly this is one that gets passed over too often in terms of plot. Like OBVIOUSLY it's super traumatizing and people are gonna cry! Let it happen! Adrenaline is one thing, but I still think there are too many characters who hit the arena and are like 'bloodbath scary! ok moving on'
Also, the very last moment of this section is the first time I've really had any kind of strong emotional response to Lycus... good for him

Torrance go boom!

I'm gonna need a death in Novie's alliance sometime soon... the Careers are about to face their first loss so that's what they've got going on... The D5 pair may have had their last convo... nobody is really safe tho!

Happy writing!
7/15/2020 c15 2mangesboy01
hahhahahaahah omg the cornucopia is blown up. the careers are screwed. okay, i suck, i haven't been reviewing but as i told teddy i got so overwhelmed with all the readings and was like yeet i'm just gonna have to risk all my tribs dying cause i suck as a submitter .

anyway, kev what you've done with Shoal is sooo good and i was on edge when novie and nuria came in there and tackled him. i'm sorry, i'm still in shock about the explosion. like, a career definitely isn't going to win this year's games. yikes. shoal, i'm sorry dude.

for the deaths, i particularly wasn't surprised by any of them. i think the careers are in danger next chapter, specifically Adela with her 7 or maybe shoal. i feel like d4 is expendable at this point with the careers.
7/13/2020 c15 1tear that cherry out
ok hey baby lets GET INTO ITTTTT

i never really know how to review bbs so i assume ill just comment on? the deaths? and how everyone is doing? lets see how this goes…

so deaths!

isobel – this death surprised me! although isobel’s character never really appealed to me, and i was never really convinced by her motives to be such a … bitch? she added something different to an otherwise pleasant alliance and idk, i thought she mightve had a few tricks up her sleeve. clearly not! im not necessarily sad to see her go, just somewhat surprised – but at the same time it makes sense, because her presence in this story was somewhat overshadowed by those of her alliance members, imo.

elorah – another one i was kinda surprised by? but at the same time not surprised. i just felt like elorah’s links to both her alliance, venezia especially, as well as lycus and his alliance opened up a few plotlines that elorah could follow. but then again, her death will probably spur on a different dynamic within the d5/venezia alliance that already seems to be shaky as it is – from venezia’s perspective especially. the truth was, elorah was pretty weak especially with her injury, and this death will probably be a catalyst from some interesting interactions further on down the line!

before i talk abt these next two together, since they both mirror each other very strongly… TEGAN. im obsessed with her i cant. she breaks my heart

rion & adaire – these two deaths were… kinda hilarious to me lMFAO. the fact that they both got each other killed is so ironic and ugh… it was kinda a lil bit of comedic relief that this chapter needed. as i said before, rion’s presence in this story was just… not felt in the slightest so this death made the most sense to me out of everyone’s. adaire’s death also makes sense to me as well for the sake of tegan and lycus’ development as a duo – theres definitely going to be an interesting dynamic between the two now that lycus is already starting to emotionally unravel and tegan is just a mess altogether, especially after seeing her two allies die, indirectly at the hands of each other. i see beautiful development in her future! please dont fuck it up xx

bethan – this death… im mad. i AM. ugh bethan and her narration just made me feel REFRESHED like… i was so sure she was going to make a deep run in this story and literally this last section of the chapter was an absolute RIOT. nuria is literally a beast, ploughing into everyone made me laugh sm. but back to bethan… idk she just felt like such a central character to this story, though she did have a character that was difficult to play with in terms of flexibility and plotlines considering how stubborn-in-her-ways she was. itll be interesting to see what direction you take han now!

alive ppl!

careers – a mess… glad to see none of them died but they're still a mess! honestly i feel that rn, adela and khiron might be the most vulnerable in this group bc i feel like they're both kinda at the edge of this alliance. obvs khiron has the whole ‘fuck d2’ plotline going for him but im so hoping to see anders coping by herself? she just feels more important.

d3 / corvin / novie – nuria cracks me up.. she didn’t really have much of a presence in this story before but now i can sense that she might be given the opportunity to bloom in trying to claim the power in this alliance with luca by her side. idk. if she continues to plough into people then i will be HAPPY. corvin is obvs gonna be going through it with this early kill i reckon… that'll be interesting to see

d5 / venezia – i think the most important question for this group is how they’re gonna deal with elorah’s death, especially for venezia who is outnumbered rn but still at an advantage with her scheming ways. i have nooooo idea whats gonna happen

han – honestly no idea… hes probably gonna become that loner assassin huh? or hes gonna have a wack subplot trying to figure out the arena or some shit

tegan / lycus – TEGANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN im obsessed with her idc shes my everything. i cant wait to see how she copes with what she just witnessed, and how lycus continues to develop further. perhaps adopting a bodyguard role? carrying tegan to the finale? id be sooooo fine with that

emeric / torrance / deidra – isobel’s manipulative ass is gone and torrance is injured. once again, i have no idea where this alliance is going but i do know that deidra is the star of this show.

honestly idk how i always have sm to say for this story. but i do.


favs: aristide, novie, TEGAN, deidra
like 1.0.: shoal, kendra, kosmin, venezia
like 2.0.: luca, adela, emeric, torrance
like 3.0.: nuria, han, corvin, lycus
conflicted: anders, khiron

i sure do like a lot of tributes so im putting them into TIERS


who surprised me the most this chapter? NURIA. icon.
who do i think is in the most danger? torrance bc of his injury. maybe a career bc i can imagine anders will be MAD! adela perhaps

i typed this review so long ago and idk why im only posting it now... but here i am. once again. feelin lost but now and then... i breathe it in... to let it go...

kiss kiss x update x
7/13/2020 c15 4BradiLain
Isobel down! I didn't think she'd be the first to go, but also I'm not super mad about it either. She was one of my least favorites from the start, and like I said last time, anybody from my dislikes I'd be glad to see go. Must be embarrassing for her. Feels bad girlfriend. Khiron's making it work, getting the first kill. Also unexpected, from my end at least, but very satisfying for him. I thought one of our Career ladies would be the first to get blood on their hands, but a ranged weapon really can help with getting easier kills.

I didn't like Deidra before and half of me considers making a whole new category for her to express my disdain. I can handle a lot of things from characters, but some of the most distasteful in my humble opinion is treating your alliance like garbage. Leaving somebody out there to die was gross at best, and all I can do is hope blindly that he makes it out of that deathtrap to find his alliance once more. Karma will get to Deidra, I just know it will.

Which leads me right into Nuria out here doing good for me on my list of people I didn't like before. See? That's how you do an alliance. You help keep the others safe. You don't leave people to die because it would be easy for you. Also, Novie is nasty and I hate him. Every time I see Corvin thinking nicely of him it makes me sick to my stomach.

I totaly saw Elorah coming, but that didn't soften the blow to my heart. Somebody from that alliance had to go in the bb, and Elorah was the most obvious of them all. Doesn't make it any less sad. RIP Elorah. You were a cool cat.

Somebody from Adaire's little grouping was bound to die here, too, and honestly as long as it wasn't Teagan I was going to be happy with the outcome. Very fitting for both Adaire and Rion to be each other's downfall. I'd be willing to bet that if they had just stuck together then there'd be a possibility that they make it out alive. Perhaps gravely injured, but alive. The pair of Teagan and Lycus has lots of room to grow for me. I can see them being a nice pair to follow along, although I don't know if I'd label either of them as Victor material.

The whole fiasco between Luca and Bethan was the icing on the cake of this chapter for me. I really had no idea what was going to happen and those are my favorite moments. It was clear that Bethan wasn't gonna let the boy go, but I also willed it with every fiber of my being that he wouldn't be left behind after his sad little pov before this. Nuria out here really stepping it up for me in every sense of the phrase. Is it weird to say that I like her now? She's proven her loyalty and I appreciate that in a tribute. Glad to see Bethan gone, glad to see all the characters I didn't like getting their comeuppance.

Who surprised me the most? Well, if you hadn't gathered it from the rest of my raving, it was definitely Nuria. She blew every thought I had about her out of the water.

In danger: Corvin, Luca, pick one from the Careers, somebody's gotta be messed up from that explosion.

Love: Tegan, Emeric, Shoal, Corvin, Khiron
Like: Venezia, Kosmin, Torrance, Kiani, Anders, Nuria
Neutral: Adela, Luca, Kendra, Han, Lycas
Dislike: Aristide, Novie, Deidra
7/12/2020 c15 dyloccupy
this was very cash money of you!


i think i’ve said this like 420 times already,,,,but you really do have the mind of a mastermind! like, albert einstein who? stephen hawking where?

having different biomes to represent all twelve districts is iconic. not only is the idea cool, but the structure of the arena comes across really well - it doesn’t feel disjointed. the “welcome home heroes” makes so much sense now and i can’t believe how stoopid i was/am (are we surprised?!).

can’t wait to explore all the different areas and see what crazy shit you have planned!


isobel - bye bitch! i didn’t expect her to die so soon, but i’m NOT complaining lol. with so many manipulators, i expected to lose one or two,,,but i thot isobel would be safe so she could cause some drama within her alliance before she got killedt. again, definitely not sad to see her go! it’s so funny that her score, the six that she felt SO PROUD of, was her undoing.

elorah - aww! sad to see such a sweet girl get killedt so early, but it makes sense. venezia is DISTRAUGHT over this, which creates an ingesting situation within her alliance.

rion - he was honestly so,,,bland. idk i appreciated the role he played in his alliance, but compared to some other manipulative kiddos he kinda faded into the background. his plan to get adaire killed,,,which resulted in his own death,,,,ICONIC! then tripping each other and shit was hilarious.

adaire - yes! yes! yes! we luv to see it. adaire was annoying, but brought some fun drama to the story. definitely appreciated the role she played, but i couldn’t see her surviving past the bb. her death was pretty fun tho, so at least she got rion killedt as well.

bethan - oof! definitely grew to like bethan even tho she didn’t have a huge personality. i enjoyed her alliance with han, the no bullshit approach helped them stand out. i understood why she attacked luca, but it wasn’t the smartest play when his partner is an actual WRECKING BALL (miley cyrus is quaking). interested to see what han does now!


this format was a great choice!

LUCA DID THAT! he really said fuck career lives! as he should! this puts the pack in a really cool situation, which could lead to further frustration,,,can’t wait for that ultimate showdown!

nuria definitely stood out this chapter. she was never really a prominent character to me, but NOW,,,i’m rooting for her! not only did she annihilate shoal, but she managed to gain a trustworthy ally for the future. smart gorl!

can’t wait to see how each alliance is impacted by the losses they suffered. ugh the character development is gonna be sooo juicy!

most at risk: shoal, corvin, tegan, and torrance

can’t wait to see what happens next!
7/12/2020 c15 1Acereader55
Hello Bobo! Finally getting to review this and know that it's actually going to be able to be seen so here goes. I absolutely love the concept of this arena, having 12 different sections representing the outfit clues that they have, it's very clever. I'm sure we won't see all of the biomes because the arena seems huge and there's only so much time to showcase certain tributes in certain areas, but I love vast and detailed arenas just as much as small and simple ones because you can do so many things and take it in such a unique direction. As for the format, loved it. I love third omniscient for Bloodbaths because it's super easy to convey the action that is happening and you did a good job with that!
As for the deaths...

Isobel: I'm honestly shocked you killed her here. I really thought since she was the real antagonist within the alliance that she's in that she'd stick around simply for the sake of drama and an eventual showdown between her and Deidra. But on the other hand, I'm very glad you killed her here because she quite frankly annoyed the shit out of me and we had so many fake/manipulative tributes that there were bound to be some of them killed this early on. I love that with her dead we have the family alliance of Torrance/Deidra/Emeric without any real tension there, so yeah very satisfied with her death and loving that king Khiron my baby got the first kill of the Games.

Elorah: I'm... distraught that you got rid of her here. I was sort of half expecting it given the focus she got last chapter and with everything going on, but then I convinced myself she was okay because of the subplot with Venezia against D5 and her connection with Lycus but here we are, shocked and upset at this death. I really enjoyed her character, and it's sad to see her go here. Very interested to see how Venezia is going to handle being in an alliance with district partners and not having the control she craves.

Rion: Definitely saw this one coming, I feel like he sort of fell to the background after being rejected by the Careers and I struggled to tell him and Lycus apart until Lycus' last POV. I feel like he was kind of subjected to being the rejected Career that was the peacekeeper's son and then nothing really else came out of him, which is okay because every story needs some form of background characters and that's what he became. His death scene was amazing, I seriously can't get over both him and Adaire wanting to sabotage the other and it getting them both killed, what a great scene that literally made me laugh out loud.

Adaire: Yeah another one I can't say I'm upset that's gone. She annoyed me from the first time that I read her and again with such a strong sea of manipulators in this story... some of them needed to die and this felt like a good time to send her off. And again the way she went out was amazing, thinking she was going to pull the wool over Rion's eyes and sabotage him but she ended up playing herself and securing her own demise. Was never a fan and I'm glad she's gone so I can see how Lycus and Tegan do as a duo, and I'm very interested in how Novie will do now that their plan of meeting up in the Arena with their "two packs of sheep" is no longer an option.

Bethan: Unpopular opinion it seems but I wasn't that huge of a fan of her? I just never really connected with her and there was nothing more to her for me besides the no bullshit thing with Han. Once Han abandoned her, I knew that she was done for cause there was no other real connection there for her to explore. I absolutely loved the way she went though, she really did almost get everything she wanted before she got barreled over by the absolute tank that Novie is. I'm curious to see how her death will affect Han after he left her, and let's see how true that no bullshit mantra really is for him.

As for the remaining alliances...

Careers: I am pleasantly surprised that you didn't kill any of them here. I think that it's become almost a sort of standard that people kill one career in the Bloodbath now and I'm glad you kind of stepped back from that and didn't force one of them to die here just for the "shock factor" that comes along with that. They certainly did a lot of the work here, getting rid of 4 of the people that died, although for a BB and for a Career kill count that is a tad bit low compared to most Games so I can see why Anders was frustrated. I don't know why but I get this strong feeling that the middle man in Shoal is going to die first, I just think it's too obvious to have D1 and D2 go at it and have D4 pick their side, it just seems too clean for you and for this story. I do really like this pack here, they don't have overly complex dynamics but the tug of war for power is here and I'm very interested to see who comes out on top. I obviously am biased towards D1, but I also really like Adela and Kiani, and I think Kiani is poised to go far at least until she runs into Kosmin and his alliance given the focus that relationship got in the Capitol. Also very interested to see how they deal with having little supplies thanks to Luca.

Nuria/Luca/Novie/Corvin: Here I was thinking Nuria would bit the bullet in the BB and yet she barreled over two bitches and recruited her district partner into her alliance, what a boss bitch. She definitely rose in my rankings after this. I love her soft spot for Luca and I wonder how he's going to feel after he wakes up and realizes that Nuria saved his ass. Speaking of Luca, what a mess but what a fun and entertaining mess. I can't believe he was able to stay calm and composed enough after being abandoned by his allies and hit over the head to lay still until the Careers departed and then blow up their supplies but what a great move and it really makes him stand out even further as the trouble making fun kid. I'm glad he survived and I think he's got some longevity in him now given his new place within a new alliance and a potential reunion with his own allies. Corvin is still the soft sweet giant and I felt bad that he had to be the one to kill Bethan, but he was the strongest and it made the most sense and I'm super glad that Nuria saved him earlier on. I find him the least compelling now of the crew he's with but also one of the most endearing at the same time? And I also think he might stick around for a potential reunion with Tegan and to resolve the conflict brewing as a side plot between him and Nuria. As for Novie, I'm interested to see where he goes now that he no longer has Adaire so there's no hope of a reunion there, and the side plot of Nuria v Corvin doesn't really involve him all that much, so he's almost disposable in my eyes now.

Emeric/Torrance/Deidra: Very happy that these 3 made it out of there and as a unit. I call them the family alliance cause Emeric reminds me of the kid that has just wholesome good parents and that's what the other 2 remind me of. I really like Emeric and the image of him cowering away as Torrance and Deidra came to rescue him was both sad and endearing at the same time. I really like Emeric despite the gimmick of him being a mute, and I'm interested to see how he'll communicate in the Games without a pen and paper ready at his side, but I think he's a little bit disposable in terms of the wider story unfortunately. Torrance also feels a tad bit disposable too despite being a fun character and someone I really like, especially his relationship with Deidra. He just doesn't feel as present and integral as some of the others despite being a fun read and a protective figure, I could even see him dying to protect his allies. Still love Deidra, and she's clearly the strongest character out of her allies and I see her going the farthest. She's got a strong personality and presence, and I just get Victor vibes from her.

Kosmin/Kendra/Veneiza: I'm super happy that the 3 of them got out alive and I'm still distraught that Elorah didn't make it out with them but I'm very interested to see how that affects the dynamic here. I have a feeling Venezia is going to get antsy being around a district partner pair and that is going to influence how she acts and how she deals with them. I can see her doing or saying something that is going to cause her to get in trouble or perhaps even attempt to kill one or both of them, but my gut tells me she's going to have this alliance explode soon. Still love Kendra, I think she's probably the strongest contender here out of this alliance with a clear personality and a tight bond with Kosmin so I see her going pretty far and I'm happy about that. Kosmin also feels like a strong contender, and I feel like he and Kendra specifically are probably safe until they reunite with Kiani at some point given the two scenes they got together in the Capitol. I think this alliance will blow up soon and Venezia will pay the price for her manipulations and anxiety over being with a pair.

Lycus/Tegan: This alliance was decimated by the Bloodbath yikes, but the way their allies went out was hilarious. I honestly didn't know anything about Lycus until last chapter but now he's someone that I really like and want to see do well. His reaction to seeing Elorah die was also super sad to see him crying over that, but now he's got some motivation. I do worry though she was one of his only other connections outside his alliance so now he's a little plot deprived. As for Tegan, her confusion over why Rion and Adaire were fighting speaks to her naive nature and I think that is going to hurt her in the Arena. However, she does have that other connection with Corvin and I could maybe see a reunion there given the focus they got as a relationship as well. I like both of them, but I don't see them as a pairing going the distance.

Han: The only loner! Not too much to say on him, I don't dislike him but I don't have a connection to him. He's got a small thing with Venezia so maybe he runs into that alliance and evens out the numbers there? But really all I can recall about him is he likes hiding behind the scenes and is no bullshit, but he's kind of bare beyond that so eh? Wouldn't mind seeing him die and I also don't think he's got much going for him so yeah, bold decision to leave your only ally like that and go at it alone but we'll see how that works out for him soon I guess.

I was most surprised by Isobel dying here, I really thought she'd stick around to be the antagonist of the alliance she was apart of and drive some plots there, but I'm glad she died here.
Most in danger: Han, Novie, Emeric/Torrance, Lycus
7/12/2020 c15 14Chaos In Her Wake
damn alrighty then!

This arena is going to be crazy difficult to keep straight. Ortega was so worried about not doing enough that he probably did way too much? It'll be a wild ride for the Gamemakers to try and herd tributes together to create conflict when they could easily spread out so much. Maybe there'll be a lot of arena-driven interaction, with mutts or other game mechanisms?

Yeah so long Isobel! This is the Deidra and Torrence show now! Glad that Isobel actually didn't get a chance to scheme, her plot didn't really need a follow-through. There's bigger things to worry about.

Happy that Tegan lived! She and Lycus are the least connected alliance now, so I'm curious to see how they'll interact. Will they stay together or ditch? They strike me as high risk. RIP Adaire, another manipulator down but so it goes!

And Han's alone, so we finally have a real loner in the story. That could put him at risk, but who knows?

Elorah didn't really stand a chance after the post-interview scuffle. This alliance is NOT gonna handle death well... selfishly I'm glad my least favorite member went down first!

Luca is on his king shit! Blowing stuff up... incredible. And they thought he was DEAD. Take that, Careers! Not so much of a headstart as normal!
Although Aristide with his magic water bottle... that's my boy!

Luca found a different alliance... and Novie's plans have been knocked askew, so for once I'm curious how he'll handle a wrench in the machine. Bethan's death stood out to me for how much it'll probably affect Corvin! Sometimes I care way more about who gets the kills than who dies. That means just as much tbh.

Also glad that none of the Careers died, I was scared we'd pay the bloodbath Career tax and drop one of them but there's so much happening there!

Happy writing!
7/10/2020 c15 recklessinparadise
Helloooooooooo! I’m very behind in reviewing this but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Here are my standout moments of the Bloodbath:

I am really happy that you explained the arena in detail because I always struggle with arenas in SYOTs; they’re always a jumble to me. This arena felt very futuristic and I personally like the idea of the biomes, I haven’t seen it done before in a SYOT!

Isobel and Elorah’s deaths weren’t the biggest surprise to me but I liked that they both got a good final moment. Isobel coming 24th after talking so much shit for the whole of the pre-Games is ICONIC and I feel like Elorah’s death is going to become an ongoing issue for Venezia because it seemed she was the most effected by her death overall.

Nuria risking her life for Corvin was such a surprise but I feel like it benefits her so much considering Novie and Corvin will respect her now; I can’t wait to see what the dynamic of their alliance will become now that Nuria is an actual valued member of the alliance lolllll! Also, the idea of Nuria and Corvin tackling Shoal of all people was such a shock and something I never would have imagined; the only way I would’ve been more surprised if it had been Tegan who had done it honestlyyyy

Luca, Luca, LUCA. What an icon himself and what an ICONIC way to impact the Games. This was my favourite moment of the whole Bloodbath because the Careers had seemed so relaxed and in Luca’s mind, he literally said ‘ think again bit*h’! We honestly LOVE to see itttttttt

The end of the chapter was my least favourite part, just because Bethan was finally taken out but I made her and I realised she was never going to make it far lollll Nuria is really out here saving her alliance time and time again and as much as I dislike her, I have to respect her for being unquestionably a BAMF! I feel Corvin and Nuria are on more of a level playing field now that they’ve both saved each other in some respect! It’s interesting that Novie didn’t end up killing anyone, I feel like that wasn’t just a coincidence because he’s definitely got some sort of plan in mind. No matter what, I feel their alliance is going to be the alliance to watch in these Games considering they’ve already made BIG moves and it’s literally just Day One.

This was such a short review, which I apologize for legend, but see you soon anyway!
7/10/2020 c15 22District11-Olive
I'm still laughing so hard at the fact that you baited us with the space theme for 14 chapters and then gave us a completely different arena. Iconic honestly. This was really well done and, as I already said, WOW. You kept the action going but added in a nice mix of emotion and decision that made it feel real. I don't exactly know how to review this so I think we're going to answer the questions and chat about some moments.

I was surprised a lot LOL. I'm surprised that the arena is not space and actually is made up of like a bunch of little spaces to explore? That is super neat and idk how you're going to keep each space distinct but I am for this. I'm surprised that isobel was the first to go because usually that's a weak tribute in 24th but she was anything but. I'm surprised that Nuria turned into a fucking tank TWICE (count em) even though she was always a big contender in my eyes. I'm surprised that both Adaire and Rion bit the dust after an intra-alliance scuffle. I'm surprised that not only did my little shit of a child, Luca, not die but he actually blew the supplies tf up within 10 minutes of the games starting. I'm surprised that Nuria wants Luca, but it also makes sense given the state of her alliance and the fact that saving him will probably get him to blindly follow her. I'm surprised that Bethan's dead because that bitch had her priorities straight.

So yeah, you could say I was a bit surprised.

In danger is a tough one. I'd say that Adela might be in some danger with her alliance but I'm not sure if this will be enough to kill her over, like shit was busy sometimes we forget how to kill a bitch. Luca with his concussion, but also the fact that Nuria wants him makes me think he could be okay? Tegan is down to have a breakdown with only one remaining ally and having seen the others killed. Honestly the fact that so many of the deaths were people with some decent chances makes me think that everyone could be in danger... That's exactly how I want to feel following a BB though. Shit is about to get REAL.

Excellent chapter and I'm not just saying that because my idiot tribute did some fun stuff. The writing was concise enough that we weren't stuck in any one place for too long, but you did manage to give us the descriptions we need to really be immersed. I'm excited to see the rest of the arena and how these alliance shakeups will affect the remaining tributes. RIP to the ones gone and good luck charlie to the ones left!
7/9/2020 c15 12jakey121
This was such a fantastic bloodbath. You know how much I love this format because of how it lends itself to blending both the emotional with the action and you did it perfectly. This Arena has soooo much potential – I wonder how big it is and if you’ll even have time to fully explore twelve different biomes buuuttt I’m excited to see it!
Ok bloodbaths are hard to review so I’m just going to talk about deaths.

Isobel – yasss I mean I’m sorry for actively rooting for someone to die but we’ve discussed this and with all the manipulative tributes, I’m glad to see Isobel who was always a more under the radar, irritating tribute of this archetype to be in this story. At one point I genuinely couldn’t even remember her because so many tributes stand out. It’s quite ironic really – all this build up in her mind for the action she’s about to take and she goes out first.

Elorah – another expected death but tbh this is even sadder because of the impact of her last few scenes. On stage with the gang rooting for her, Kendra beating the shit out of John, Elorah and Lycus’ relationship… it lends itself to his development and I see so much potential in Lycus so I understand why she died but… yeah… sad stuff.

Rion/Adaire – honestly the method as to which these two died is so funny…. Two more manipulative tributes that died trying to get one over each other… and there’s Tegan like WTF WE ARE FRIENDS. It’s gonna lend itself SO WELL TO HER AND LYCUS I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS DUO HONESTLY. But yeah… Adaire was like an even more annoying Novie and I actually did enjoy Rion’s character so it’s sad that he’s gone but I also understand it completely. I just loved how they died tbh.

Bethan – this shit was the worst for me because I loved the simplicity that Bethan brought with her no bs stance on the Games. I would have preferred Han go over her because Bethan stands out as a totally unique archetype in this story in comparison to so many others BUT I think it’ll also be interesting to see how this effects Nuria, Luca and Corvin because wow Nuria stood out so much this chapter and I pegged her as an early death so I’m looking forward to more from her. Ugh. I wish Bethan was still alive.

Most in danger:
Luca, Shoal, Kosmin, Torrance.

Ok amazing bloodbath update.
7/9/2020 c15 2Remus98

Ortega — the arena is super over the top, with lots of sections and details. It seems intricate though, and despite him mentioning that the tributes probably won’t get to all of it, I’d love to see as much as possible. Hopefully, that way, his hard work will pay off. Maybe then he and his family will be spared? Please?

As for the fallen tributes:

R.I.P Isobel — she’s not someone I formed a strong connection to. Never hated her, never loved her. I appreciated her relationship with Emeric, though, and for that she will be missed.

R.I.P Elorah — definitely the most devastating death for me this chapter. Prior to the bloodbath being posted, I actually thought she had some fight left in her despite the whirlwind of events happening the night prior. But, when she started doubting herself up on that podium I got a creeping suspicion that she might not make it very far. It’s too bad, I really enjoyed her. She was the ray of sunshine we all needed.

R.I.P Rion/Adaire — if you’ve read my reviews, I think you know I wasn’t a very big fan of either of these. I’ve been harping on them both literally since they were introduced, Adaire for being a complete and utter bitch (sorry but true), and Rion because of the… creative endeavors he chose to pursue. They were also a part of my ”want” section for deaths last chapter. What I will say, thought, is that the way they fell was surprising to me. Tripping each other over? Were they trying to offer up the other so they themselves could escape? That seems like a very Adaire-move, not so much Rion. Weird flex but ok.

R.I.P Bethan — I should feel sorry that she’s gone, seeing as she was Han’s ally and all. But them being separated from the get-go soften the blow a bit. I’ll miss her for the no-bullshit banter.

As for the living tributes:

The Careers — I expected the pair from Four to fall, wanted it even (not because I dislike either Shaol or Adela, only because I’m impatient for the showdown between One and Two), but I’ll wait. Not sure what they’ll do now that the cornucopia is blown up along with their supplies, it’ll be interesting for sure.

Luca, Nuria, Novie, Corvin — setting the cornucopia alight is a boss move, that’s for sure. I wonder if that was planned by the gamemakers to happen at some point, or if the gasoline was meant for the tributes to use against each other. That’s another point in Ortega’s favor. Unexpected and exciting (as well as a point for your insane imagination, Kevin!). How well he’ll fare in Nuria’s alliance thought, is another matter entirely. It makes me a bit less worried about Nuria’s chances, but then again, the target on her back grew like a hundred sizes in this chapter. Where did that strength come from? Man, Corvin has some competition in that department now. I’m also glad of how aware she is of Novie’s bullshit. Tear him down!

Kosmin, Kendra, Venezia — the reverse of what happened after the interviews was nice, I enjoyed that callback (tho the results of both scenarios were unfortunate). Poor Elorah, the punching bag of everyone. This alliance could go lots of ways, I could see them being paired off in any which way. If Kosmin dies, Venezia and Kendra already have a working relationship. If Venezia dies, Kosmin and Kendra obliviously have district loyalty. Kosmin and Venezia doesn’t make as much sense, but they’d certainly be interesting.

Han — once a loner, always a loner. It’s a bit sad to see his alliance dissolved at the start of the Games, but then again, he’s in it for himself only. And he’s used to being alone. Out of everyone who’re by themselves (which is only him at the moment) I’m pretty sure he’s the best equipped to deal with it.

Tegan, Lycus — don’t remember seeing much of them, where did they go?

Emeric, Torrance, Deidra — with Isobel removed from the picture, they kinda feel like a family. Daddy Torrance, mommy Deidra, and baby Emeric. I guess Isobel would have been the older sister? Anyway, if I ignore my complicated feelings for Deidra, then this might be my favorite alliance. They’re precious.

As for the questions:

1). Most surprising death would have to go to Rion and Deidra, mostly because of how ineffective their flailing was. An easy kill for the careers! Most surprising living tribute would have to go to Nuria. She’s the MVP of this chapter for sure. Barrel into them peeps’ — it’s not too shabby of a strategy.

2). I feel like Nuria’s alliance is bound to turn on each other as some point, so them? Tegan is always at risk, whether in the arena or out of it, tripping and getting a 2 for a score and all of that jazz. Maybe Shaol or Adela if they pull a stunt in favor of either One or Two. Han? It better not be Han!

Update soon :)
7/9/2020 c14 A M4D TE4-P4RTY
Elorah: I can kinda see why Venezia might be a little freaked out by what Kendra did... It's like seeing the Games begin early. And if she's capable of that because someone hit her ally, what'll she do if her life's in danger?! She's a useful ally to have, but better to be careful. She seems unpredictable and also thoughtless. Smart of Venezia to try and form an alliance within an alliance with Elorah, but I'm not sure she'll need it? After all, Kendra did all that to protect her friend, right...?

Lycus: I have to agreed with Lycus, I'm afraid. I really don't think Elorah stands a chance of making it past the bloodbath. I kinda like the relationship between these two, with Lycus trying but unable to completely distance himself from her, because she reminds him of his sister. I couldn't help not wanting Lycus to open up about himself to his allies... If Adaire survives the bloodbath, she'll find some way to use that against him, I think.

Torrance: I still really like Torrance. He's sweet. It's horrible to see how much the Games have affected him already and they haven't even started yet! I think Bethan's underestimating him, when she says he sounds like he's going to die. I think she's underestimating the strength it takes to be strong for others when you feel broken and can't cope yourself. Torrance wanting to stay strong for his family and his allies is probably the best way for him to channel what strength he has and cope with the arena.

Adela: Wait, what?! There are different outfits? That contain clues? And Adela's figured them out - clearly because she thinks 'oh shit' - but I feel stupid for still having no idea! I'm so excited to find out what's going on with that and to get more of a look at the arena. Trees, wheat, rocks and mountains, trains?! The gamemakers have really outdone themselves this time with the arena design! I bet it's seriously confusing the tributes - which area to head for?! This arena sounds like it's going to be hell for the tributes - I bet there are some nasty surprises hidden in there! I'm so excited to hear more about this arena!

The bloodbath chapter's been posted, so no point me answering the questions now! :P
7/8/2020 c13 djranch
Kiani: She seems like a likable person, but I like the wit/sneaky plans the other careers have more than Kiani's just go with whatever attitude

Novie: never fails to be a sneaky lil bitch 3

Emeric: He's sweet but doesnt have the killer instinct that some of the others have

Kendra: beating up the peace keeper was pretty bad ass! she's got a fire in her that will definitely be to her advantage in the games
7/8/2020 c15 5Axe Smelling God
Ortega- this was an interesting arena for the tributes to be in. I was thinking of a space themed as well, but different biomes is always fun. There’s something for everyone and so much that could be explored in each one. Well we see that Isobel was the first to fall and Khrion is not playing with these arrows knocking them out left and right. He almost hit Deirdre twice, killed Isobel and hot Torrance run the shoulder. That was a surprise for sure to see. I imagined that Elorah would’ve lasted longer than this and I feel for Venezia. That was intense to see my boy Rion fall so early on and for Adaire to do the same.
7/8/2020 c15 2neb88
UGH my influence! lmaooo as if you didnt have this pov planned already ahaha. honestly Im still a bit confused about the arena caue like, obviously theres a lot going on, but Im sure it will be super interesting for the tributes to explore it all. Its nice to see him again, so long as these games go off without a hitch he should be good to go, however the games arent quite done with yet!

I do like all the quite snippets of each tributes thots, its super interesting to see what they're thinking about in such an important moment! Honestly I screamed a bit RIP luca what a shit spot to start in ahahah. AND he cant see any of his allies? sir you are apart of the biggest alliance lmao. adela really just wants to ride this ferris wheel lmao. Im fucking crying teagan doesnt deserve this :( hmmm very interested with rion and adaire, I feel like theres no way they both make it out alive since they're both looking for the other to take the fall for them.

LMAO rip isobel ahaha honestly I did like her but its kinda funny to see her fall first after talking so much shit. oh no they're leaving luca behind poor kid, I hope he can make it out ok :(

oooo an interesting development for corvins group! Im really glad it happened, doing this definitely helped make nuria feel more a part of their group and I think this will shift up their dynamic a lot, maybe the two of them will even realize novies true plans?

han aint fuckin about, and like thats fair tbh ahaha

nooo elorah :( I mean, I kinda saw this coming but like I hoped it wouldn't happen, poor girl doesnt deserve this. its interesting how affected venezia is by elorahs death though, shes starting to break just a bit.

YIKES that was messy ahaha, I guess both rion and adaire were both too arrogant, though I wished one of them had survived at least. Also why the fuck is kiani here? I seriously dont understand her, like isnt she a pacifist? cause like I dont think a pacifists stab children in the throat. Im glad teagan made it, though I dont know if her and lycus are emotionally in a great state now.

LMAO anders is working hard, but aristide is working harder! king of having water! also the audacity of this bitch. I only count five? ya bitch but like you did just as much as everyone else, smh

LMAO I was gonna saw 5? LUCA KING! lmao rip bitch, you tell her! ugh yesss burn this bitch down! the careers dont deserve to eat!

ok but like imagine if corvin and nuria just beat that shit out of novie, just some food for thot... honestly Im unbothered by the fact that they lost all their supplies, it is simple what all of them deserve. also like, I honestly feel like adela didnt even try in the bb which like I believe it haha.

LMAO when did nuria become an acutal fucking truck AHAHA. anyway poor luca, I get where bethans coming from but like, I like luca more than her ahaha. I wanna say they couldve become allies, both having been ditched by previous allies but like, realistically in that moment it unfortuantely didnt really make sense for either of them :(

LEAVE LUCA ALONE! Im glad corvin came to save nuria, god I still hope they can like get on good terms ahah, they can do soo much better than novie lmao. oooou but now that lucas in their alliance that changes things a lot, if anyone can see right through novie it will be luca, I definitely see some drama with this group on the horizon.

ugh poor porvin :( i cant believe they made him kill bethan, get novie to do it or something lmaoo.

I feel like nuria really popped off this chapter which is nice cause she was definitely one of the only ones that was kinda starting to fade into the background. I guess kiani too cause like, it turns out she kills people? idk. also luca! king really did that! he said fuck the careers! and Im all about the careers suffering
honestly surprisingly I think novie is in danger now. maybe teagan and lycus too cause like, they're both just a mess right now ahaha.
I... I can't believe theres no space? wtf I feel like I've been robed of the space themed arena I deserve, consider this my last review (kidding). very exciting bloodbath chapter! especially all the drama that happened afterwards with luca, very spicy, you did not disappoint! cant wait for more drama and to learn more about the arena. looking forward to the next update! :)
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