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12/1/2020 c6 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
I'd honestly say that Mazar is morre of a Neutral Evil so Draco may have a possible assassin for hire if he plays his cards right. Great chapter. I look forward to the next one. Oh, I finaly got a Tablet, so I can finaly do full Bios of any future OCs I may send ur way. Stay safe!
12/1/2020 c6 6XWorrior1113
Wow, its kinda cool to see that all of the ocs doing different things at the same time. I would love to see a chapter dedicated to Mazar doing the dark brotherhood questline
8/8/2020 c3 1Skierus
One thing i noticed was the local using the term dungeon... you should avoid that the only thing they would refer to as a dungeon is a place to keep prisoners. they would call the location a barrow. dungeon is a meta term only people who should mention it are inserts from our world
6/28/2020 c5 1Polsaris
Character 2
Name: Polsaris
Race: Breton (what they are my favorite)
Stone: Lover
Story: When Polsaris was a teenager he was traveling with his family to the college to start training due to his natural talents in conjunction and restoration. He was up to mid level spells by 12 and his parents thought by attending the college he could be a master before becoming an adult. Unfortunately they were set apon by Vampires while traveling. His parents were killed in the attack and he was dragged off and caged for later. After a week in the cage he was rescued by Isran and brought to the Dawngard. There he trained with crossbow and axe along with his magic until he came of age and mastered both. Isran set him on many missions which he always completed perfectly. He hates all Vampires after what they did and while he has a strict set of morels and is very Horner bound he will never show kindness to vampires. After one mission he was recommended to go to Mara to get some enchartments put on his gear because it was said she had no equal. while there they were attacked by Vampires and while he fort well and tried to protect her he was overwhelmed by them. she then had to drop her act and help his kill those that were left. Giving herhis word he has never and would never tell anyone that she is secretly an assassin and thief. H now has connections with every guild in Skyrim and is well liked everywhere he goes. Secretly he would like to make a move to win over Mara but understands that she may never return his feelings. When it comes to Serana he will give her the benefit of the doubt because enemy of my enemy but it will take along time to trust her.

Now I know I leave a lot of scope with my Characters but that is so you can play with them how you want.
6/28/2020 c1 ArtoriuS16
6/27/2020 c5 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
Great Chapter. The Hammer and Nail Kill was a nice touch.
6/25/2020 c1 23Shadow JAFF
Name: Obsidian

Race: Dunmer

Standing Stone: Steed

Playstyle: Treasure-hunter / Merchant (Willing to offer merchant services to those who ask, is often looking for old tombs or treasure sites)

Weapons: Uses a war-axe, a great-sword, and a bow. Also uses a shield.

Apparel: When just out and about in towns and cities, she wears a black hooded robe and boots. When out in the wild or on the roads, she wears (self-made) armor, gloves, and boots, gold jewlary (ring, necklace, and cerclet), and a falmer helmet. She also possesses several sets of enchanted gear for 100% free spellcasting.

Shouts: Knows Force, Whirlwind, Fire, Become Etherial, Slow Time, and Clear Sky shouts. She is not, however, Dragonborn. She learned to Shout from her mother, who was an arciologist specializing in the Dragon Cult.

Powers: "Etherial Shop" - Once per day, for one hour, user can summon into being a covered outdoor shop with full smithing, enchanting, and alchemy stations. Also contains a safe and chest which can be used for safe storage. (Homebrewed, if you don't like it, don't feel the need to include it.)

Spells: Obsidian knows nearly every spell, but typically only uses a few, and only when wearing her "No Magicka Required" gear. Her favorites are Wall of Fire, Fireball, Transmute, Detect Life, Detect Dead, Heal, Healing Hand, Flame/Frost Thrall, Invisibility, and Muffle. She also knows every enchantment.

Factions: She serves only herself and the call of the coin. She thinks both sides of the civil war are being stupid, but will still sell to both factions. She also has connections in the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, although is not a member herself.

Stats: She puts no focus into Magicka whatsoever, and only puts about one in every ten levels into Health. She has a very high focus on Stamina, and is both very strong and swift because of this. Is said to be stronger and faster than a horse, but she's not. Yet.

Perks: All of them. Except Vampire and Werewolf, on account of not being either.

Quest Actions: Obsidian is very 'kill first, then loot, then ask questions'. That said, she is very good at sneaking around, picking locks, and solving puzzles.

Bio: Born to a dunmer mother and a half-dunmer-half-imperial father almost 600 years ago, Obsidian was saved from bandits as a child by Talos himself before he became Tiber Septem. Ever since, she's had a thirst for adventure, treasure, and killing every bandit she meets. Adventuring for two eras now, she is a wild but friendly face to those she likes. Bandits are to be immediately slain, and the Thalmer, whom she hates with a burning passion, are not too far behind. She loves to get rich quick, but will offer deals to those she trusts. She has also learned a method of cultivating a rare creature called 'Albino Spiders' from Solstheim. She's a rebel at heart, is a follower of all of the divines, and a few Deadra, and wants to see the Thalmer ~burn~. She can often be found around old tombs and ruins, but is respectful of the dead, and doesn't like to steal, despite being an active fence. In spite of being a wealth digger, she also has a soft spot for children, and will often go out of her way to help them. It is through this that she has made friends with both Babette of the Dark Brotherhood and Sapphire of the Thieves Guild.

Other: She is bisexual, with no preference either way. All she wants in life is to be rich and free. She has almost black skin, long red hair, and a tattoo over both eyes and cheeks. Said eyes are a milky pink, although she is not blind.

To be introduced to the story, she could be surprise attacked and/or captured but either bandits or the Thalmer, and the MC/MCs could rescue her. In exchange, she offers better deals in her shop, can share pieces of her 500 years of knowledge with them (quest related, lore, or where to fine treasure), join a township if the MC starts one, initiate a radiant quest, become a companion, be available for marriage, or teach the MC in any skill up to 75.

Hope you like it, thank you if you accept her, and I understand if you don't.
5/14/2020 c1 2Zyriarch
Trein Faithfist
No standing stone
No blessing
A stonefaced warrior who wields enchanted melee weapons
Enchanted steel greatsword, two enchanted glass swords.
Enchanted armor, a mix of glass armor and steel.
Trein only know the shout "Paak", which means shame. He shames his opponents, attacking their mind. (optional due to the fact that I made this shout up using the Thu'um translator)
Able to sense which divine someone prays to
great at enchanting, hence the amount of enchanted equipment he has.
No faction
pretty evenly distributed stat spread with more focus on stamina and health.
Trein's attacks become more brutal against religious enemies
Since Trein was a child, he has been hounded by several people to worship different gods, and he hated it. He only believed in the strength of self. He became more and more distrustfull and judgemental against religious people, which only intensified with religious sacrifices of dubbed "heretics" who's only crimes were to not worship certain gods.
Trein is, as stated before, very distrustfull towards anyone who follows a god. He is ever so slightly more tolerant towards Talos worshippers due to the fact that Talos was once a man. Still, Trein has no patience for people who lick someone's feet just because they are more powerful.
5/4/2020 c4 10gandalf42
Noah Vos Morstein
Race: Breton
Standing Stone: Lover
Blessing: Namira
Playstyle: Loyal Paladin of Darkness
Weapons: Champions Cudgel
Apparel: Ebony Armour
Shouts: Dragon Aspect, Unrelenting Force, Marked for Death.
Spells: None
Factions: Namira's Coven

Stat Spread (m/h/s): 0/4/3
- Two Handed: All
- Heavy Armour: All
- Speech: All
Quest Actions: Seeks to destroy all threats to his Goddess.
Bio: Noah vos Morstein is the last decendant of the Morstein family. He has served Namira all his life and was summoned to Skyrim to aid the Coven there but was arrested at the border. He was to be burned as a heretic until Alduin destroyed Helgen. Afterwards he sought to rebuild the Coven and spread the word of his dread mistress.
Other: He would Mazar's most loyal and deadly ally if he proved worthy of wearing Namira's Ring. Noah is also married to Eola, the Leader of the Skyrim Coven.
Hope to see Noah crush some skulls in the fic. If not I will still read and enjoy future chapters!
5/2/2020 c4 6XWorrior1113
Got to say these characters are great. It amazing to see so many character with unique connection to the world's lore
4/27/2020 c3 1Polsaris
I've been thinking about what you put in your notes and I don't know if it matters but my Mara doesn't need a mod dress if you don't want to. All she needs is high end cloths when in public. she puts on the act of a well to do but is really a hunter of man. if she trusts you she let's you in on her real life otherwise you would never know.
living arrangement in Whiterun probably not Breezehome if you want that for your character. so make up a place. She is well-known to Collage studied there for years but didn't fit in. know to the Companies but only The huntress knows her secret may even be a werewolf but doesn't really use it unless in a real pinch. known to theives guild but only Karliah knows her secret and she will do anything to help her friend. is known to all the assassin's and follows the code but does more freelance jobs for them. when the home burns she will won't in on revenge. Has thought about getting to know the Dawngard but hasn't made up her mind yet. Stone is Atronach Stone. when it comes to romance she doesn't care she anyway but in the end relationships are more work then what they are worth.
4/25/2020 c3 Guest
Its gonna be fun to see all these character interact l, and now there are 50 dragonborn running around, I wonder how this'll effect the story
4/19/2020 c2 Polsaris
Sorry I forgot to mention my Mara hates the Thalmor. Not High Elves just the Thalmor and their supporters. I mean that with a passion. She sees them as the greatest threat to all Tareil and kills any and all she meets. Even though she knows it probably won't change anything. She will kill them anyway and the higher the rank the slower the death. She isn't stupid just puts on a bit of an act to through people off.

I'm looking forward to see how you get all these good characters in. Good luck.
4/18/2020 c2 lul
In these times, we need all the wish fulfillment stories we can get.
4/18/2020 c1 Bigguestinboots
Name: Zaen Blade-Breaker

Race: Nord/werebear

Standing Stone: lovers stone]

Blessing: Arkay

Playstyle: secret Imperial agent very skilled in all types of killing. Was planted in the wagon to get evidence about Ulfic.

Weapons: mod Kantana named Zambi. Two handed ebony.

Apparel: mod Executioners outfit , enchanted against fire and poisoning monks robe with muffled boots and enchanted 1-hand attack gloves, Dragon plate heavy armor enchanted head to toe with 2handed and heavy armor .

Shouts: uses only the force and dragons and, and not those often.

Powers: agent of Mara

Spells: master level of conjuring

Factions: imperial, dark Brotherhood.

Stat spread: balanced very high level

Peks: all of them that focus on blade mastery and conjuration

Quest actions: would have killed Ulfric , Maven and Siggred (jarl of falkreath) soon as he could.

Bio: imperial agent sent to get info outta the stormcloaks.

Other: heterosexual arrogant and cold blooded.
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