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for Let's All Dance Until We're Sick(Season 1)

9/22 c2 1austin012603
Great story so far.
9/15 c4 5sunsh1ne1023
looks good
9/14 c3 18princess mh
I absolutely love those songs part of your world Ariel is my absolutely favorite Disney princess. I also love walking on sunshine wipeout octopus garden he mele no Lilo. Are the power rangers going to be this because you mentioned angel Grove high in this chapter
9/14 c3 5sunsh1ne1023
9/14 c2 sunsh1ne1023
looks good
9/14 c1 sunsh1ne1023
This all looks super cool! I can tell you put in a lot of work to introduce everyone and come up with characters!
9/14 c1 6dreina0306
Great chapter definitely going to read more of this story soon.
9/12 c7 182Luiz4200
Teenage Witch's Libby? Cool allusion. I like that live-action version of Sabrina.
9/12 c3 7SORARULES23
I think this one speaks for itself. Great work.
8/29 c2 SORARULES23
Nice work here!
I'm just gonna say it. Matteo is funny.
8/26 c1 SORARULES23
Not bad! Pretty good!

For a moment there. I thought these folks would get sick from dancing. Makes me wish this was a YouTube video.

Great work!
8/22 c2 18princess mh
Elliana is sooooooooooooooo full of herself
8/22 c7 45FairySinGirl
Awesome, those were all pretty good!
8/21 c7 2Heart of the Demons
Nicely done on the second part of the "Do the Monster Mash" arc, Mary. It was entirely full of energy.
8/18 c1 3CrimsonThunderPower
Nice work introducing the characters in this first chapter.
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