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for Let's All Dance Until We're Sick(Season 1)

8/16 c6 15DragonMasterWarrior
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Spooky!
8/16 c5 DragonMasterWarrior
Well, win or lose, everyone has to try their best.
8/16 c4 DragonMasterWarrior
Well, some people have different taste in music.
8/16 c3 DragonMasterWarrior
Ooh! That sounds interesting!
8/16 c2 DragonMasterWarrior
This is exciting. Wonder who will win?
8/16 c1 DragonMasterWarrior
I can almost see this as being on a reality show on TV.
8/16 c6 45FairySinGirl
That was awesome. I like how Vincenzo ended up turning out to be the knight that was following all of them.
8/15 c6 2Heart of the Demons
Excellent chapter here, my friend. I believe that Lucille might get eliminated next.
8/11 c1 18princess mh
I hope ever Kamila Rodriquez or Amira Mishra and Josue Ahmed win
8/2 c5 9Total Simaniac
I’m not one hundred percent sure who should be voted off next.

But I feel like I have a question, can somebody actually do the cha cha dance to ‘Shape of my Heart’ by the Backstreet Boys? That’s a slow song, not exactly the cha cha type.
8/2 c4 Total Simaniac
Nice chapter. Love the song that was used at the end. Banana Boat(Day Oh!)
8/2 c3 Total Simaniac
'How was I suppose to know that the cake was real?'
'The Cake is a Lie!'
(Sorry, couldn't resist)

Good chapter regardless.
8/2 c2 Total Simaniac
Yeah, this is totally like one of those reality shows indeed.

Also, looking back...
-Lucille is most likely Ella or Dawn.
-The twins are those two twins from Ridonculous Race, or Katie and Sadie(but most likely the first one is the correct one)
-It's a bit of a stretch, but I assume the cruise performers are the hippie girls from RR.
-Celebrity duo, I can only assume is the Fashion Bloggers of RR.
-Foreigners on the other hand, apart of me also says the hippie girls, and...if there's another person who they actually are based off of, I can't really think of it.
8/2 c1 OptimisticWatermelon98
The ice dancers remind me of the ice dancer team from total drama ridonculous race!
8/2 c1 Total Simaniac
Okay, I might be wrong on some of these, but here goes nothing...

-E-Wave is clearly Bridgette, because I can't think of any other character in Total Drama who is a surfer.
-I assume Messiah is Dakota since she is a celebrity in Total Drama anyway.
-One of two things, Tough Girl is obviously either Jo or Eva.
-I could be wrong, big time, but I assume Matteo is Zoey. I think.
-Elliana is...probably Lindsay. I could be wrong, if I am, correct me.
-I don't exactly know about the last one.

The others(the pairs), I don't really know, since I never exactly watched Ridonculous Race, but I think, after seeing some pics of some of it's cast, I know that the Rockers are obvious those Tenacious D wannabes, while the ice dancers are the...well, ice dancers in that show.

Either way, good introduction.
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