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for Let's All Dance Until We're Sick(Season 1)

7/31 c5 2Heart of the Demons
I got plenty of enjoyment from this new chapter. I think Millie should be voted off next because she seems to rub people the wrong way.
7/31 c5 45FairySinGirl
Lol! I like the one where they tripped Lewis, because I bet he probably deserved it.
7/31 c4 10Miraculous Fanfic Lover
Oh oh oh, this is getting intriguing. I am totally looking forward for the next chapter.
7/31 c4 2Heart of the Demons
I'm so totally captivated by the events of this new episode of "Let's All Dance Until We're Sick"! :D
7/30 c4 45FairySinGirl
I wonder who's gonna end up getting voted off this time.
7/7 c3 FairySinGirl
I like the part where the Backstreet Boys go up and limbo with them.
7/7 c3 2Heart of the Demons
This was such a wonderful new episode of "Let's Dance Until We're Sick." Each character's viewpoint has been brilliantly executed from start to finish.
6/30 c1 22GiddyReflections
This is an interesting concept
6/11 c2 2Heart of the Demons
It's really hard for me to sat who'll be voted out first, as I believe everyone is talented in their very own way.
6/10 c2 45FairySinGirl
I like the introductions for each of the dancers.
6/10 c1 2augustblues
I’m definitely rooting for Kaia and Kaden! Having a little family reunion on a freakin TV show? That’s sick. My money’s on them!
4/18 c1 22Firebid1030
the surfer will be the first one out
4/18 c1 45FairySinGirl
Awesome characters.
Also I like how the Backstreet Boys are the judges.
4/18 c1 2Heart of the Demons
Great character intros!
4/17 c1 151Qoheleth
Dear mary:

Huh. So what cartoons are all these characters from, exactly? I don't see a single one I recognize.

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