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for I'm Immortal

12/27/2020 c28 Magi Mari
Yeah it is kind of a mess
12/3/2020 c28 Guest
I believe a reboot would be a good idea so you have time to plan out plot points and iron out any ideas
11/24/2020 c28 Guest
I prefer reboot. The last part was getting kind of messy
11/23/2020 c28 RandoReader
I think it'd be fine either way, as your writing is pretty wonderful, but honestly it'd be an easier story to write if you just start from scratch. Good luck with school and stay safe man!
11/22/2020 c1 TheBigBrotherWTPD
Please stop switching between first and second person? Please? It's driving me insane
11/21/2020 c28 deku rose
continue the story dont reboot it.
11/22/2020 c28 RockLeeOmega
I guess a reboot is ok
11/21/2020 c28 Akurar
glad to see you are doing fine.
and regarding this story...idk dude if you have an story that you want to tell, wharever it is .write about it. If after all this time you still want to use this narrative and the characters you created for it as a vehicule for that porpose that's okay too.
11/21/2020 c28 ShadekillerUnoDosTres
Personally, I would love to see where this fic could go with a plan and dedication. The last part is a problem for more than just you but can be substituted with interest and a plan could help keep that up. I hope to see a reboot with a plan in place that closes up a few holes and makes a bit more sense. Some of the demonic writing could be confusing or just a pain to read (but was a very interesting touch), and the plot could jump around more than a little bit. You have already written as much as a small book and I would really like to see where this could go. Good luck whatever you decide and I can't wait to see more from you.

P.S. Any inspiration on Remnant of Thunder? Another story of yours with a cool premise that started well and I enjoyed!
11/21/2020 c28 Sunrayz
reboot it with a proper plan in place, but leave it up it's pretty pog
9/15/2020 c1 Y33tus
grimm don't eat
9/1/2020 c17 NazgulBelserion
Ya I'm out awesome idea but I'm not interested in Good guy mc I wanted a mc joining Salem causing chaos and shit this is just boring joining so called good guys crap it's overdone imo
8/1/2020 c27 StahlTheAegis
I love the references to Doom with Alpha keep up the great work friendo
7/29/2020 c26 SoullessRanga63
a review
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