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10/20 c12 Guest
Great story! Would love an update!
10/10 c12 Guest
Please update soon!
9/26 c12 Guest
Update soon please! I love this story and need to know what happens next!
8/30 c12 Guest
Update soon please! Love this story!
8/23 c12 Guest
I’m sad that there is only one chapter left. I’ve loved this story and was hoping for some more Ryan, Sandy, and Kirsten moments. Those were my favorite in the show and in this story. Update soon!
8/19 c12 Guest
Great story line but we like to see more Ryan angst and Ryan Sandy bonding
8/17 c12 37fatedtopretendd
This is a really interesting take. I like how you're tackling this storyline in an organic way and unpacking each perspective. In canon, compared to future storylines, I think Oliver doesn't even come close to bad storylines undertaken by the writers. It's definitely the weakest of s1 but it did introduce several interesting character development points. There was just minimal attempt made to fully follow-through on it, and any depth neglected to facilitate a climatic showdown.
8/14 c12 anon
nice twist on canon here
8/14 c11 Guest
Please Update Soon!
8/10 c11 Guest
Update soon!
8/4 c11 146Linneagb
And now I'm caught up again. I do love this anyway. The relationships in between Ryan and the Cohen's. Not so much with Marissa though... I guess this storyline was always meant to be a mess. Please update soon.
8/4 c10 Linneagb
I actually feel sorry for Seth here. What is it Dumbledore says... "oh to be young and feel love's keen sting" He's so confused.
8/2 c11 anon
Nice chapter! I'm glad you're trying to flesh out Marissa's perspective a bit, rather than settling for the more reductive path.
8/2 c11 Guest
Every time I finish a chapter you leave me wanting more. Update soon please
7/31 c11 Guest
love this story! Please update asap! And we need more Ryan/Kirsten!
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