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for Still the same Siomon just a bit diffrent

6/24/2020 c1 920355
Okay, there is a lot I have to say about this fanfic and I might as well be speaking to a brick wall according to all the very similar reviews you've received over the past sixteen or so years. But, nonetheless, I am going to pitch in my two cents with a review.

When is this story supposed to take place? Does it ignore the car crash Simon was a part of at the end of season seven and the repercussions following in early season eight as well as part of season nine? Is this story a slashfic? Based on the very ambiguous note you give before the story begins, I am thinking back to the days of Television Without Pity when people speculated Simon was gay and secretly in love with Morris. Or is this coming from another show/movie/book, or a fanfic? Honestly, I find that note to be completely unnecessary.

So, getting to the story itself... I decided to take the time to read all the reviews you've received on your stories over the past sixteen or so years. A lot of them say the same thing and even the most recent ones from this year and last year shows you haven't improved on your writing. The title sounds very much like another 7th Heaven fanfic written years ago, but with Simon (not Siomon) instead of Ruthie. The summary makes no sense either; and it implies right off the bat that this fanfic is going to be slash. If this is not a slashfic, then you need to change the summary or make it more clear.

I think you need to take any review you get, either now or going back the past decade and half, more seriously. Take into consideration what everyone is saying and try to work harder at improving the way you write. If you need to, ask for a beta reader. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that!
5/10/2020 c2 cakid
Very nice story. I just discovered it. I love the interaction between Simon and Teagan as they get to know one another. Hope you continue it. Thanks for the fine fiction!

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