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7/10 c15 JustMonikadelete
Yay another chapter! I enjoyed the chapter can't wait to see what will happen with the trolls!
7/9 c15 6ThatOtherWriterGirl
I'm glad that Kili and Viola are working on making nice-nice with each other. I feel bad for Fili...he doesn't even know what he did wrong.
Bofur is funny, I like him.
And I like how you mixed things up a bit here and there, not using the same lines word for word from the book/movie. It makes reading so much more fun when you don't already know the dialog by heart. ha ha. Keep up the good work.
Noooo, don't go into the dark, spooky forest! I hear there might be trolls out there! Wait...Fili and Kili are there too...maybe a good time to make amends with Fili, in the dark...ohhh, romantic. ha ha.
6/27 c14 1gummyfishes
I cannot wait for the next chapter, this is already such a beautiful story. You write very well, and it’s definitely a book I truly and wholly adore. Keep up the wonderful work love! xox
6/25 c14 6ThatOtherWriterGirl
OH, so the exact opposite of what I thought happened. He wanted her to refuse and she didn't! I did not see that coming. ha ha.
Yes, don't hurt Fili's feelings, he's a dear.
And I do hope that Kili and Balin start believing her. Apparently Fili sees the truth, he should share his ideas with the others...tell them his proof.
Well...If Kili's pledged to Eira...then Fili is free game! (but why would HE not be pledged as well...him being older and all?)
I will wait to find out!
6/25 c13 ThatOtherWriterGirl
Fili is so sweet! Kili is a puppy, but he can have a pretty mean bite if you get him riled.
And him letting her sleep on him was nice.
Hmmm, did this Eira tell him she loves another? Did she want to call off the wedding? WHAT? I hope I find out in the next chapter, but if I don't I figure it will come out eventually.
6/25 c14 JustMonikadelete
Yay two chapters. I liked the backstory it wasn't predictable, so I was surprised when I read it. A pleasant surprise it was. I'm happy that's the story and not something back handed like cheating or something. Can't wait to read more
6/19 c12 JustMonikadelete
Nice chapter. I can't wait to find more about the relationship between Kili and Eira. I wonder what happened?
6/18 c12 1JcR.xo
Awe kili <3
6/18 c12 PickleFan14
Oh, I can't wait to find out about what happened between Kili and Eira even if it's just a little bit! And I totally agree with Viola about people using the excuse of a higher power to explain others evil deeds instead of it being their own individual thoughts and actions. Keep up the great work, I look foward to the next chapter!
6/18 c12 6ThatOtherWriterGirl
Yikes...time to analyze dwarves? That could take years!
I'm glad that she and Jordi made nice with each other. And parted as friends.
Thorin bowing to her was unexpected, but very nice.
I like how you said that he had high standards for the others and impossible ones for himself. That was so well put. Nice one!
Ok, now after the hair do at Kili's salon, I think she needs a rest. Then a bit of Fili attention and she will be right as rain. I hope.
6/18 c12 1Yeddi
I was waiting for the information that was meant to help understand more, but I find it must be very subtle because I missed it. The big question I think needs to be answered is are there two versions of a person running around, or is she more of a body snatcher? Despite that I am enjoying it, and would love to see the story updated even more regularly...
6/15 c11 SuperWhoVenger214
This story is so good! I’ve just binged as much as you’ve written and now I’m upset I have to wait for the rest! I’ll try to do it patiently. One this is for sure...I’m sure the next chapter will be just as good and worth the wait! I can’t wait to see what she says to Jordi and how she handles Kili. Love it!
6/13 c11 PickleFan14
After each interaction between Kili and Viola, I get more and more curious as to what happened between Eira and Kili to make Kili act the. way he does aroumd her.
6/12 c11 29BloodyTink
It looks like Kili is trying to be nicer to Viola. I know he feels guilty for what happened.
6/11 c11 6ThatOtherWriterGirl
(T.O.W.G. takes her review, balls it up and feeds it to the hungry writer) Yep, gotta keep them fed or they might turn on you. ha ha.

Sooo, between the fact that she drank ale (that was what she drank right?) in a previous chapter, and now that she is not absolutely devastated that they cut her hair (glad it's at least shoulder length) I think Fili does believe that she is not the dwarf lady they thought she was.
And Kili bowing is so cute. Keep it up...you need to make up for a lot, my lad.
Nope, NOTHING could have prepared her for what she's going through now...because NONE of this is written down...it's all new.
Thanks and looking forward to more!
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