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for Truth Comes Out

8/26 c4 12Codename-SN
fuck yeah! go mari! i am def with mari happiness

also, love luka and chloe
7/14 c4 1geekqueen2010
7/14 c3 geekqueen2010
Maybe Emilie can knock some sense into her son and husband!
7/14 c2 geekqueen2010
I'm seriously liking Triton and Hornet!
5/19 c4 ChloeFan
Definitely Alya needs to improve her journalistic skills.
5/19 c3 ChloeFan
How Ladybug saves Adrien's mother?
5/19 c2 ChloeFan
I like Luka.
5/12 c4 Guest
die Alya, die in a hole
4/22 c4 Guest
Total savagery lol

I hope theres a mini sequel where everyone sees how badly they screwed up
4/18 c1 Ray of light
I highly recommend these stories to you:

The Fog is Lifting by LexysamaFics

Season 3 AU Episode Ladybug The Law is the Law by BardofWorlds

They may not be finished yet, but it'll be well worth it. They may even help in the future...
4/17 c1 41TheyAlwaysUseADagger
I love the friendships between Chloé and Marinette in these sort of fics. I can’t wait to see where this goes!

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