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10/19 c10 renjana.capmar03
Where can I find the sequel to this? please do tell
10/4 c10 mary2602
uuuuuuu, Caroline is really a queen
9/28 c10 1Special02
I've spent the last day and a half binge reading both this story and the last and let me tell you this, IT WAS AMAZING! You have no idea how happy I was when I saw update. Like that was some serious luck right there. Pls keep updating :)

Also, when is Kol coming back because I seriously miss him. I'm also excited to see the TVD gang again since we didn't actually see what went down when Caroline moved. Thank you!
9/28 c10 AB0918
I thought this was a lovely chapter, and helps include Caroline into the fold with everyone and seeing how things will go with the factions. Really enjoying this, as always and looking forward to more!
9/28 c10 K16
Pls think about and make Hayley's baby NOT KLAUS
I really don't like he sleep with her and cheap on caroline
9/12 c9 lau.angel.02
The third child should be a girl named Alexia (Lexi) like Caroline's ancestor.
9/12 c9 Demilyforbes
I'm honest I love your first story but I wasn't to happy with Hayley having Klaus's baby. I'm reading your story because it's a good story. I like it, after all l love Klaroline with baby or without baby.

And now with your big spoiler, Im happy. More then I was, right know with don't have a lot Klaroline fanfics in progress.
I hope you can update soon. With all respect and love a fan of your fanfic.
9/8 c9 Guest
9/5 c1 rebekaholiveira028
Sim, aimda bem que você não pretende colocar a Hayley como uma estúpida porque eu também gosto muito dela, e realmente todas as historia em que ela aparece gravida da filha do Klaus os autores colocam a Caroline como a mae do bebê e a Hayley como uma peça descartavel. Tão feliz que voce não vai fazer isso.
8/31 c9 1SasuSakuLover203
if you write about when caroline is packing in mystic falls, then you can have Rebekah helping her since they are close
8/27 c9 6justyourfriendlyneighbor
Holy crap yes! I think it should be two boys and a girl. Usually I would’ve said two girls but like... how cute would it be if klaus just had one daughter to spoil
8/27 c9 nickixo
ooo can’t wait. hope the kids with hope will be good
8/27 c9 Liz213Mast
Been following this story from the beginning and I'm so happy there will be Klaroline babies. For a girl I think it should be Elizabeth after Caroline's mother and Henrik for a boy, after Klaus' deceased little brother. I really hope for a boy, I love the idea of a boy named Henrik and I think Caroline should suggest the name to Klaus, it would mean a lot to him. Love the story. Can't wait for an update.
8/27 c9 2LupusNocte13
Nicely written chapter! For some reason, the emotions the characters felt here resonated with me. I particularly like the little flashback scene of Caroline and Klaus making the deal. Anyways, I look forward to the next chapter and finding out what happens next!

Moving on to the spoiler you shared at end of the chapter. *squeals in delight* This is so exciting! Triplets sounds like a great idea! I vote for a dizygotic triplet pregnancy. I happen to personally know real life triplets of two identical boys with their fraternal triplet sister who is born in the middle. It's pretty cool when they pose for pictures according to their birth (boy, girl, boy).

Ooh, now I can just imagine an epic entrance scene where Klaus and Caroline's children walk in as a group like the little princes and princess they would be. Oh and just think about the mischievous pranks that two identical little boys can get up to! Imagine the choas and confusion they would create when people can't tell them apart. Oh boy, this just sounds awesome! Of course, I'm just throwing in some ideas here. The final decision is ultimately up to you!
8/27 c9 TVDLovee
Just want to say how sorry I am to see all these people trying to tell you what you should do with your story. It’s yours and you should do whatever you want with it, not what people tell you. I absolutely love what you’re doing, the drama is real, the characters are complicated and you’re writing this scenario perfectly. Keep doing you girl, don’t let anybody try to force what they think you should do.
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