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9/12 c20 Lilou019
Je les plaints tous :'( Si sa suit la série je connait une partie de la suite mais trés hâte de la lire. Merci à vous à bientôt
9/9 c16 Guest
Add little Marcel and Caroline…?
They are interesting
9/8 c20 Guest
Please let Caroline be okay and Genevieve not.
9/2 c19 Cassandra
I love it !
9/1 c19 laleangel
Just read both stories within a day! Absolutely love then hope there is a wee update soon
8/25 c19 Lilou019
J'ai découvert ton histoire il y à peux et je l'adore bravo à vous trop hâte de lire la suite :)
8/14 c19 mary2602
He should have taken her away, but I guess he won't. It seems that Hope is finally gonna appear in the series
8/7 c19 Guest
Please don't kill Caroline off! After all that she has been through, it would be horrible.
8/7 c19 salazarDream
Love it, what is Caroline planning to do... please update soon
8/6 c18 cecile lpt
you can"t end like that!
7/31 c18 Guest
Bordel j’en ai les larmes aux yeux. Pauvre Caroline
7/10 c18 mary2602
I kind of want to see dark caroline but I am sad about Hayley, I am confused as to whether they are going to transfer the baby to Caroline or they are going to let Hayley deliver it.
anyways, thanks for posting a new chapter, I really liked it
7/9 c18 Guest
WOW! I hope that Hayley and Caroline will share parenting duties of their daughter. Poor women. I can't wait to see Caroline in action. The witches have made a huge mistake.
7/8 c18 narutogirl103
holy shit! i suspected somethign like this but oh my god! incredible! loved the reveal ! caroline is gonna fuck shit up! and poor hayley!
7/7 c18 piluinwonderland
Santa cachucha! Eso fue intenso! Realmente tenía la esperanza de que las brujas no podían ser tan crueles como para robarle a su bebé.. que ingenua
Espero que Caroline y Hayley maten a todas esas brujas entrometidas pero que sufran primero... Mucho
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