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for A Most Troublesome Patient

2h c13 Memo
Crossing fingers they find Corran before something bad happens to her.
7/30 c12 Memo
Both are equally hard-headed, but it's Thorin's fault all this happened. I wonder where her walk will take her.
7/30 c12 Guest
If Thorin had listened none of this would have happened. But both are very stubborn. Really sorry for Corran, yet her grandpa didn't deserve her outburst. Hoping her walk doesn't take her to a dangerous place. Waiting for the next chapter!
7/28 c11 Memo
Glad Thorin is starting to realize things. I hope Corran doesn't let him off the hook easily. He needs some sense be knocked ito him. Again, I'm in love with your story.
7/25 c10 Memo
I have just found your story today and I really, really love it. I read it all in one sitting. I love Corran; she's hardworking, strong-willed & strong-minded. My heart broke for her when Thorin even refused to listen to her. I second what Dis about him the most titanic of fools. I like Corran's grandpa too. He's the kind of person who knows more than they tell. Again, I love the story very much and will be waiting for an update.
7/25 c10 4The Foreseer
I think grandpa knows more than what he's letting on. He was once in love himself. Maybe something like this happened to him? Fill is starting to realize something is going on haha I feel like him and Kill are going to butt in where Thorin would not approve lol Side note, I wonder what's going to happen next chapter!
7/25 c10 Guest
7/23 c9 TheLonelyOtter
cannot wait until next update!
7/22 c9 The Foreseer
I really hope Thorin later realizes looking at Corrin or remembering back on this, her hair is cut. Then he can panic because he wants to know who she her braid to. It would serve him right lol and Dis would know but wouldn't say who but hint that she did know who to leave Thorin stewing in his thoughts ha ha. On the side not, poor Corrin. Now she's going to feel a bit dead inside to block out the emotions.
7/19 c8 The Foreseer
I seriously love this story. The pace is on point. You help the characters come alive. I enjoy reading every chapter and look forward to the next one with a smile. I can't wait to see what comes next. Grandpa has me laughing whenever he enters a scene. You're doing a fantastic job!
7/19 c8 Lalaithiel
Yay Corran! I can’t wait for the next chapter!
6/26 c2 1yuki.sawer.7
I love Corran's character, especially when dealing with Thorin gets difficult :D
Her grandfather is also very delightful. I love your writing style and cannot wait for the next uploaded chapter ;)
6/7 c1 yuki.sawer.7
I really hope that you will write more chapters, because this storyline und your character are awesome. I love a dwarvish lass who can hold her ground against men ;)
4/19 c1 1MissCallaLilly
this has the beginnings of a great story...not just an outstanding awesome one shot

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