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for For Better or Worse

10/26 c4 Pop
Love the update can totally imagine Joey, despite being really hacked off with Martina, finding a tiny spark of interest in her. Looking forward to seeing where this one goes.
Congratulations and best wish on your forthcoming marriage.
7/27 c3 Pop
Martina is delightfully insane - in the nicest way- and I wouldn’t have blamed Joey if he’d slammed the door on hef, but I’m glad he didn’t. Looking forward to seeing what happens.
6/7 c2 9Poppinbottlesintheice
Poor Joey, can just imagine him floored by this, and love the idea of Oswald trying to make some sense of the Boswells. As for Martina, can’t wait to see what happens when she gets there.
5/17 c1 5Wednesdaycried
Only just got round to reading this. Really good so far. I could definitely see Roxy leaving him at the altar.
4/27 c1 49slenderpanda2
Oooh I love the idea of this fic, can't wait for more!
4/26 c1 9Poppinbottlesintheice
Brilliant - moody Joey and stroppy Martina. Look forward to more.
4/18 c1 338Storybookgirl77
Great start. Love Adrian & Joey. Martina is spot on

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