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11/24 c13 TheLastGarou
I'd been wondering, but those two were the last clue. Someone has clearly forgotten the reason The Great Tomb of Nazarick was built, if they're condoning this.
Just like Momonga did.
Touch Me is gonna be pissed. Or maybe just disappointed, which is possibly worse.
11/24 c7 TheLastGarou
"Mei Hatsume, Girl Genius"
Now THERE'S a crossover for the ages! The Jaegers would *LOVE* Hatsume.
10/7 c15 1Lonely Silly Raven
This, I, no, but, why!?

I literally had to walk away from my computer 5 times trying to get through that because I was simultaneously laughing and cringing in second hand embarrassment so much. Well done! It’s rare that anything can get that kind of response! Bravo!
10/3 c46 Harleking31

Tanya is going balls deep on this one
10/2 c46 2BrazeRancor
I guess Kazuma was right. They didn't even get to spend one night here this time.

Tense stuff. A great chapter!
9/28 c7 1RANGER1863
I must say that your story is really very good, but there is something that I want you to confirm.

Is the lord of the tomb Ainz Ooal Gown?, because the first general was identical to Kyokokou and who they just killed sounds like Lupus Regina Beta, because if so, the story is really interesting and how did you mix the 3 animes

It hurts the green-haired man, because as we all know it would be impossible to beat Ainz, after all, in the scheme of things in Nazarick, Lupus and Kyokokou are really weak, from what I see, neither would have a chance if they faced a Guardian Floor or an area guardian who was really strong
7/24 c45 Harleking31
Teleport busted

Also wouldn't his insane luck protect Kazuma against most projectiles?
7/24 c45 2BrazeRancor
I would say sunk cost fallacy but there's probably a point where admitting you were wrong would shatter you completely. A lot of fics make the lower powerlevel characters of the crossover (that aren't benefiting from a crossover induced power up) have no agency, but AfO is still an intimidating character even in the face of everything that's happened. He will need a power up at some point though, otherwise he'll be fodder to the restored All Might in his current crippled state.

Thanks for the chapter!
6/23 c44 Harleking31
Oh well I just assumed he got his hands on a lot of pokeballs

And who says I'm not insane?
6/23 c44 Mernom
At this point, in not even sure of Hatsume is saying it in purpose or not.
How did the people in the commentery booth heard what the people on the field were saying? Comedic hand wave?
6/23 c44 BrazeRancor
Hope you enjoyed your return to this story as I had a great time reading it! I figured random teams for dodgeball would gave been more balanced but would also have involved a lot more work writing that so fair enough really.

Thanks for the chapter!
6/22 c44 13D.N.Works
YESSS! You've returned. Granted, it seems this story won't be updated as nicely as it used to, but at least we got to see something after so long! And boy was it entertaining.
4/21 c1 Baneofevil4
Crunchyroll should hire you to come up with Youtube video titles
2/28 c2 2Bapu-chale-sasural
power scale is bad
2/1 c43 Harleking31
Please please please
Tell me this will be finished

It's too much fun
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