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for This Goddess Must Be Crazy

2/23 c3 LegendaryMob
Deku can understand words that could misinterpreted as sexual related/reference but for some reason can't understand game logic, rpg and isekai. future chapter better have a scenario with him just being indenial and just coping trying to refuse reality and finally accepting it as explanation cause what's in "dying during sports festival, meeting a goddess and being sent in another world to save" is hard to understand for him to understand that his modern heroic era knowledge, sensibility and common sense doesn't necessarily apply here. him constantly bringing it up as answers to that is clearly not about it is just plain annoying and really makes you question his intelligence. i mean, the lack of modern technology, electricity, weird way people talk, moving skeleton, cold weapons should have been a giveaway enough that this isnt the world they know but for some reason it's not.
2/23 c1 LegendaryMob
there whole conversation is annoying ngl. Deku feels like a dimwit for not being able to understand that he just died and that he is in fact sent in another world and that not every power is quirk and not every safety organization is about hero and shit. there whole conversation is like talking to a wall or a rock but i guess I'll just think this is happening cause Deku is still in state of shock and that reality is still sinking in.
2/16 c2 2Pinkypi
Is this osrs or runescape 2?
2/14 c14 7CriticaofRandomness
2/14 c6 CriticaofRandomness
2/12 c50 Guest
Honestly... I hope Ainz wins
2/12 c50 Harleking31
We're taking Eris too?
Earth is going to be so fucked man...
1/17 c1 7The Blackened King
After watching people being pulped into literal cardboard for Ikea furniture for almost 3 millennia, it gets OLD. Here comes you with something funny.
Now, impress me, funny man.
1/13 c49 Harleking31
"Crimson fucker"
I see what you did there

Ayy cute goat! As expected from Lord Ainz!
1/9 c6 0158mk
is it weird if i ship kazuma and uraraka lol
12/8/2023 c48 crossrain01
Loved the chapter and can't wait for the next one.
12/6/2023 c48 CallofRanger13
It's always a treat to see when this story updates. I love how you depict Aqua as someone who can be competent yet still remain endearingly naive to certain things. I wonder what's going on in Ainz's mind? Considering Tanya is staring to remember her classroom days, it looks like some things are not as they seem.
12/6/2023 c48 Quffy
Read this fic in one go and holy crap, I did not expect one hell of a crack fic adventure. Either way, I enjoyed every minute of this cross over turned X-over. Definitely one of my favourites reads.
12/6/2023 c48 9Uraharaisgod
I'm kind of surprised Tanya wasn't at all clued in about Shounen issues, Ainz doesn't seem like the kind of overboss to not notice that there was some kind of tone drift in regards to BNHA, would have figured he'd have explained the concepts of shonen to his direct subordinates just in case (every non fatal injury is ignored, enemies will survive fatal injuries for extended time, bullets below highest callibre are useless, the incoming enemy attack is stronger proportional to how loud they screamed, enemy will not expect you to interrupt power ups, enemy will explain their ability if asked etc.)
12/5/2023 c1 Guest
kill yourself
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