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2/13 c2 Lady Vagabond
#comment edit: ''other than THE POSSIBILITY that it appears TO BE much earlier...''
2/13 c2 Lady Vagabond
I reread this story today; still absolutely love it. There's a kind of ''historical novel'' feeling to the setting, something very early-to-mid 20th century, you captured that tone very well (even though I'm not certain what birth year you gave Willy, other than that it appears much earlier than the 1960s birthday I've given him).

I also like how resilient Willy is in this story; he seems to have the independence of his 2005 version and lovely whimsical imagination of his 1971 version put together. He's also very introspective compared to lots of male characters in popular fiction, quiet and thoughtful but more than he seems. These are all qualities that I try to portray him as having in my stories, too.

Thanks for writing this lovely little tale. :-)
1/6 c2 13GustavonkaLondon
This chapter turned quickly! It starts out so cheerful, with Willy escaping from that life and getting into a new, magic one with Mr. Finkelstein, and then poor Willy just descends into sadness. The train-performance scene kind of made me go ‘awww’ in a happy way—I mean, everyone loves to be noticed, but Willy just deserves it so much! I never really considered that he might have other skills besides candymaking (which was silly of me, everyone has multiple strengths) but here you list several: his athletic abilities, his charm...

The ending was certainly unexpected and kind of upsetting at first, but then you flipped it around again by making the citizens realise that they had once had a genius among them. Makes you wonder about people out there...And I hope that Willy truly did find the colourful world behind the grey mask.

Thank you for writing this!
1/6 c1 GustavonkaLondon
Wow! I love how Willy is such a introverted child, especially with the sadness around his house :( Poor other Wonka kids... A lot of writers portray him as not wanting to see the world outside, and that’s why he keeps locked away, so it’s neat that in this fic he really wants to see the outside world. The references to colour: (‘bleak and grey’, and the contrast of the candy store) make it even more realistic and I find myself wanting to go in that candy shop too! The scene where Willy stares through the window of the shop is an interesting parallel to Charlie’s first scene where he does the exact same.

The last line is one of those great ending sentences that kind of gives you a magical sort of feeling and makes you want to read more.
12/21/2020 c2 63Erik'sTrueAngel
Wow! This was really good! I honestly never thought that much about Willy Wonka or his childhood, and I loved the beginning of how normal (and dreary) life was until he had his first taste of chocolate. It is sad that his parents died from influenza, but I like how he eventually brought color with his world and living in his imagination after all.
5/27/2020 c1 An-Old-Account-Yet-AGAIN
''Despite the man seen at these doors, my childhood home was bland like yours. But I knew how to look to find... a world that wasn't color-blind.'' That is what Willy Wonka says about himself in the 2013 musical, though it could easily apply to his 2005 counterpart as well. I'm writing a novel set during Willy Wonka's childhood myself, since very few people in the fandom seem interested in writing about his boyhood years. And yet there are so many fascinating things we can speculate about young Wonka. So it was a lovely surprise to stumble upon your fanfic, and read Chapter One. I, too, see Willy's childhood as rather dull and grey, and you captured his childlike longing for a more colourful life perfectly. Well done!

PS: Feel free to drop me a message via my other Profile on this website, ''The-Vagabond's-Chat-Account''. I keep two separate accounts for story-posting and Private Messaging.
4/30/2020 c2 28Sonata IX
I have so many feels about this chapter. Was that an ending? It sounded like an ending. But gosh darnit there's still so much I want to know!
4/30/2020 c2 125Atarya QueenofEgypt
This is amazing. Are you excited for chapter two of WonkaVID19? Can we do a story together? Please PM me back when you get this. Thanks.
4/26/2020 c1 28Sonata IX
Oh my gosh I love this! Thanks for reviewing my Wonka story, it led me to yours. I know you said likely only two parts but wow I want to hear all about how this little boy got to where we meet him in the movie.

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