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9/6 c1 Overlard
Something's wrong with the formating, the parapraphs are split up seemingly at randon and sometimes even in the middle of sentences. Example:

"It's Me, Remember? (Free for Bat Family): You know how to keep projects and

operations secret. You could build an (admittedly small) hi-tech base underneath an insane asylum without anyone being the wiser. Looks like you've at least inherited Batman's ability to keep things secret."

I've only read part of ch 1 so I don't know if this i present throughout the story or if it's just in the first chapter though.
7/4 c99 Guest
More garbage? try harder please
7/4 c84 Guest
This is garbage now just stop please
7/4 c73 Guest
Morgana and mordred ruin this, stop adding more and more garbage characters
7/4 c62 Guest
Looks like morgana is gonna die she a bitch an unstable one at that
7/4 c39 Guest
Fate as a whole is garbage dont even bother with 8t
6/11 c162 Fallen Gluttonous Angel
Need more chapters
6/7 c9 6OriksGaming
The chapters are short, there's a ton of telling over showing, and the pacing is pretty bad (exacerbated by too-long paragraphs). That's on top of the still present errors (missing words/punctuation, improperly punctuated dialogue, etc) and an extremely bland MC. I could go on, but I'd rather just find something else to read.
6/7 c1 OriksGaming
Jeez, there are a lot of errors here. I'll continue reading because I'm a sucker for gamer/reincarnation fics, but it doesn't look promising.
5/19 c162 3TheNakedDemiGod
Ok I'll just continue where u left off then since I liked what u already started and that way I won't have to go re watch the series for information and only need to focus on the future timeline that will be created
5/17 c162 TheNakedDemiGod
... can I adopt this since it seems to be dead?
5/15 c162 darkpegasuzz
Hope you continue it, its an interesting story with the jumps. He also choses to build a legacy instead of Waifu gathering and curbstomping.
5/11 c162 JinxedKnight
are they ever going to visit atla?
4/6 c162 Jordan Hinkle
When will you start writing again
3/28 c1 3RedMoa
bitch please 5'9 is Average.
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