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4/27/2020 c1 iwewia
Oh... Okay... Let me gather my thoughts because this hit me like a punch to the gut so... Yeah...

I was getting weird vibes from Jessica in R&D and tried to think about what could have possible broken them up despite the relationship being healthy, save for the fight they had. It was normal. Now this is just... It's a lot. I think that even if she was cheating on Cécile with just one person it would still hit Cécile HARD. She's very loyal to Jean, the memory of her family, her friends. But to find out that she was getting cheated on for MONTHS, with TWO other guys and being GASLIGHTED all in ONE night?! Girl...

I'm glad you gave us the information that Cécile was studying psychology because this chapter is loaded with a bunch of interesting things to take in. Jessica shifting the blame onto King is gaslighting stuff and the fact that King did not buy into her bullshit during the fight was very good, probably because she has read about this before. The verbal fight was very well written, with some things I'd like to point out: King's personality is always coherent in past and present King-verse, it does read like a heated couple fight, Jessica was putting info on top of info on top of blame which is a very nasty tactic to shut the other person up. The fact that Cécile was also left in her very first relationship creates this pattern in her mind that we would see taking a destructive turn after MLS, boosting depression and preventing her from seeking emotional and sexual connections due to the "damaged goods" story that was silently and violently spun after the rape.

Wow. I hope this review made at least a bit of sense because I had to process this whole thing in the best way I could. I won't raise my hand but I'll give you a thumbs up for the amazing work done here. Now we can understand so much more about King as a character.
4/22/2020 c1 46RobertCop3

It's just layers upon layers with your King, Ills. No wonder she's single in the present day in your ficverse. And no wonder there's nothing romantic between her and Ryo.

You did a terrific job with this. The setup was beautiful, it was made clear that King's new job had nothing to do with Jess's infidelity, and that King could sense the rockiness and was interested in trying to save the relationship because it was one of the few good things she had, and then the way that Jessica tried to steer it back towards King at every turn. It was textbook "everyone who has ever physically or mentally abused a loved one."

And the hardest part is, it's before King has her bestie. So she's on her own. But this is back before she really got into the sauce. And as long as she's just a vegetarian, she can drown her sorrows in chocolate bars. Vegans can't, though. ( ;

So yeah, this was a hard story to read, but still beautifully crafted. Take a bow.
4/22/2020 c1 135jojoDO
...That was every bit the disaster you hyped it up to be. WOW. Holy... crap. Yeah... my hands aren't raised. In fact, I chopped off my hands! Nah, I didn't do that lol. Then I couldn't review ;)

Okay, gonna adress the post notes first and foremost... Olivia Wilde! That's the chick that played on House! I love House. For Christmas one year, I got the entire box sex of House and it was fanstastic. Ahhh~

Anyways, onto the review. GOOD...LORD. That was a disaster of a breakup indeed. Now, I CAN see a point of view on both sides here... slightly. Clearly King is in the right here, as cheating is never right unless both parties consent to an open relationship. King is not like that. But THAT BEING SAID... I can understand why Jessica would. They've grown distant. King has delved into a new, harsh, confusing world that Jessica doesn't understand. It's like she had to watch her girlfriend become a different person.. a scary, unfamiliar person. So on top of that, the growing distance between them because of schedules... yeah... it's easy for a person to slip up.

But in the end, it's not about right or wrong. it's not about who's to blame and who's not. Jessica was not wholeheartedly happy, and that led to a falling out that they can never come back from. This sucks for King. It really, really sucks. The girl had some positivity in her life, and now this is a major step back. I feel bad for the people who dare to act up at L'Amour.

What a punch in the stomach that was, illy! I'm nice and distraught now : D excellent work on this!
4/20/2020 c1 8Maliwarm
Henlo I’ve come bearing a gift for you and Lizard Brain. ;p

Well I can safely say I didn’t get the warm fuzzies from this one, so the hand stays down. But I wouldn’t say it got me completely down either. More like... too wired to sleep. Because the sheer *energy* behind the argument(s) palpably bled out. It was super vivid and organic, I felt kinda like some little spirit peeking over King’s shoulder during the whole ordeal, witnessing it firsthand.

Big Relate to the reason Céc’s relationship fell apart and the messy, tear-filled aftermath. I could just tell where things were going the moment she bumped into Paul at the elevator. My stomach kinda just dropped from that, then further still after she encountered Prof. Wilde. Poor King...

Thanks as always for a great read and mini French lore lessons!

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