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10/2 c18 1Tribble.Chan
So, I was thinking about Amelina, and her relationship with her family in clan and general. And on a reread, I wondered whether the reason Ame wants to climb the Tower is not only for her own personal freedom, but rather to be recognized as herself, not a child of the Khun family. Abandoned by your mother even if you are reincarnated must led to some loss of identity and security, and the fact that even though Eduan DOES care for Ame, she still has to keep on her toes to not be electrocuted. If you are interested, I think that it would be a really fascinating topic to explore, especially if Ame realizes later on that despite being her own person, she can still embrace the Khun side of her that she is always shunning, especially if later on she becomes a Jahad Princess. I’m curious about how you’re going to portray Maria in this fic. So far, all we’ve seen of her is positive memories from Aguero, but we don’t know if she’s also a master manipulator like all Khuns, and managed to trick Aguero with a fake personality, or why she didn’t try to contact Aguero once he entered the Tower. I’m also curious if you’ll acknowledge the fact that many reincarnated OCs can be arrogant. It’s a subtle kind of arrogance, and not unfounded since they are born with more knowledge, skills, et cetera, but I’m curious as to whether Ame will share these traits with other reincarnated OCs, and how you will continue your story. Good luck on your exams, and have a wonderful day!
9/29 c18 moewforyou
awwwwww eduan and amelina are so cuutteeeee~~i can just imagine how amelina slept in eduan's arm after all that~
this is just my speculation, but perhaps that was ame's 'rain locket'? idk is that what she calls it again?
9/27 c18 Chloe
Omg the new chapter is sooo cute! Âme, when will you realise u like eduan!
9/20 c17 Chloe
Omg I'm so happy! It's a really good chapter a'd I'm really excited for the next! Good luck for your exam
9/22 c17 kaira2004
Thank you for new chapter. I love dynamic between Ame and Aguero
Good luck with your exams
9/20 c17 ennette
I adore the fact that Asensio brings her sweets, like so cute! With all the fluff going on I totally forgot about the 10 year old fights. I'm with Aguero on this, it's best to tell her sooner or later but I have a feeling that when she turns 10 Maschenny is going to be the one to say, "Oh by the way, you're gonna have to battle it out with your half-siblings this year."

But then again, Eduan just might ban her from it. speaking of Eduan, I agree with Asensio, he's like in total denial lol. I feel like things are going to hit the fan soon and I can't wait!

Good luck with your exams and take your time!
9/20 c17 3YAGRkeampo
Dude this chapter literally gave me almost everything I waited for sometime now

Like Eduan traning scene... Check!

Aguero and Jahad Princeesses... Check!

10 year fights.. Check!

More of Augero and Ame being cute as fck... CHECK!


This chapter was really good man.

SO Ame might already be above Ran if she is actually holding herself intentionally back. She kinda reminds me of Gohan in that case. Doesnt wanna fight, but if she goes all out...well hell will break lose.

And damn so many future set ups in this chapter as well. So my guess is that both Ame and Maria could become a Jahad princess since you said "one or two", looking really forward to what you will do with Maria and i hope to see her soon.

She is basically a blank slate as a character so you can do a lot with her. I feel like her and Ame would be BFFS.

And well that I hope that with the 10 year fights doesnt pan out badly for Miru and Ames relationship. I dont she would partake since... she has a certain best father (sarcasm) looking out for her and probably banning her from it. BUT anything can happen of course and it certainly would be interesting for to partake in it.

Take your time, the more you have the better the chapter :D
9/20 c17 1BloodyMoon03
Not going to lie, forgot about the competition with how much fluff there has been lately with the extra chapters. Now I’m kinda looking forward to that, to see how Ame will react and act in the competition. If I have to wait, I will wait
9/16 c16 Anne
I really fell in love with this fanfic, when will you update?
9/17 c16 aeonstorm
Really love this fic. Is Amelina going to have more Shinsoo qualities and end up being really strong and godlike OP. I really want her to see her kick ass and be way stronger than a zahard princess. I can't wait to see the families reaction to her reveal. I wonder if there is a way for Amelia to become a irregular.
9/13 c15 yoyoyoshua
I really love this when are you gonna update?
9/6 c16 Chloe
Omg I really love this fanfic please update you are Making a really good job
8/19 c15 meowforyou
Cant lie im really enjoying the fluffs between ame and ran THEYRE BOTH SO KYOT!

but wow maschenny sounds really scary at the end. then if maschenny wanted to make ame into a princess what about eduan? would he agree to it? or does he also wants to ame to rise into power?
8/19 c16 3Greatazuredragon
Heh, his reaction when he learns that their father 'dotes' on her will be amusing.
Nice work, keep it up.
8/18 c16 ennette
MUST PROTECT THE BEANS KNOWN AS KHUN AND AME. Miru is like that parent setting up a playdate, except its the Khun family and they don't do playdates but Miru is doing it. Go Miru!
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