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4/29 c9 1Regrettable Pun
Oh and I will certainly be praying for your wife. God bless and good luck. Or I suppose, may the force be with both of you.
4/29 c9 Regrettable Pun
Hey absolutely loving the story so far! You're writing is easy to read and flows mostly naturally (which is hard to find especially in the Fandom for some reason). Both Ahsoka and Revan are some of my favorite characters in SW and I'm really looking forward to what you have coming next!
4/17 c8 JumpingToaster
Chiss? Wrong species but I am just gonna pretend it's a typo.
4/14 c9 Kall399
Very interesting story! Hope to see more.
4/9 c9 Trado
This story is awesome!

I just found it yesterday and got caught up today and I love this story. Just this recent chapter was very enjoyable but the whole story has been amazing so far.

From the chapter, I actually thought that Revan would try to recruit Ventress as the first person from this timeline since she isn't a jedi and isn't truly a sith. But it seems like that might still happen in the future since he saw her potential and questionable loyalty. I'm currently wondering if Revan took Ahsoka with him or not. It seems like he did with that cliffhanger ending and Revan mentioning a choice, but that could just be a trick and he was mentioning to something else. I also like the honorable Ithorian character joining Revan, he'll need more allies in this crazy galaxy. Lastly, I wonder what Revan will think or do when finds out more about Anakin and Padme's situation, he's already got a piece of the puzzle so let's see where that goes.

Right now, I'm most interested in seeing the aftermath of this battle and getting some answers:
What happened to Ahsoka?
Will Bane continue hunting Revan?
Where is Revan going next?
Is The Foundry going to be a thing in this story? (Personal Question)

So many questions and not nearly enough answers. Please keep up the good work and get that next chapter to us ASAP.
Lastly, I hope your wife gets better soon.
4/9 c9 artix93
Nice chapter,
I'm curious to see how the story will proceed.
4/6 c9 LaMario
And Revan starts building a crew
4/6 c9 1Anibalssj
So nice to have you back. Very interesting plot development and I can't wait to see it pay off, good luck for your wife and ey, we might get starved but the fic is worth it :) Writing is awesome as always

Now, to get some criticism in this praising fest, it might have been the addition of another writer but in this chapter it did felt that plot/coherence suffered a bit to get better action. While the death match free for all was definitely a very interesting action sequence, the leading up and actual developtment seem to prioritize action over plot. On a detailed approach:
Leading to it:
a) Raven acting surprised about Hondo's actions. It would seem pretty obvious to expect a tracking bacon and a bounty on his head, and from there the leaking of his last known position. Revan has dealt with mandalorians, guerrilla warfare, sith, jedi and bounty hunters before. all this should be on his repertoire of "expected outcomes"
b) Ventress seing the Jedi ready to fight each other and reveiling herself. She want's Revan dead, and every jedi getting hurt/killed is a plus, so why wouldn't she stay put, let them fight each other and then leap to get the spoils of war of the wounded victor?
c)Same goes for the mercenaries. You're seeing a 3-sided battle of jedi, you know how dangerous they are...why would you antagonize them all instead of dealing only with the victor? Or at least wait until everyone is weary if you're afraid of the victor being able to escape
On the battle itself:
e)Once the battle starts, none actually prioritize their objectives and rather go for the most action packed plan. The jedi's objective is Revan, why would they split and go deal with the mercenaries that are facing the droids and already occupied?
f)TCW was...generous with Bane with seems to be the basis for putting Revan against the ropes against Ventress and Bane when that should be a cake-walk for him. I'm not sure when Bane saw lightening as a force ability but regardless of that, he has litte defense against the force. Revan would know that simple blasting lightening would stop ventress on a defensive position while dealing with bane in one move. He also get's blasted against the wall when Raven would more likely be a bit more...unforgiven, and just splat him. Revan not wanting to kill Ventress out of curiosity makes sense, and so fighting less efficiently too, but i don't see why would he spare the same treatment against the bounty hunter

I still enjoyed the chapter a hell lot, but i assumed a bit of criticism might even accelerate next chapter ;)
4/6 c9 1Jctherebel
Amazing chapter, can’t wait for the next
4/6 c9 Caver Floyd
I can understand Revan not wanting to kill Ventress, but if Bane survives that, I’ll be mad. Revan should have been able to just crush his throat any time during the battle. I get that that takes concentration, but I would think that he would make sure a bounty hunter after him wound up dead.
4/6 c9 Revan Fan
Revan taking ahsoka as an apprentice? Okay you got my full attention now
4/6 c9 superninja123aa
excited that the story finally got updated. pretty sure revan was holding back against ventress and bane. because he should have fucked them up with little to no effort
4/6 c7 Revan fan
Glad that see someone still makign fics of old republic characers in modern star wars and continue to update them. Revan is one my favorite along female darth nox.
4/6 c9 Azai Jin
Please say that Raven toke Ahsoka with him!?

Thanks for the chapter! I'm looking forward to the next one!
4/6 c9 GlassyHades
Why is Revan weaker than his canon self...?
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