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for A New Kind of War

6/17 c12 Guest1234
Man i cant wait for another chapter

i dont think in 10 years i have read a story as fleshed out as this one

how you jump from perspectives to other story threads and how they all come together
6/8 c12 Joycey
Love this story it’s exiting and really immerses u in the story I hope u write more as I really wanna know what happens next keep up the good work
6/3 c12 Ltbutterfly287
This doesn’t really feel worth the wait. The way you are taking the plot makes zero fucking sense. He doesn’t actually know who his enemy is so forming an army with no real target in mind makes zero sense. Also revan would need far more the. Mandalore to fight this war he would need something like the Star forge to have an army of any substantiality.
6/3 c10 Ltbutterfly287
The fact that you just brought up force bonds and made up what they are to force the plot in a specific direction is cringe as fuck. Doesn’t help that this feels more like you are tryi to speed your way around meeting all the known characters to the point that I end up skipping most chapter because it’s boring. Also you don’t need a force bond to use telepathy and they are far from rare. A force bond is formed when you have a emotional connection with someone on any level. Simply saying that Ashoka and revan have a bond of any form is stupid.
6/3 c3 Ltbutterfly287
The Jedi don’t have much of a presence on courscant during revan a time. Their temple was on dantooine but was eventually moved because it was attacked and destroyed by sith. Also the police force taking a while to find revan there is understandable seeing how the one thing is essentially a planet wide city with 1000 levels on it and each level is its own planet wide city.
5/29 c12 Greer123
I cannot wait till the next chapter. Hope you are doing well.
5/6 c12 Guest
Hopefully, you include Kal Skirata and the Null ARCs
5/2 c12 Djberneman
Wonderful chapter. Can’t wait to see how Revan reacts to seeing Padme there.
5/2 c12 Kickinstorm
Just found the story and tore through it. thanks for writing it. can't wait for the next chapter.
4/30 c12 Havalt300
I like this story very much.

But Beskar isn't used commercially, it's Mandalorian only. Mandaloriana are the only ones who know how the ore is worked into the famous metal.

I hope that more Mandalorian ships will be used.
4/26 c12 Mugetsu700
I love your story, please never drop this, and the end of this chapter was amazing, I can't wait to read the next one.
4/23 c6 Guest
Why did you Nerf raven the simple fact that he should have taken only seconds to demolish Obi-Wan and Anakin. You make him weaker than Sidious I also don’t understand why you’re so focused on the main cast. They don’t have to be involved in every damn thing. Why the hell didn’t he slice up Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin and vos is he always going to be playing with kitty gloves when dealing with the Jedi in the main cast but everyone else get sliced up like raven would’ve done. I mean he just slaughtered it in the tire group of criminals and yet he just toyed and didn’t even seriously injure the Jedi he should at least took some limbs. I was hoping for him to decapitate fucking Aniken. I was really looking forward I like the idea of my god is this raven such a little pansy.
4/22 c12 Mattroxursoul
Love the chapter. Only issue I really had was Mandalorian is not a race or species any more.. At one point there was a species called that but they are long extinct even before Revans time. They are a culture and creed. Made up of any race born to them. The manority though are humans.
4/21 c12 AqueousVessel8
Great story so far, this is probably one of the most interesting and well written stories I've seen about Revan in awhile. Hope you keep it up
4/20 c12 2Wreck - GD
Brilliant my friend. You have outdone yourself. Now it's time to play politics.
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