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for A New Kind of War

11/17/2020 c7 Guest
Update soon please! Love fics of Revan ending up in moder Star Wars era or even my favorite sci-fi genre
11/15/2020 c7 Revan Fan
Well found this fic today and i hope you update soon. Always like the idea of revan from kotor ending up around time prequals and original trilogy. Him and a swtor sith inquisitor/warrior who acts much differently than any sith the jedi ever encountered. Hope see update soon
11/11/2020 c7 3CorpesKing
Congratulations on your marriage.
11/11/2020 c7 Guest
Revan is going to wipe anakin on the floor. Can't wait for the next chapter I'm super intrigued with this. Keep it going. I love it!
11/11/2020 c7 kingslops
Great chapter cant wait for more
11/11/2020 c7 Maben00
a really great chapter! i love it and i can't wait to read what might happen next when you have the time :-)
11/5/2020 c6 DarthVuisorO66
Quite an interesting turn of events, and an altered story so far in comparison to “the Trouble with Crystals” where now Revan is on the run instead of being a hesitant ally to the Jedi.
Ohhhhhh I cannot wait to read the next chapter soon. Yessssssssss...
10/13/2020 c6 Inf1ltrat0rN7
This story is fantastic so far. Very well written, looking forward to more
9/5/2020 c6 holosagewolf32
please please please return
8/26/2020 c6 Zoltan-Atreyu
love this man please keep up the good work
7/30/2020 c5 darthkratos24
Also sorry to bother again but in this chapter(5) and the one before it I think you mean to say apprentice but either autocorrect got you or something else did because you only spell it correctly about twice maybe more a lot of the time I didn't get what you meant and didn't see anyone else say anything so thought I'd let you know. You may want to skim this a little and fix that when you have time or not up to you
7/30/2020 c6 darthkratos24
This isn't related to anything in the story but your notes very confused about the whole light saber thing too as he only used the blue when he was tricked to be a Jedi again which you can change and depending on the ending you get that also changes the saber colour so who ever it was that said blue was right is still wrong as revan doesn't have a set colour unless you made him have one right? but as a sith he used red but as a jedi blue I personally like the purple and red as it fits he's personality better in my opinion...plus I hate anything and all things jedi or blue so I'll admit gear every time you say "blue" saber I'll refuse to see that and instead see red or purple but that's just a me thing nothing against the story actually liking it okay so far not my favourite revan but better then those weirdos that go all batman "I don't kill! Especially not innocents" this is the same dude that blow up a fucking planet because in his eyes it was that or the galaxy
7/30/2020 c1 darthkratos24
Not read the full chapter yet but so far it looks to be light revan I hope it's not as that's the worst revan I much prefer the gray more dark side revan honestly I'll lose interest like so many others will almost did with the crappy blue lightsaber but you're writings good just hope you don't disappoint
7/5/2020 c6 LadyKDQ
I love it please update this soon can't wait.
5/18/2020 c6 12mastercheif1229
Great rewrite so far! I can't wait for the next chapter!
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