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for Insubordination: For Fun and Profit

9/14 c2 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
9/10 c1 ironhair
8/31 c2 keht.jelicho
love this start, and looking forward to where you're taking it
8/31 c2 Jostanos
Arabella? There is only one "Arabella" that Harry seems to know and that is Mrs. Figg who has taken care of him from time to time when the Dursleys couldn't be bothered to have him in their presence.

I wonder... may Harry go through with removing himself from the tournament and thus either becoming a squib, or perishing?

or may he become the student of a fourth school (one yet to be chosen) and join in the farce that is the now "QUAD WIZARD TOURNAMENT"?

Stay tuned to find out! :)
8/31 c2 Mastersgtjames
Wonder if Harries teachers, friends, and maybe even some "well-meaning" adults will try to "continue the Potter line" before Harry possibly loses his magic... So Harry would be having to deal with all sorts of people trying to have his children or something...
Maybe even Hermione will get up her courage to try and act. Harry and Hermione will ALWAYS make more sense as a couple than Ron and Hermione. I honestly am a firm believer that Hermione and HArry were love potioned by the Weasleys. From how quickly their behavior changed, to them suddenly being "in love" with them(Ron and Ginny). To how the Weasleys seem to like retelling the story about how Molly love potioned Arthur and how the Magical World seems to be okay with love potions for the most part.
8/23 c1 5RT89
This quick read was immensely enjoyable. A great way to turn the drama of fourth year into a comedy. I hope you eventually continue this as it's not marked as complete. For the school, I recommend Ilvermorny. Raw, raw, house Thunderbird.
8/22 c1 Leo73838
Imagine charging 100$ for 2000 words. Bro is on scam time. It's scamming time. Scam across the multiverse. Scamman. The con artist. I'ma bout to do a pro scamming move. Bro truly is a scammer of all time.
Captain scam
8/14 c1 Mastersgtjames
This seems like a story worth continuing...
8/8 c1 1rajeshkont
more.. for free.
7/11 c1 6rbear1231
ok ron not stupid...nice I have been a Harry Ginny shipper since i read the second book all those years ago. naturally its your story but i still ship it.
6/21 c1 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
Would have been even funnier, if say; Harry, realized the opportunities provided to him by that slip of parchment and proceeded to dance and sing about having a golden ticket.
GoF name slip Golden Ticket
2/5 c3 Ina Bauer
Hi, wann schreibst du endlich weiter? Du könntest alle deine Ideen in diese Geschichte einarbeiten.
Hier steckt viel Potential drin. Wer weiß was du dir alles ausdenkst?
1/22 c2 archangelazraelson
1/6 c3 Guest
I really hope you can continue eventually. It was looking like it was going to be a fun read.
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