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4/30 c11 Random Anon
Waaghmaster13 Hey it's not the first time the Eldar screwed it up more than it is *cough* Angron *cough*
Anyways interesting chapter with the Eldar in play, don't know if its just Ulthwe or if there are other craftworlds but it's your story and you do what you want to do with it. I'm really interested in what you're going to do with Erika, chaos sister, chaos preacher/witch, maybe something worse who knows Chaos is a hell of a drug
4/27 c11 Genaric Name
the loss of a system is almost certenly going to get some attention from all the major players. add in the likely misunderstanding of the chaos space marines being humans may lead to all sorts of problems, politically, economically, militarily, and potential culturally with the human system alliance and those in power
3/31 c10 3Waaghmaster13
The eldar strike me as causing more problems than they solve, they just can't accept that they don't pay enough attention. (Great chapter)
3/30 c10 ATP
So,Volmas is doing science,when dastardly Eldars interrupted xenos!HOW DARE THEY!
3/30 c10 Guest
3/30 c10 RandomReader
Hm, who was the human Enclave soldier enslaved to? I'd wager Dark Eldar, but both the Imperium and Chaos also practice slavery on a regular basis.
Humans serving Chaos: It is not just people on Imperial worlds turning traitor, Chaos controls planets and entire solar systems both in the warp and in realspace. There are many humans who are born into a Chaos aligned society.
3/30 c7 RandomReader
"War has raged in this galaxy (yeah, with no capital G) for ten thousand years."
War has raged in the 40k galaxy considerably longer than that, The IoM and the (human) Chaos Legions were just late to the stage.
Biotics compared to psychic powers: Well, one has to see what a biotic astartes can do. Only the more powerful psykers exceed the power of your usual biotic, and biotics are far more common overall. Also, biotics can be used without worrying about a daemon having your soul for supper. Which is a big plus. This is especially true for Legions like the Iron Warriors or any Khorne aligned faction. They mistrust/despise psykers on principle.
3/30 c6 Guest
Ahriman is from 30k still pretty xenophobic, but the Imperium then worked with aliens when it suited their needs far more readily than the 40k religious zealots. And Chaos willingly uses alien mercenaries on many occasions. The Chaos Space Marines still despise them, just like they despise their mortal human servants. But they are far more practical in that regard than their Imperial counterparts.
3/30 c5 RandomReader
The Batarian military never partakes in slave raids directly, since this would constitute an act of war. They support private slave traders by buying their "merchandise" and selling them equipment and supplies. That those slave traders exclusively target humans is also false. The Hegemony encourages private contractors to target human colonies in the Traverse, but they do not operate there exclusively.
So, lore mistake here. Storywise, introducing the Thousand Sons is nice. Give the slaves hope by freeing them, then harvest their souls for dark rituals. Very Tzeentch-y of them, I like!
3/25 c9 Guest
I think the rank shas'(la/ui/vre/el/o) only used exclusively to fire caste members, for humans auxiliaries the rank used is gue'vesa'(la/ui/vre/el/o). Anyway, this is a very good story :D
3/2 c9 Waaghmaster13
Great story in my opinion, can't wait to see how the enclave troops interact with the team. Also, MORE DAKKA! HAHAHA.
2/22 c9 Random Anon
I'm so glad your back I can't wait for the interactions between the crew and their new farsight allies. If I have one criticism, the chaos faction isn't really that interesting though I could be biased on my part since Chaos is the "villain" so they have to do villain things and they do it for their gods. Maybe a bit of depth for the characters other Neroth and Ahriman since we sort of know them from Dawn of War and Novels
2/21 c9 2Operkoi
I might be wrongI could have sworn that only female vespids could use their crystal technology and communication helms.
2/21 c9 Guest
2/21 c9 Asgardian warrior
Great chapter a little to short though, please continue this I love mass effect and farsight enclaves and this fic is something I ve been waiting for.
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