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for The Rise of the Enclave

9/13 c7 Godmustbecrazy
Damm.. emperor what are you doing, atleast you can send 1 custodian to help them.
9/12 c6 kain0710
alright so Orks and Necrons won't appear so that leaves imperium, Eldar and Tyranids

i don't think that it be Tyranids since that will just create another main threat other than the reapers and geanstealer cults are only used to weaken planets for Tyranids to eat so that rules both of them out as well.

Eldar wouldn't bother to help against the reapers so they would only come and do stuff if either chaos got to big or they would be dark Eldar slavers.

and for imperium it would make sense for a small force of maybe 2 regiments with mechanicus or 1 company of space marines to come but they would only make it a three or four-way war. (depends if chaos is alligned with the reapers. (another thought Deamon possessed reapers?)) since i don't see any imperial faction work with xenos.

but for the rest a good chapter
9/1 c6 nexus4123
Overall I enjoy reading your fanfic, although your story does need some polishing. There are a couple of grammatical and spelling errors throughout this chapter. I would recommend either finding a beta reader, writing multiple drafts, or use a spell checker.
8/28 c6 valhalan guardsman
a consistent misspell I notice with "personal" I understand what you want to say but the word is personnel.
and why not alpha legion?
8/28 c6 ATP
Patient Chaos ? only Tzaaneth and Nurgle are capable of even one Khorne or Slaanesh
ship get there, they quickly become known to entire Galaxy.
8/28 c6 shypunk
i dont think we need chaos to me it adds nothing but a flow killer
8/28 c1 bekisheverdik93
Heresy, Emperor protect
8/27 c6 Guest
7/21 c4 kage88
I hope that they will have peasful negotations
6/18 c5 Random Anon
It's pretty good, I'm looking forward to what you have in store for chaos. Question though, do the Farsight Enclaves have auxiliaries like kroot, vespid and even gue'vesa or is it all Tau?
6/13 c5 3S0UL SURVIVOR
Trazyn the Infinite?
6/9 c5 ATP
they overthinked it. Why not just raid humans settlement themselves,and get children ?
Ottomans get janissaries that way,why Chaos could not ?
6/9 c5 Yellow-serf
Hope this inspires more enclave fanfics
6/9 c1 Guest
6/9 c5 Pridefallen
Oooh is it Chaos or Spess Mehreens? watch out filthy four eyed xenos your death approaches LOL
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